Hip-Hop Rumors: New iPhone? Mobb Deep Deepens? Benzino Crying?


The iPhone always get the rumors racing around this time. According to ign.com, we are looking at a September 12 date for the new iPhone. Now, they are not saying this is a hard date, but a hard rumor. The possibility of the date changing is big. Still, you may want to start saving your money now. Shout out to Steve Jobs, but I heard they may not even call it the iPhone 5 this time. I wonder why? I’d think they’d want to continue with last years fervor over the 4s. Who knows. Just a bit of tech rumor…. shout out JP for the info.

Oh…on that Mobb Deep…
I don’t know if you have been to the news section of AllHipHop, but they have been running a series of clips from an exclusive Havoc interview. He speaks on the Mobb Deep situation and Prodigy. Here are the two clips that are out now.

Ferg Brim at it again? I found this on YouTube. Prodigy is in the hot seat right now and this dude Ferg Brim is setting him up via the old 50 Cent way. Folks from P’s camp or close to it, have claimed that this is the reason Mobb Deep is breaking up.

Not feeling Mobb Deep members setting each other up.
Whoa….I’m late to the party! Benzino is a big part of Love and Hip-Hop! I heard he was crying on the damn show though! Some chick named Karlie did it!

What the deal?