Hip-Hop Rumors: Peter Gunz Aired Out His Cheating on ‘LHHNY’ For Money

Peter Gunz admits that he aired his cheating ways out on TV because he needed money.

Now that Peter Gunz has aired out his love triangle with Tara and Amina on Love & Hip-Hop, he has some explaining to do. The biggest question people have is, why would he do this knowing he would get hardcore busted. Welp, he did it for the money and because he knew that his sloppiness would get him caught up anyway but really more because of the money.

Peter Gunz chatted wit Sway and talked about how he’s strapped for cash. His single, “Deja Vu” did well but Steely Dan got all the money from that because they own the publishing. Gunz said that despite having rich friends,” he didn’t want to mooch off of anyone so he moved forward with Love and Hip-Hop.

“I was gonna get busted anyway so let me get paid to get busted,” he said. Hey, at least he’s holding himself accountable. Check out the full interview below (money conversation starts at about 4:55).