Hip-Hop Rumors: Katt Williams Diss Song! JD and Janet Split? Rapper’s Kids Rappin!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO CENTSOver at illseed.com, I am touching base with 2008. I have stuff like “Worst rap song of 2008“and “Hip-Hop Couple of the Year.“Check […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


THE DAILY TWO CENTSOver at illseed.com, I am touching base with 2008. I have stuff like “Worst rap song of 2008“and “Hip-Hop Couple of the Year.Check it out.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHINGallhiphoprumors@gmail.com.JANET AND JD BREAK UP!? What the hell? According to the National Enquirer, it’s a wrap for JD and JJ! Janet Jermaine appear to have stalled due to the music game, namely her failed efforts. Remember recently, JD and Janet were supposed to show up to some swanky affair and only he came. That was a sign. But, the rumors of babies and marriage were overreaching. The Enquirer says that the pair disagreed over the recent cancelled tour, which was a mess. JD was the manager of that, I heard.  They were fighting over how she managed her career. Man, I thought Janet was in control? JD has departed Janny’s crib in LA. No official word. JD makes a point to diss the rumors, blogging and gossip so maybe this is just that – CRAP. RAPPER GETS BEAT UP MESSIN’ WITH FLIP AND FLOYD  The 2008 sales champ Lil Wayne had a concert in Houston last week and it was off the hook. I heard a lot of showed up such as Guerrilla Zoe, Floyd Mayweather, Lil Flip, Manny Freash and so on and so on. According to rumor, right before the T Pain performance Floyd and his entourage were making their way to their seat a dude grabbed him. Security put the man in check before it got out of control so later Lil Flip came past us and the same man ran up and started grabbing on Flip – being super aggressive. So police, security and stadium workers rush over the man started getting irate and saying, “I am tired of Lil Flip! He be avoiding me and you all are going to stop f****** with me!” So the laws grabbed him and picked him up and starting rushing him out his feet were off the ground. They were moving fast and they whipped his ass after he tried to fight ‘em. Other than that the show was off the chain all the stars took a lot of picks and the artist keep it live. CHEA!  


Mayne…T.I. ‘bet not make a mistake. According to Page Six, the Federalis are making sure that Tip doesn’t get into any trouble before he starts that year-long bid in March. The rapper has had a pretty good year in 08 and they want to ensure he stays 100% clean. The rapper is planning a New Year’s party at the Miami Gansevoort South Hotel. All types of Feds will be right there to make sure all goes according to plan.


Shout out to Spark Dawg of Scarface’s group Greencity, There seems to be a new and younger generation of Texas rappers emerging on the scene. With that being said, I wanted to shed light on the fact that Bun B’s son, Brandon, is on the rise under the moniker of “Young B.” He just released his 1st music video for a record called “5th Wheel” Check out BP & Young MIke feat Young B “5TH WHEEL”


I ever know students at University of Southern California. Last week, one of them hit me up and told m that the admissions office got a nice, lil’ treat. Ice Cube walked in with his son and wife to get the son admitted to the University. This is a nice trend. First Lil Romeo got at USC and now Ice Cube’s son (hopefully). I won’t put Lil Romeo’s biz in the street, but I heard he’s not into the “sistas.” Oh…did I do that? Well, either way, kudos to these guys for getting that education.


Hey man, you definetely stay true to your craft of spreading “rumors”. I gotta give it to you. That was kind of crazy how you used my video footage of the Okay Player Event without mentioning me at all and then spread some total hatred rumor BS about something that is totally FALSE. In fact, someone did bring up the Persia situation and I was expressing that I thought that was f**kin wack. I know she’s not a bad person deep down and all the dynamics on that show are more complicated than what you saw through the editing.

I know that’s your girl and all and you’re trying to help her out. Cool. I’m out here grinding like NOONE from that show. Show a little respect and don’t spread lies that can have detrimental outcomes. Words are powerful, my brother. Be safe.

Illseed note: I don’t know this man or Persia and I didn’t watch the show, save a lil’ youtube for reference. And, if I use your video, you should be the one thanking me. Well at least he doesn’t hold a grudge. Clarity: I don’t spread lies…I spread RUMORS. Big Difference. Tootles and good luck on the respect part!


Hmmmmm…Katt Williams is taking this rap thing serious. He’s gonna “hit ya, hit ya.” I wonder who they blanked out on the diss?

I think Katt fits right in.


My boy Big Jye hit me up and let me know he heard Brian Mcknight got the green light to start his own show entitled, “The Brian Mcknight Show” ….ummmm ok. It’s supposed to be some kind of variety show I guess. Well maybe this will be a good thing to balance the negative images of Blacks being portrayed on TV now. His show will feature entertainers from various industries, but I’m not sure of the network.

Reality show alert….

Eddie Griffin has a new show coming out that’s basically the same as every other reality show; cameras follow him around watch his dealings with his baby mamas, ex-wives and eight – yes – count ‘em EIGHT children. The interesting thing is the show is focused on him trying to provide for his big as family without going broke…..I think Evander Holyfield should do a reality show just like this….Look for “Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke” on January 26th…on the only place Black people get reality shows…

What do you do when you were once the king of New Jack Swing, then bogusly get called the King of R&B, then can’t make a record to save your life? I guess you write a tell-all book. A guy named Derrick Handspike (long time friend of Bobby Brown) has a new book out called Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But…, where Bobby Brown talks about his life in depth. I think some might find it interesting but as for most I feel safe in saying woopty doo.


I don’t know if The Inc is back, but Ja Rule is. I heard this Mixtape comes out tomorrow. Give dude a shot.


I said this before, but if you didn’t hear it, let me say it again. I got a strong rumor that Irv Gotti has worked with Michael Jackson on the “King’s” new CD.

Shout out to DJ GetBuck!

Ashanti recently told Angie Martinez that she’s been offered to do Playboy, but turned it down. She did say she’s consider doing some tasteful nudes, but not for the public.

Check out a fresh interview with Ne-Yo. I don’t mention him a lot, but this is a good one.Peep “The Most Beautifullest Thing” on Obama I have ever seen. Click here to see it a crazy, fresh video.


A gay man picks up another gay man at a bar in Winnipeg, Canada. Sound simple? No. The pair go back to a hotel and do what they do. Upon waking up, the dude had decided to cut the head off the man that he liked just a few hours before. The man admitted to beheading and dismembering the dude and his punishment was imprisonment for second-degree murder. Wow.


Dude, how do you get busted for peddling weed 2,700 years after you die? On top of that, the pot head didn’t get to smoke the two pounds of weed that scientists found. According to msnbc, two pounds of very-green marijuana was found in a Gobi Desert grave. The scientists aren’t quite sure what weed was doing – medicinal or purely to get high. The experts feel this is proof that man has been getting high for a long, long time. This weed “possessed potent psychoactive properties,” they say.

Epic Fail No. 2: check out this dude try to recreate Freaknic and fall out of a moving car. http://illseed.wordpress.com/2008/12/22/fail-man-falls-out-of-car/


The Shower Posse’s chief Vivian Blake is being released from prison and will be deported back to Jamaica early in 2009. I wonder what he will do? Blake and The Shower Posse used to get straight busy back in the day. Blake was sentenced to 28 years in 2000 after pleading guilty to racketeering and criminal conspiracy. The government of the U.S. charged that Blake and the Posse killed people and pushed major weight in several American cities. Allegedly, they killed over 1,400 people with Blake at the head.

According to a recent ep of “American Gangster,” Blake bragged, “I ran it like a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The only difference is that instead of litigating in a court of law, we held court in the streets.” With all the companies crumbling these days, maybe they will give him a job at like Bank of America or something….maybe?

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