Hip Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Switches Up 'Big Pimpin' Lyrics


Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage is rockier and rockier by the day according to sources, but that’s not stopping Hov from showing Bey that he wants to make things work.

The Daily Mail is reporting that during his performance Tuesday, Jay took a note from his wifey and switched up a few words…

“Amid rumors that the couple have been preparing to separate after their tour ends in Paris next month, Jay Z mysteriously cut lyrics from his iconic hit Big Pimpin’ during Tuesday night’s show, proving he may be doing his best to keep his wife.

In the second line of the song he usually raps ‘Cause I don’t f****** need ’em’ in reference to women, hinting he’s too afraid to even consider a future without his wife.”


Like Drake said, “been about ya and I’m still about ya…”