Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Says No To Mama Kardashian? Destiny’s Child Reunion? Health Nuts Hate Beyonce!



I know Michelle and Kelly are like, “Thank you sweet baby Jesus!” It looks like there may be the first stages of a reunion on the way for Destiny’s Child. The rumors clearly have come as Beyonce announces that the popular group will be releasing new music with a new complication of love songs. But, quickly, the word spread that the group would be working on an actual reunion! I think its a good thing. What do you think?


Word on the street says Kanye is not interested in his kid being raised by the Kardashians, in particular momma Kris. I don’t know if they fight a lot, but it seems like there is some ongoing beef there. Remember she tried to son Kanye when she said Kim was famous “all over a home movie”? Anyway, Perez Hilton is saying that Kris Jenner wanted to get them to live really close to hear, but Kanye said “over my dead body.” Here is what another source said: “Kris is desperate to be close to Kim during her pregnancy… She wanted to be able to visit Kim as often as possible and come and go as and when she chose to. Kris even suggested having her own key. But, Kanye laid down the law. He said ‘hell no’ to the idea and told Kim he didn’t want to live near her mom.” Another source said, KimYe are not really on the same page either, despite pictures that say otherwise. “Kanye and Kris haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye of late, and he thinks that’s because she’s always around him, meddling in his relationship with Kim. He feels his privacy has been compromised and wants a little space away from the family. And, more than anything, Kanye wants a little bit of quiet time with Kim alone.” Hopefully, this isn’t stressing Kim out which could affect the baby. That baby didn’t ask for this circus but it will be a star of the show.

Another issue Kanye has to face is his popularity.

A recent poll says his popularity is WAY DOWN. What do you think? He seems more popular than ever, not so beloved, but popular.

What do you think?


Nobody’s really going to successfully topple Beyonce, but their are a lot of people coming forth to criticize the singer for her recent endorsement deal with Pepsi. People are saying that Beyonce is really doing disservice to her fans pushing soda to them. A source he me up and said: “She is trying to get impressionable teens to drink something that leads to all sorts of health ailments like obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes! She and Jay-Z made their money. Why does she have to take this route to make it, which inevitably pushes others down?” The source told me that some sort of boycott would be coming that would include doctors, activists and even fans. They also cited a certain hypocrisy with regard to B participating in The First Lady’s Health Push. I guess they just want to pressure B to promote something more healthy.

Will it be effective? I doubt it. People are far to sheepish these days.

By the way, Ladies, click here if you want to see what Beyonce REALLY does. You know she’s not drinking a lot of Pepsi to look the way she looks.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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