Hip-Hop Rumors: Lee Lee From SWV and Charlamagne Set up on a Date For Cameras?

Lee Lee and Charlamagne the God set up on a date more for TV than love.

Viewers will watch Lee Lee from SWV and Charlamagne the God on a date during tonight’s episode of SWV Reunited. Lee Lee probably has the most colorful personality out of the group and we already know that Charlamagne does the most so this will be entertaining.

Speaking of the entertainment factor, that’s really what this is about.  A little birdy told me that while Lee Lee is looking to be set up with eligible men, the date with Charlamagne was more of a set up for viewer amusement. It was on some, a friend knows someone who knows someone type offer.

Anyway, whether it was contrived or not is still up for debate but the resulting date was interesting and they seemed like they had fun. Watch it here.