Hip-Hop Rumors: Pic Of Rihanna After Being Beaten

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.All credit for this image is to TMZ.com. This is the image of Rihanna …

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.All credit for this image is to TMZ.com. This is the image of Rihanna after she was allegedly beaten up by boyfriend Chris Brown. A lot of people have been circulating this photoshopped image of Rihanna. Well here you go and this isn’t Photoshop. This is the real deal. An image produced by TMZ.com that shows exactly what Rihanna looked like after being brutally attacked.  Certainly…nobody is passing judgement yet, but this images are certainly “talkative” in their own right. So. what’s the verdict? Only time will tell, but it would appear that C. Brown will have to face some sort of judge greater than the one of public opinion.



It has been a few days since the hospitalization of Suge Knight. Well, I heard that Suge was at the Magic Fashion Trade yesterday in Vegas. Now, here is the catch. I was told by eyewitnesses that said Suge didn’t look that bad and didn’t show any real signs of being beat up. They did say he was wearing sunglasses, but he does that anyway. They also said that he didn’t have any security. Hmmmm…

Also, Suge dodged another major “bullet” recently. He pled guilty to beating up his girlfriend in Las Vegas (see how the rumors fit together nicely?). They say he punched and kicked his girlfriend in the head. Where are all the people defending Rihanna at? Nobody had anything to boycott when that lady was tore down, eh? Anyway, Suge pled guity to misdemeanor domestic battery. The “bullets dodged” were three felony charges — two felony drug possession charges and one felony coercion charge. All dismissed. His girlfriend is still missing. Suge was fined $340, will take some domestic violence clsses and will have to serve 48 hours of service to the community, according to tmz.com.

Here is the news story for Suge.


Solange Knowles is the trouble girl! She is the real Sasha Fierce! Why? First, she recently had a “wardrobe malfunction” where here tatas were revealed. She just seems like a wild child at heart. Anyway, she was admitted to a hospital after she collapsed from a mixture of flu pills and Nyquil. Medics treated her after taking the mess on a flight leaving New York. On Twitter she was talking all wild, I heard.

Here is a break down of some of her sentiments.

“I took a nyquil and i think maybe im getting high off it because im not sleeping. maybe i should close my eyes…”

“think im certified loosing it on nyquil. going to sleep before i start freestyling on the plane… omg (Oh my God) i didnt know nyquil could do this to you. i took the pills tho. cant stomach cough syrup. trying to be proactive on this flight.”

“Never taking nyquil again. I feel so weird.”

“Woaah…… How’d I end up in the hospital? Woke up to 8 random people over me, laid out on the floor in baggage claim!… Guess I passed out! Scary. Hooked up to IV now . Apparantly I’m super dehydrated.”

“I’ve never passed out before. S**t was like the movies. People standing over me saying ‘hello’… My mom is the best. LOL (laugh out loud). She’s like ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with this girl, she need some water and rest… Pull up the car!’ LOL”

“I’m like still in shock. I’ve never passed out before. Think it was the nyquil too. I felt weird when I woke up. This has been the day from hell. I’m done with the second IV. I just want to get in the bed and lay with Julez. That’s all I want.”

“I’m out! yay!… they let me go….. Rest. Water. Rest. Water.”


Recently Cassidy made it back to Philadelphia, his hometown and stopped by, “Live with Kendra G” 100.3 The BEAT. While in the studio, Cass talked about how everything that he has been through over the years has made him closer to GOD but he doesn’t’ think it’s important that you go to church. He even talked about why his battle rap days are over! Check out the interview for yourself!


Kanye bagged the new flavor of the month on the vixen box. Kudos, kiddo!



I have to say that I am a bit late on this Drake dude. All I knew him as was the dude that wrote some stuff for Wayne, but there is more to him. One of the great readers of the rumors page “saw something and said something.” Drake just had a release party for this new mixtape called ‘So Far Gone.” I heard the party itself was crazy fun. But I also heard it attracted the likes of Big Lebron James and the fineness known as Bria Myles. It was co-hosted by Chris Bosh and Daniel ‘boobie’ Gibson, I think. I don’t know who they are but apparently Canada knows. I always knew you had it in you, Toronto!


A couple people in Atlanta are telling me that the rumor about OJ Da Juiceman is false. I heard DA JUICE called 103.3FM about an hour after the rumor came out and denied that he got robbed or beat up. In fact, he informed them that “he was in [a strip club] balling out of control throwing money and his $7500 ring flew off as he threw the money.” Hold that money, Bro.


From what I understand the dude from Kriss Kross had a bout with cancer when he was young. If you remember, he always used to rock a baldie and they had nothing to do with Onyx. Onyx wasn’t even out, I don’t think. Anyway, I heard he’s just letting whatever hair he has run wild these days and that’s why those pics look that way. Somebody else told me he suffers from alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss and just refuses to cut it. Now, on the flip side, I heard he may STILL have cancer. Clearly, I’m not that ignorant to make light of that. If that is the case- I didn’t know either – I apologize profusely.


Usher’s wife is all safe and sound. Tameka finally made it out of hospital after a week in a Brazilian hospital. I deliberately didn’t write about this one. There was nothing interesting to me. I don’t know. Anyway, you probably already know this, but she had some complications with plastic surgery. Usher was down there the whole time tending to his wife, but was seen leaving on Tuesday solo. Dude’s wife had a straight up heart attack during liposuction. That’s scary, my friends.


Micheal Jackson is auctioning off his stuff. Sad. An auction in April will see him sell more than 2,000 personal items, including awards, a velvet cape given to him by his children for Father’s Day, a basketball signed by Michael Jordan and more. Oh and the 50-year-old Black Peter Pan is selling his platinum and gold records, and a Rolls Royce limousine.


Rick Ross went and got Bang ‘Em Smurf! Click here for the song “What Goes Around

Rihanna reportedly still loves Chris Brown after he allegedly choke her, beat her and bit her.

I heard there was an earthquake in New Jersey? Whats the deal with that|?

Shout out to Rudy Johnson, the football player! I heard admitted to reading the rumors! Thanks man!

I am hearing Shyne will be home by April. What will Diddy have to deal with?

Joe Budden’s new album is set for Feb. 24, but he’s experienced some leaks recently.

Shout out to my homeboy Mr. Exclusive (from Chicago).

Rumor has it, Jagged Edge is doing a gospel CD. Why not!?


Man. I remember when Suge was the most feared man on Earth. He still is, but definitely not the worst.


Dwayne Wade Suing the Ex?

Yup. Remember when Mrs. D Wade said he gave her an STD? He’s suing her for defamation to the tune of $50,000. Oh and he’s suing her lawyers too. He says they humiliated and embarrassed him and may have cause detriment to his future earning potential.

“It has been difficult to see false allegations, rumors and gossip repeatedly discussed in public about my personal life,” Dwyane Wade said in a statement released to the AP. “I had no other choice but to file this action in order to clear my name.”

Is that you Pee Wee?

I could be wrong, but is that Pee Wee in the “Big Thangs Poppin’” video? Peep 1:40 minutes in.


Is this real? NY1 is a real news corporation, but I am not convince this is 100% authentic. Replacing the N-Word with “my president”…I’m not sold.



Strong Arm Steady! They have a new song called “Black History.” Check it out and respect it!


I don’t know if this is a true SIGN, but it sure is crazy. The Associated Press reports the following:

HARTFORD, Conn. – Geronimo’s descendants have sued Skull and Bones — the secret society at Yale University linked to presidents and other powerful figures — claiming that its members stole the remains of the legendary Apache leader decades ago and have kept them ever since.

The federal lawsuit filed in Washington on Tuesday — the 100th anniversary of Geronimo’s death — also names the university and the federal government.

Geronimo’s great-grandson Harlyn Geronimo said his family believes Skull and Bones members took some of the remains in 1918 from a burial plot in Fort Sill, Okla., to keep in its New Haven clubhouse, a crypt. The alleged graverobbing is a longstanding legend that gained some validity in recent years with the discovery of a letter from a club member that described the theft.

“I believe strongly from my heart that his spirit was never released,” Harlyn Geronimo said.

Good lord. The Skulls and Bones is a true secret society that boasts members like Bush 1 and 2, John Kerry and many others. Gerionimo’s family claims that G.W. Bush’s grandfather was one of the Skull and Bones that helped dug up the Native American leader! The family wants the bones and remains back for a proper burial in his “land.” The lawsuit even names President Barack Obama as a defendant! Give ‘em what they need Barack – a spiritual stimulus package!


I get a lot of stupid Chris and Rihanna stuff, but this one was actually good.


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