Hip-Hop Rumors: Ne-Yo Ethers Haters! Lil’ Wayne Goes Rock!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS!NE-YO HAS THAT ETHER!I just got off the email with my kinfolk Lakia from Young Black and Fab and she gave me the Ne-Yo scoop, where he […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

TODAY’S RUMORS!NE-YO HAS THAT ETHER!I just got off the email with my kinfolk Lakia from Young Black and Fab and she gave me the Ne-Yo scoop, where he responds to the hate against him. Y’all gonna make him fight Yung Berg.

One rule of being a gentleman is

to keep your cool and composure at all cost, but right about now I

gotta loosen up this tie and take off this expensive suit jacket and

talk to the people for a minute. The haters especially.

Pardon my french, but what the f### is wrong with y’all!?! Are you

so desperate for an R&B bad guy that you gotta find a way to create

one in me??

Okay, the comment about light skinned babies…….an obvious joke, maybe not a good joke, but clearly a joke. Y’all REALLY took that serious!?!

I understand that a hater’s job is to hate, clearly. But it’s when

people start feeding in to what a hater is saying that something must

be addressed.

The whole gay thing. For goodness sake it’s been 4 years!!!! Y’all still on that huh?

The whole “boys” song, and the song “go over there”. See this is what

happens when people steal. These songs were clearly written for women.

Had you been patient, you would have heard them the way they were

supposed to be heard, with the voice of the intended artist on em’. But

noooo, someone gets a hold of these demos and suddenly everybody

forgets that I write songs for women. Riiight.

I tell People Magazine

that Young Jeezy’s crib is right next to mine and that once I saw him

in there from across the way. I then make a JOKE about him maybe not

wanting to walk around naked in his crib with the shades up cause the

buildings are THAT close to each other, and that AIN’T something I care

to see. Suddenly, everybody thinks I said I saw Young Jeezy in his crib

naked when, NEVER ONCE did I say anything like that.

I mean come on people. Is this really what you’re gonna spend time on??

Will you not be satisfied until I truly become this a###### you so desperately want me to look like??

Here’s my stand on the whole thing:

I’m NOT gay, I’m NOT prejudice to anyone, I DID NOT get stomped out by

Jim Jones or anyone else, I’m NOT engaged, I’M NOT STUPID. And to

anyone that INSISTS on thinking that any of these things are true……F**K

YOU. To the haters….find some new material please!!! It’s 2009, our

president is black!!! Time for change. To everyone else……I love you to

death, thanx for all your support. WE PLATINUM ROUND HERE!!!!!

Much love, and see you at the grammy’s. Check the suit…..it’s gonna be TROUBLE!!!


How many of you are waiting for Carter 4? Well, here is a rumor that may or may not shock you. Rumor has it the Million CD Man is looking to recreate the magic. He’s already working on the Next Carter and its allegedly going to be a full rock CD. I mean, Wayne has strummed a guitar a few times even though the play has been suspect. He’s also gotten down with rock types like Kevin Rudolf. He even dresses like one. So, maybe the cipher will be complete on the next one.


As you full well know, Lil’ Kim has not been pleased that Naturi Naughton was the choice to play her in Notorious. But, AllHipHop interviewed the on-screen version of Lil Kim and here is what she said:


Anyway, I have yet to see the movie, but most of the AHH staff has and they told me that the scenes with Naturi are hot! She does some straight up nude scenes and they get it in. Also, you may not remember but Lil Kim had nothing to do with the movie so that raises questions about some of the perceptions in the movie regarding her. Also, there is a scene where somebody beats somebody’s a$$ (*not trying to spoil it) and they say in real life that was Kim. In the movie, it was a random chick.


Essence got the essence about Kim from Ms. Wallace:

“There were things about him that I never knew that I wanted to see for myself on film. I saw a side of my son that I heard of but I haven’t accepted … I’m angered by certain things, disappointed and shocked. So this film taught me tolerance and to be less critical … I would love to speak to Lil’ Kim, because I need to ask more about this love relationship because I really didn’t like the way he treated her and I’m praying that that’s not it. Only she can answer those questions. She’s a sweet girl and I didn’t think she deserved to be treated the way he treated her, if that’s the case.”

Its pretty odd they have Kim so fully represented in the movie but they didn’t talk to her at all.


According to Atlanta Gossip, Mya might be pregnant with her first child! They received a call this morning from a reliable source. Now, I don’t know who that source could be, but they sure need to tip off who the father is. You might not recall, but I have love for Mya. Here is my dedication!


You know what? The Game is one slick dude, man! Dr. Dre is arguably the best producer ever in Hip-Hop, but there are a couple others. There is DJ Premiere and then there is Timbaland. Yea…I said it. TIMBALAND. Here is the rumor. I am hearing the The Game will have Timbaland as the executive producer of his next CD, which he’s reportedly working on. The Game sort of got lukewarm reviews for LAX. Maybe that’s why he is allegedly calling his new CD “Global Warming.” I also heard that Cool and Dre are to be on the album very heavy with the beats. The Game remains one of my favorite rappers and I hope to see him come out stronger. To this day, I think Dr. Dre needs Game on Detox. Yes. I said NEEDS.


Man, I can’t keep up with the catalogue of Death Row. It’s kind of like Yung Berg’s chain! It just seems to be on tour or something. Anyway, I heard that 50 Cent might be looking to buy the whole thing. I don’t know why Interscope doesn’t own this, but if 50 did, how ill would that be? Anyway, I think I heard that Suge was out selling new “old” verses from Tupac.


You know, the era of the super group is so over. I’m kinda old school. When I think of Super Group, I’m thinking Wu Tang, Death Row, The Hit Squad and whatever. But in 2008, the super group gets redefined. A source tells me that there may be a super group forming between T.I., Ludacris, and Young Jeezy. This comes from the inside of the Def Jam building, but I’m not sure I believe it. Including T.I. sort of invalidates everything. He’s about to go to jail so this would have to be after he gets out of the bing. IF there is some reality to this, I would be very hype to hear them do this. Each is on top of his game, but I definitely feel people are sleeping on the Luda CD. Get that!


I was checking out Hip-Hop chronicle and I came across this story:

R&B star Ne-Yo has admitted to catching Young Jeezy naked.

After moving into an exclusive Atlanta neighbourhood, Ne-Yo has discovered he lives next door to rapper Young Jeezy.

He lives so close that he admitted to have seen the rapper naked.

Speaking to America’s People Magazine, Ne-Yo said

“Just chillin’ one day, I was like, ‘Is that… Jeezy? “I hit him up: ‘Yo, you probably shouldn’t walk around naked – I can see you.”

Last year may have been the ’Year Of The Gentleman’ but it seems 2009 is the ‘year of the voyeur’ for Ne-Yo.


Soooooo…The dude that’s beefing with Yung Berg is not only Master P’s nephew, but he’s C-Murder’s son, I heard. Why wouldn’t he call himself Young Murder or Young Miller. He’s from a legendary family already.

R. Kelly is officially divorced after 11 years of marriage. I wonder if she writes a Superhead book. I’d read it. Anyway, they have three kids together.

Click here to see the pics from the Notorious premiere and the afterparty.

Hearing Solange might try to whooryde on Janet for Janet saying she might whooryde on Beyonce.

Click here for the new Lil Wayne song!

Jay-Z and Live Nation are going to have a fat concert, but Obama has pleaded for them to NOT have it during the inaugural celebration. Uh…Jay is getting his money.

Can somebody pimp slap Anne Coulter for me? 5 stacks!

I don’t know what JD is up to, but I heard he is secretly still messing with Janet Jackson. Maybe they need some privacy?

Want to see a Black dude cyberbully a lil White kid? Click here!

Angela Simmons broke up with her man because she wasn’t giving up the goodies til marriage. Somebody thought they were going to get some of that, but I’m not mentioning the rapper’s names.

As EnVogue said, “Neva gonna get it.” But I’ma get my girl. I am about to announce my new baby boo for 09! Later Kelly!


If you didn’t know, Lisa Bonet had her new baby. She named him: Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. That’s a mouthful, Lisa! I didn’t know, but Lisa changed her name to Lilakoi Moon! Anyway, a fan explained the name of her new baby:

He was born on the stormest, rainy night.

so Nakoa(warrior)…Mana(strength/spirit) Kaua(rain) po(dark)…

The name was always going to be Nakoa-Wolf, but Jason did the research on first middle name, 2nd middle name as you know is Jason’s.

I know her daughter Zoe is like, “WHEW, I dodged that bullet!”


So a reader sends me to the San Francisco Chronicle site for article that tells the back history of Oscar Grant II: the person. Click here to read it. But we were there to look at the comments as it relates to the recent slaying of Oscar Grant III in Oakland. Now, here is what I have to say. Oscar Grant could have killed an infant on New Year’s morning and it would be wrong for the cops to shoot him in the back while he was unarmed, subdued and facedown on the ground. That’s real talk. In America, there’s something call due process (look that up if you are clueless). I thought I would share how the real people think, some of them.

“I guess it was inconvenient to mention that this guy was a violent repeat offender felon who’d just gotten out of prison for a gun and drug crime. Why does the paper spin him as a church going innocent?”


“While the officer should be held responsible for his actions, remember this never would have happend if these so called “men” weren’t acting like a bunch of rowdy Junior High kids, and picking fights on BART that night.”


“He should have thought about his daughter before deciding to run wild on a train with other fools. it does not matter that he was shot intentionally or by accident the end result was the same. the protesters should protest all of the black on black murders instead of the rare white on black killing.”


“This guy dies in a thug-fest at 2:00 a.m. on a BART platform in Oakland that was serious enough that the police had to break it up. I did not see in the article what this guy did for a living….$25 million lawsuit to compensate the family for lost potential income???”

– beenderdundat

This is a comment that echoes how I feel on a very emotionless, removed level.

“This was a nice story, may Mr. Grant rest in peace. Also to his family and friends he was a good young man, wasn’t a saint but he didn’t deserve to die this way. As for you bloggers who only have negative things to say about a man who was shot in the back handcuffed and killed. There is a special place in hell for you cause it shows you have no heart probably not even a soul either!!!”

-Ladydee_97 (Thanks Lady Dee)

I picked the top 4 ones that I didn’t think were racist, but just very ignorant – indicative of what most people feel. What can you say? People are so self-righteous that he’s to blame for the bullet going through him, and then bouncing off the floor through his lung and killing him. Damn, you Oscar! Why’d you kill yourself like that and blame the cops? Idiots!

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