Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne Disses MJ?! Kanye’s Hiding Place! The Game’s Jay Names Drops…

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. WAS NAS TOO DRUNK TO SEE HIS SON? Oh no! Nas, say it isn’t so! Now, we all know the story that Nas was not allowed to see […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Oh no! Nas, say it isn’t so! Now, we all know the story that Nas was not allowed to see his son, but there is a different side to this. There are media reports that say Nas was actually too inebriated to be admitted in the room with Kelis during or right after the birth. They also say that he came to the hospital way later after saying he was on the way. So, it was so late – about 1 pm – that they refused him entry. Rumor has it, the hospital bill has not been paid yet. More money, more problems.


To be fair, this video was recorded before MJ died, in May of this year (as far as I know). But Wayne said the following, in a case of horrible timing.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag, Michael Jackson is a f*g…[inaudible] 7-Up/ Pepsi Cola burnt him up.”

I wonder what people are going to say about this one. I know Lil Wayne is the hottest thing out, but could this be a game changer? We’ll see if people are offended or not. What I find quite ironic is that Wayne is a kisser of another man so, I can’t call it.

Here is the video:

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MJ may have fathered a Norwegian rapper known as Obee, who was born supposedly from a one-night stand with a fan. Obee now wants a DNA test. … Michael Jackson secret son love child Omer Bhatti Obee …

I thought this was trash, but peep this:

I been moon walking in my read Nikes…oh boy! Check out his rap song.

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Kanye is known all over the globe and I know that’s got to get on his nerves, even though I know he loves the attention. So, where does Kanye go to escape the ruckus? My ever-roving international illseed intel tells me that Kanye dipped into South Korea for a break. One of my sources lives in Busan, the second biggest S. Korean city, and told me that Kanye was there for a few days. Apparently, Kanye had just played over in Japan and passed through to relax. Sadly, he didn’t play a show in S. Korea, do my people’s dismay. Maybe next time!

In North Korea, they are cloning dogs. Just some info for you.


Well, here are some rumors about Drizzy that I have heard. He tore his ACL, which we all know, and it prevented him from performing at all. I heard he is back though. And, you know how Drake was supposed to be on the first Jay-Z song? RUMOR (I know Jay hates the rumors), but rumors has it Drake was considering going to Roc Nation. When he didn’t, Jay opted not to give him that “look.” Jay moved Kanye and Rihanna in there instead – that’s family. Those are the rumors about that.


I want to shout out Thabiti Olokuntogun Ojedele. He didn’t believe its really me on facebook. Look for “Ill Seed.” First name Ill and last name Seed. They wouldn’t let me do it as one word.

Reports say Madonna has refused to co-operate with police investigating the collapse of her stage which killed two men. Madge ain’t no snitch!

You have heard of “Girls Gone Wild” and “Guys Gone Wild” and this is “Police Gone Wild.” Check it!

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I don’t know if Alfamega is walking again, but I heard that he had both legs in casts from the cops pushing him off a parking garage.

Wendy Williams is leaving radio for a career in TV. I mean, she left as of yesterday.


I know Lebron was just trying to protect his image, but this isn’t 1984. There are cameras everywhere and telling the Nike reps to get people’s cameras isn’t a realistic move considering 2009 is just like “1984.” SMH. So, even though ‘Bron got dunked on and the rim rattled, he gets the “fail” for trying to suppress it. He’s HUMAN and it was a mere pick up game. So, shout out to Big Bron. It wasn’t a big deal!

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This one got past me. Luckily Eric hooked me up. Now read this madness from the Shanghai Times (OK, its really Shanghai Daily, but Times sounds better):

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy drank gasoline for five years to obtain “energy” – just as his idols “Bumble Bee” or “Optimus Prime” do in “Transformers,” the Sichuan-based West China Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.

After the boy, in Yibin City, southwest Sichuan Province, had watched the animated TV series, he began to drink gasoline to become a “valiant fighter” like “Optimus Prime,” his father told the newspaper.

“He began to drink gasoline five years ago, when we found he liked smelling lighter fuel,” he said.

The boy started out drinking lighter fluid and then moved up to gas from the family’s motorcycle. He is effectively mentally handicapped and cannot add or subtract anymore. The gas destroyed his brain cells. Where were his parents? I’m just sayin’ —sheeeesh!


You know, the past is just that. And prince has put it all to the side and recently did a dedication in the form of “Billie Jean.”


This is a funny video though, because there were a few Roc/Jay-Z fans that dared to get on stage with The Game. Peep it:

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Did you read the editorial on “What Jay-Z Needs To Do About The Game?” If you didn’t, read it. The Game is vulnerable! Somebody sent me this listing of all the times he has mentioned Jay-Z and the list is long! I am not sure if Jay is playing chess or checkers with Game, but I think the plot is going to soon thicken. I didn’t write this, but check it out.

1. “No beef with Jay” “one blood”

2. “Got a hook from Faith, no verse from Jay

I guess on Westside Story he thought I spit in his face” “Westside Story”

3. “Dre told me he ain’t doin “Detox,” this his only run

Ma$e comin back, and Hovi done” “No more fun and games”

4 “It’s “Me & My Girlfriend” like 2Pac and them

Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Bobby and Whitney “Special”

5. “Rap critics politickin, wanna know the outcome

“Ready to Die” “Reasonable Doubt” and “Doggystyle” in one “Dreams”

6. “Make the club R.O.C. without Timberland boots “Higher”

7.”I was gassed up, Murder Inc., Roc-A-Fella passed up”

8. “It took me a little while but I am now understandin

Jay ****ed up in the first round when he picked olowankandi” “Memp Bleek Iz”

9. “Oh, that boy colder than Hova unless he sober” “300 Bars”

10. “And ain’t nobody tryin to take Beyonce from Jay

But I know a ***** named Superhead he ****ed back in the day” Wouldnt Get Far”

11.”Took you to award shows, there go Jay right there”

“One Night”

12.”Bangin “The Black Album,” track #1

she like that Jay ****, that’s her favorite” “Around The World”

13. “Behind the back to Nas he alley oop to Jigga” “Why U hate The Game”

14. “Niqqas show me love in the hood like i was HOV down Flushing” “State Yo Name”

15. “The day Jay retire I’ma park next to the throne, in a Maybach on gold wires, yeah “Hands On The Pump”

16. “Cuz he know Jay-Z departed

And these other rap labels know don’t feed they artists

Talkin blueprint **** you got three garages

Gettin money off Roc like little E and carter”

17. “And 2Pac was in jail the day you called to hit him up

I wouldn’t be outside 40/40 bumpin ‘Jigga What'”

18.”I’m the king, and you better respect it

All I need is Beyonce, and a Roc-a-fella necklace”

19. “I’m the golden boy, and I’m making Hova noise

Got the whole world clapping, just like the Nolia Boys”

20. “I told ’em bomp, slow down baby

Got to get this **** firm like Foxy, NaS and AZ

She said ‘**** you,pay me

So I left her in AZ

That’s what I get for letting her listen to my Jay-Z”

21. “*****, I’m number one, motherfukka bar none

Who else kick knowlegde outside of Hova and the God Son”

22. “U gon make me/ make Jay lose his cool” “Feel It In The Air”

23. “Too much West coast dikc lickn, remember Jay-Z? “1-800-Homicide”

24. “No Em, no Dre, I’m the hottest since Jay” “Get Up”

25. “Cause I’m the man behind the Roc like Kanye West”

26.”A pimp like 50, the niqqa to leave you broke ma

6 in the mornin, you stretchin on the sofa

singin ain’t no niqqa like Foxy Brown and Hova” “Compton to Fillmoe”

27. “I’m runnin the ROC, not Jay, Dame Dash of Hoffa” “Jackin 4 Beats”

28. “Who the f## holdin me? i was just waitin ’til HOVA leave

wit my eyes on the thrown that belong to me” “Round Here Freestyle”

29. “yeah its me and young cass til hov come back” “Aim Ya Gunz”

30. “Throw Jay-z in the pot, mix em with ren

or O.J on the rocks, mix em with gin

whatchu got? the westcoast riding again” “82 Days”

31. “i found out it was a hard knock life without asking Jay” “Duck Down”

32. “Fake king of new york, U aint Jay z” “soundscan”

33. “Me, Em and 50 racin’ this rap siht is basic I followed that Jay siht” “We Aint”

34. “The kings comin’, no I’m not Jay-Z” “One Blood Remix”

35. “Not the rap martyr, or the second rap Carter” “for My gangstaz”

36. “niqqa I’m about a dollar, what the f## is 50 Cent?

When Jay said it, I didn’t know what it meant” “100 Bars”

37. “used to push that rock like Jay Hov” “Red Bandana”

38. “then this marcy-project niqqa came and stole the crown” “Im a soldier”

39. “But Kanye and Hova killed it without a doubt” “Just a lil Bit freestyle”

40. “Who had the hottest chick in the game, wearin they chain

Mr. H to the Izzo, Nas and Hurricane” “too Much”

41. ” cuz ain’t nobody movin units but Jay, pimp Juice and Us” – Down 4 my *****s freestyle

43. “I used to have visions of retiring like Jigga” “Du Rags

44. “He in a vest with a hoodrat from Marcy with a tattoo of Jay-Z name on her chest” “Its So Hard”

45. “Im classic like Detox & Blueprint 2” “Get Yo Money”

46.”Yall thought it was over when Hova retired” “Get Yo Money”

47. “Make the world feel like the niqqas before 2pac Shakur Christopher Wallace & Shawn Corey” “Dont Push Me…”

48. “… He aint teach Jigga how to rhyme” “Juice freestyle”

49. “Im going to same place Jay-z went Fredrico & Pico” “100 Bars”

50. “Hov retired but Compton still pushin Roc” “On & On”

51. “I came to see chicks shake they ass like Beyonce so let me be Hov 4 a min.”

52. “All I gotta do is hit her wit a Jay-Z line like u deserve to be my sunshine”

53. “Biggie Smalls is the illest so is pac Jay retired i wonder if nas gon drop” “Unbeliveable freestyle”

54. “i kno they sayin y u gotta mention Jay” “State Yo Name”

55. “First Jay & Beyonce then Nas & Kelis” “A Week Ago Part 2”

56.”u 36 And U Still Rappin Uhh, Im 26 And Homie So Iz Da Dubz” “one Blood”

57.”So I reconciled my differences like he did with Jigga” Game on ‘Hustlers’

58. “Im ready to die Without a reasonable doubt” “The Documentary”

59. “In ’99 i studied +The Chronic+ inside out,

a Doggystyle for breakfast, lunch was Reasonable Doubt ” “im A Soldier freestyle”

60. “Shouldnt been influenced by Calvin Broadus, Nasir Jones & Shawn Corey” “Pain In My Life Remix”

61. Yo Jay what it do niqqa, i done rocked enough fellas,to be u niqqa,i got the 40/40,they my 2 jigga’s”

62. The word n!gger, is nothing like *****

Don’t sound **** alike, like Game like Jigga

63.”I was more hood then suge, had more rocs then Jay

more scars on my face then the original scarface, or the homeboy scarface.”

64. “i need more than 60 seconds i aint Hov”

– Hot 2Nite (Remix)

65.”Moved out the hood, changed her name to Jay”

66. “He ain’t Nas, ain’t B.I.G., ain’t Jigga” 300 bars

67. “”Pushing the rock, nah this ain’t no subliminal Jay

The summer too hot, and I want the winter to stay” Dear Summer

68.””I’m fly like a Hummingbird on a tree top

The new Hov, the new B.I.G., the new ‘Pac, I need three spots”

69. “”Ask a Jay-Z fan about Big Daddy Kane, don’t know em, Game gon show em” – Games Pain

70. “”She call me Jay I call her B we getting married to the streets” – Camera Phone

71. “”The kings coming, no i’m not Jay-z/ too many *****s hate me, but they scared to face me” 1 blood remix

72. “So I reconciled my differences like he did with Jigga” Make The World Go Round

73. “”I hear the crowd callin my name Game, Game

but i’m not one so don’t try to play me

and this goes from Gucci Mane to Jay-Z” – Laugh

74.”hip hop is soft since the Roc-A-Fella break up/and i don’t do subliminals I just pick Jay up” – Walk in the streets

75.”I’m that six figga *****/who got the word from KRS-One and stole the Blueprint from Jigga” – Feels Good

76.”They say at Summer Jam i turned it out/but Kanye and Hova killed it without a doubt” – Just a lil bit (G-Unit Diss)

77.””We on that same elevator goin down, Dodger fitted got that Hova lean so they don’t notice me” – Down & Out (mixtape version)”

I salute whoever did this list!


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