Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z’s Big Announcement Is A 2-Day Philly Music Festival!


Awwww…the guys at 2DopeBoyz called my rumor about Beanie and Jay “ridiculous” but before I say something, lets get to the meat of the rumors around the announcement tomorrow. First of all, if you were on illseed.com, you would have noticed that I knew Beanie would play no part in whatever announcement is to be made on Monday… Click here for that rumor, because it also states that Jay-Z and Beans ARE still working on resolving the beef. Its just not something that is going to happen at a press conference Monday morning. Perhaps it will happen at the 2-Day festival Jay-Z is reportedly and rumor to be headlining?

Jay-Z is supposed go be making the announcement that he will headline a 2-day festival in Philly called the Budweiser “Made in America” music festival. This will reportedly go down on Labor Day Weekend. 28 musical acts at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia! These tickets go on sale May 23 and some of the proceeds are supposed to go to the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, the New York Times is reporting. Soooooooooo……… I have more info on the Beanie/Jay stuff, but I cannot reveal at the moment.