Hip-Hop Rumors: Nya Lee Homeless Shortly Before 'Love & Hip-Hop?'

More details emerged about Nya Lee’s homeless past.

It wasn’t always all good for Nya Lee.

So…the stripper/rapper who now has a national platform on the current season of Love & Hip-Hop (and who native New Yorker’s may remember from the incident where she was stabbed in a Bronx club) is keeping up a tough, boss chick exterior like she’s been on but she just started her come up.

Whispers are saying, just a couple of years ago she was living at her good friend’s mother’s house with nothing. I’m told that at that time, she had absolutely no body, and the stripper and rapper personas weren’t popping yet. Eventually, she ran into the stabbing incident and completely reinvented herself. She left the country to get her body enhanced (she’s open about the illegal butt injections she got) and then the skripping took off followed by the rapping. You know strippers get to meet all types of interesting people with money and clout.

Folks say she still likes to keep up appearances like she’s more popping than she really is.