Hip-Hop Rumors: Karlie Redd Spotted Making Out With Yung Joc

Karlie Redd from “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” ditched Benzino and picked up Yung Joc.

We all know that Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Karlie Redd has a thing for any man with a little bit of a name who will give her attention, so it’s no surprise that she found herself a new rapper to latch on to. This time around she’s with Yung Joc. Yung Joc is preparing to launch a late night talk show and celebrated the occasion a couple of days ago in Atlanta. Karlie Redd was right by his side sharing the love.

According to Freddy O, the couple was caught smooching and gazing into each others eyes.

For Karlie, I’m going to assume that this is a ruse, you know, something to keep the interest in her going on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. For Yung Joc…well, she did once get quoted as saying, “I got some good stuff down here.”