Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Wants Kanye To Marry Kim Kardashian? Huh?


Star Magazine just threw a curveball to everything we have heard so far. So far, we have heard that Jay and B abhor Kim K. and really wanted to have nothing to do with her until recently. You know, then they started to embrace her more. But, they are now reporting that Jay is encouraging Ye to marry Kim K! What! Now, I have to admit, Kim is fine, but is she the ONE for Kanye? I’m not even going to ask anybody to answer that. But….here is the rumor.

“Kanye West runs everything about his professional and personal life by Jay,” an insider tells Star. “When Kanye mentioned that he thinks Kim is a keeper, Jay said, “Then don’t risk losing her – put a ring on her finger!'”

Now, the Beyonce part is more in tune with with what we have heard so far.

“Beyonce isn’t as keen on Kim as Jay is,” says the source. “She thinks Kanye should take a wait-and-see approach.”

In my mind, this picture says more than that rumor.

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