KANYE ISN’T MOVING So here is the latest. Graduation is officially finished! I heard that Ye finished the album over the weekend. I also heard that the artwork for the CD was just finished yesterday and is all ready to get printed up. This is going to be crazy! I heard Jay-Z stopped by the […]


So here is the latest. Graduation is officially finished! I heard that Ye finished the album over the weekend. I also heard that the artwork for the CD was just finished yesterday and is all ready to get printed up. This is going to be crazy! I heard Jay-Z stopped by the offices yesterday for a few and played Madden with the staff while they all reviewed Kanye’s final artwork!

On top of everything, I’m hearing the album is amazing. Now, there a song called “Big Brother” that is dedicated to Jay-Z. I haven’t heard it, but I heard it’s so ill it could almost be taken as a diss song. In actuality, it just details their long and complex relationship. On top of it all, I heard Lil’ Wayne is on the album too with one of the biggest songs of the year. Kanye and Lil’ Wayne will also be working on The Carter III from what I hear. It’s on!

Last Kanye note. I don’t know if you know, but Lily Allen – the UK star – was temporarily banished from the US. Well, that has been rescinded and Kanye West has offered to help her completely get over that hump. While heading over in London, Ye apparently offered to fly her back to her native land in his private jet. I like Lily Allen. She has three nipples.


Not Kim Kardashian! This next video is alleged to be Ray-J and Lil’ Kim, the rapper. That’s right. After the sales of The Ray-J / Kim K video were through the roof, I heard there might be another sex tape hitting the market. The only difference this time is that I heard a company has approached Ray-J and Kim to produce a set tape. There is no leak on the way, but this could be interesting. I have to admit, I was more interested in something with Kim years ago..now it would be more out of curiosity. The thought of Ray being in there…I’d rather it be Ray Charles. LOL.


If you think Raz-B is going to just let anybody suggest he’s gay and get away with it…watch your back, POTNA. That applies to former B2K member Lil’ Fizz. From what I am hearing, Raz-B didn’t appreciate his former friend suggesting that he was gay on the radio with my girl Kendra G. From what I hear, Raz is working with a group in Las Vegas to record a diss record of Lil’ Fizzroid. I haven’t heard it, but I expect nothing less than…ETHER!


That’s right! I asked for a major rapper to step up to the front and guess what!?! Bun B was the sole rapper to step to the plate thus far to lead the charge in helping the Jena 6. This also included us trying to pull something together for the tragic, heinous deaths of the students from Newark, NJ (and going to Delaware State College). Some of AHH Staff went to Del State and live in Newark! But, check it, shout out to Bun B. We are going to continue to work this out and continue to rally these artists and take care of our own. The time for sleeping is over! If more rappers come into my inbox, I’m going to let you know. If you don’t want to talk to me, talk to somebody else on the staff.

Also, to sign the petition for the Jena 6, click here for the link.

Another video on the Jena 6 and he echoes my sentiments:

And Bun’s “Draped up!” Free Pimp C!


YES! YES! YES! Amy Winehouse has finally caved in and taken her butt to rehab. She took her husband with her. According to the Mirror, the pair decided to do the deed after their fathers almost got into a fight over their addiction to coke and heroin. When she went to the hospital last week, they say she was on a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, the horse tranquillizer ketamine and liquor. JEEZ! They go hard! Anyway, at least they had the precenise of mind to get help. Later in the rumors, you will see about a lady that got help in a different way.


I wasn’t going to use this, because it was just silly to me. But, Beanie Sigel explains his situation with Kanye to MTV:

“I don’t really dwell on that s**t, man. He called me for songs, so I guess [there are no problems]. I been trying to get beats from that n***a since before I went to jail.” Beanie also said he might appear on a remix of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” that currently features Young Jeezy. With that said, we don’t know if that’s going to happen. Kanye is in London right now…I don’t know if they are going to ever get together on the music.


This guy went from the NFL to Wrestling to RAP? Yeah, Adam “Pacman” Jones is now a rapper with a label named National Street League Records. It almost sounds like his former employer. Anyway, dude is actually doing the rapping under the group name Posterboyz, a duo with Spoaty. Here is what Pac had to say:

” The music business. I am also an entrepreneur; it takes a team player to make plays happen so I am bonding with my staff and recording artist to make this company a success. I went within myself to find a place to release my talents while I filter through my career from all of the things that have taken place around me. I find tranquility in writing lyrics, establishing my company and preparing for my promo tour in mid September. Looking from the outside in, I have been the example for many to see the poster child if you will; and from that sentiment the “Posterboyz” group name was born.”

He’s even going on a promo tour.


When Iron Mike bit Evander, people compared him to Pacman…well here is some more stuff for the circus.

This is what Shelley M sent me: Mike Tyson was recently spotted performing in Behren for Kings and other high royalty figures. He was dressed in nothing but briefs and boxing boots as he wrestled with two large white tigers. The kings and their guest applauded wildly as he fought with the animals. They say he does a second part of the show where he’s caged alone running back and forth! Somebody please Save Mike!!! Save Mike!! Save Mike!!!

I don’t know about this one. Everybody knows, Iron Mike is my favorite boxer of all time. Even if this had some truth to it, I would deny it forever.


Ving releases a statement about his friend that was rumored to be mauled, by his dogs:

“I was out of the country when this shocking and terrible tragedy occurred on my property. Jacob Adams was not just a devoted employee — he was also a dear friend. I want to offer my heartfelt condolences to his family. I am relieved to know that the coroner’s report confirmed that my dogs were not the cause of his death — and that any wounds found on his body were superficial. I would appreciate the media’s privacy for me and my family during this difficult time.”


This isn’t new, but you never get enough of the spaghetti-legged model taking a fall.


Here are some more notes from the Ozone Awards. I heard the Crunk Juice girls were going around the place naked with the exception of body paint. Now, the paint apparently looked like a thin layer of clothing. This I gotta see! Even though there is a dispute with the New St. Louis, I heard the St. Lunatics were out and about and very humble dudes. I heard they were spreading the knowledge to all the people out there in Miami. Some others didn’t talk to the people in that manner, so shout out to the Lunatics.


I heard some more stuff on the Underground Music Awards. I heard the lovely Ma Barker was there to accept an award for Kool G Rap. I heard she ripped it. The Force MD’s took credit for starting beatboxing (I’m not sure about that). The old school group also cussed people out for not knowing their f***n’ name – lol! Nah, seriously, I heard they just accepted their award with Also, the dude that produced “Death Anniversary”, “Money Over B#######” and most importantly “Black Republican” for Nas – didn’t win the producer of the year award. Hmmmm…B.E.Z what up!


The IC has a thread of all pictures making fun of me. It was some pretty good stuff. I think they are wild, so I am going to post some of them. Check it out!

Mickey D’s! Sean Kingston isn’t Hip-Hop! Replace Twista with Lupe or something if you want clean rap!

Up and coming Miami producer Jibba Jawz & Flo-Rida


Check this out!



I heard Jimmy Iovine realllllly would like it if Dre could drop his anticipated Detox opus asap…as in hurry up! More on that forthcoming…

I heard Freekey Zeekey and Freeway might have gotten into some sort of altercation last night at club Mansion in Manhattan. I don’t know, sounds weird.

I heard fans only got two songs out of Nas at the Rock the Bells stop in Arizona. Anybody know why?

I cannot explain the Freekey Zeke video, not can I explain some of the crazy comments he made. Ask him when you see him.

Babs Bunny is rumored to be working on a new street video. Peep it, Babs call Diddy!

R.Kelly is getting weirder and stranger with these damn “Trapped in the Closet” stuff! On ifc.com, they are playing these silly things. Len Rock… what’s good?

MC Karl Rove, the former Deputy White House chief of staff, announced his resignation yesterday. Rumor has it, he’s about to start a career in Hip-Hop.

Shoutout to Irene Morgan Kirkaldy! The 90 year old has died, but she wont be forgotten! She refused to give up her seat to a White person over a decade before Rosa Parks. Read about it here.


R.I.P. Tootie. “Now, Die Mom, Die! Die! Die!!!! A man in Australia has murdered his parents with an axe. Why? After his cat Tootie died, his mother had the nerve to laugh. Well, this man, 43, was determined to have the last laugh. He jammied the crap out of his parents until they joined the cat in Heaven. The man thinks his 88-year-old mother poisoned the cat and got a lil’ chuckled out of the feline dying. Dad was just in the house at the wrong time. The man eventually confessed. Homero – thanks for the story.

Part 2

A woman in GA called the cops after she bought some bad crack! The cops promptly arrested her. That’s some good crack in all actuality! Amy Winehouse should adopt her.


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