Hip-Hop Rumors: Keri Hilson Disses Beyonce? Chris Brown And RiRi In LA? Who Pulled That Gun?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO CENTS Hip-Hop – I am pleading for peace. I am not to proud to beg. After hearing about somebody trying to Crooked I, […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Hip-Hop – I am pleading for peace. I am not to proud to beg. After hearing about somebody trying to Crooked I, I got to thinking…”what if it happened?” WE don’t need this anymore. We all need to be out here doing something postive. Supporting each other. Hip-Hop started out as an alternate to the streets…gangs to breakin’…art, parties, rap battles. Lets protect each other. I know it sounds corny. But, I don’t want any more dead rappers. Cats like Crooked I are too talented.

With that, I flip the script.At illseed.com, check out a woman that called 911, because McDonald’s ran out of McNuggets! Click here for the madness.

Maybe we should all just do like Lil Wayne and go ROCK. Click here for his new video for “Prom Queen.”WHO PULLED A GUN OUT ON WHO?

Its OK. Call me a b***h. The fact is, I’m not saying names on this one. A fairly well-known rapper from Georgia/Atlanta allegedly pulled a gun out on someone at the Gorilla Zoe/Rick Ross video shoot. I can’t say, because I ain’t no snitch! (Kidding) Seriously, I heard this happened, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t doubt if it leaks soon.


First of all, I welcome Bobby Creewater to the rumors page. I think this is his first outing. I have a rumor though. I am hearing that Killer Mike and Bobby Creekwater are putting together something HUGE! All this is beyond what they worked on for Creek’s BC Era Deuce EP, which is dropping later this month. Whatever this project is, I am told it will be as big as Mike’s partnership with Grand Hustle. That’s all I have.

Good to get some REAL DEAL HIP-HOP RUMORS! Thanks, people! Send me more Hip-Hop rumors!!!!!! I know there is going to some gossip, but that’s not my lane.


You know, this might sound interesting, but I am very interested in hearing what Kriss Kross is going to be bringing to the table when they reunite! That’s right. Chris and Chris are reuniting and they are working with Kwame, the rapper-turned-producer. That’s right. The said Kwame has blessed them with about five records. Chris Kelly said that the group is putting together about 20 songs for an early 2010 release. They are also coming for JD! Well, not exactly, but Chris is upset that JD gaffled them for their publishing. Well, I won’t say gaffling…but he’s tight about it. He said they were 10 and `11 when they were doing Kriss Kross. I don’t know.


Yesterday, Usher was letting Chris Breezy know the deal in what seemed to be an honest manner. He said, “I’m a little disappointed in this photo. (Of Chris Brown jet skiing) After the other photo? (Rihanna’s battered face) C’mon, Chris. Have a little bit of remorse, man. The man’s on jet skis? Like, just relaxing in Miami?”

Usher: “The comments made during a recent recording session amongst friends were taken out of context and blown out of proportion,” the statement reads. “I apologize on behalf of myself and my friends if anyone was offended. The intentions were not to pass judgment and we meant no harm. I respect and wish the best for all parties involved.”



I love my girl Keri and I want her to be around for many, many years…HOWEVER…doing at Beyonce is not the way. Listen to this and tell me if she is dissing B.

Here are the lyrics.

Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best/You can dance/she can sing/but need to move it to the le…(Don’t do it to ’em shawty!)/She need to go have some babies/she need to sit down she fake/them other chicks ain’t even worth talkin’ bout…Jay-Z said it best…”don’t bark up that tree…that tree will fall on you.”


Lil Kim is all set to go on “Dancing With The Stars” – peep this!

Here is the other video.


McGruff the Crime Dog got snuffed by bus driver? OH NO…its all coming to an end!


Bad news. The Coast Guard have called off the search for the two NFL players and a third man that were lost in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida.

Bill Gates is quite the “hater.” His kids aren’t allowed to have iPods or any other Apple products!

Also, I believe it was the comments on the T.I. story that got him upset. That’s what somebody told me. The comments are a m####.

Rihanna’s family is reportedly devastated that she has gone back to Chris Brown. I wonder why?

According to rumor, Solange did actually bust somebody with that mic stand. Not sure if I believe it though. We’d heard about it.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are reportedly living in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. I can’t keep up anymore.

They are saying that Chris Brown’s Lambo had traces of Rihanna’s blood in it. Moving on…

Kanye has reportedly cut off the s###-hawk hair doo.

I know this sounds pretty much like basic info, but Jay-Z is really working hard on his new album. He’s gunning for a real classic.


In a recent radio interview, Young Buck has dispelled the notion that he was once a rich man.

“It’s simple, I can let you know what I’ve made. I’ll just put out my tax statements since I signed with G-Unit… I haven’t received 10 million dollars, or jacked off 10 million dollars. I’ve never paid a million dollars in taxes.”

Mekhi Phifer comes to Chris Brown’s rescue!

“People make mistakes—and while I don’t condone what happened that night, you know, what Chris did to her—I remember being young, 19, and at that age it seemed like everything was so over-the-top, and everyone’s so passionate about things at the age.”

Bow Wow regrets his beef with Soulja Boy…but do kids really look up to them? Just curious.

“Me and Soulja’s situation that we had. There’s no situation. It’s just a friendly challenge that hit a u-turn and went down this street that it shouldn’t have went down. For us to even do that for the kids and for the people that look up to us, it was just really out of my character and out of his character for us to just display that ignorance like that. I’ve been put on this earth to entertain my people.”

Oh boy…Yeezy:

“I do have an ego and rightfully so. I think people should have an ego. “Think about it – I don’t offend people, I don’t put anyone down. Do I name names or bring people down? That’s not my thing. But I give myself big-ups. I feel good about the music I make. “God chose me. He made a path for me. I am God’s vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”



Jim Jones claims he never talked to Cam’ron. WORD? Cam’ron says they are like family to this day. I wonder how Jim feels about that. Anyway, Jim reportedly stated that for him and Cam to have a phone call or go to a birthday party, the money would have to be right. Cam’ron told us the same thing about a Dip Sec reunion – LOL!


This is a good time to remark on this. since, the comments aren’t on right now. Brian Dawkins is leaving the Philly Eagles after 13 years. Call me a traitor, but it sounds like a fail to me. I know he basically got an offer that the Birds wouldn’t match. I know he’s an older player, but I can’t help but feel like the Eagles just got the heart pulled out of the team. SMH.

The other Epic Fail of the Day is Michael Steele, the “leader” of the Republicans. He made history as the first African American to run the party, but he apologized to Rush Limbaugh like he was some sort of schlep. For that, Mr. Steele, you have marked the start of your ending.

Read this story about how Michael Steele is looking to GET HIP-HOP into the Republican party. Well, Steele, you are going to have to show more NUTS than that. I can’t believe dude…read the story!

By, the way Pill Poppin’ Troll (Blob Rush) check out these stats, you wide piece of cow dung.:

* 44: Percentage of Americans who have a positive initial response to Obama’s budget

* 26: Percentage of American who have a negative initial response to the budget

* 63 : Percentage of Republicans have a negative response to the budget

* 25: Percentage of Americans who have followed news on the budget “very closely”

* 42: Percentage of Americans who have followed news on the budget “somewhat closely”And WE are not scared of you RUSH LIMBAUGH or your constituents …maybe Mr. Steele has no spine, but my spine is made of steel, baby bro. You’d probably call 911 if McDonald’s ran out of Big Macs

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