Hip-Hop Rumors: Pimp C Laid To Rest. Diamond’s Baby Daddy? Janet’s Bay Bay?

DISCLAIMER De METHOD MAN: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS Yesterday, I got reprimanded for having sloppy rumors yesterday! What am I supposed to do? I’m grinding, B! I know I’m not going […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Yesterday, I got reprimanded for having sloppy rumors yesterday! What am I supposed to do? I’m grinding, B! I know I’m not going to get fired but they sure applied a lil’ pressure. I’m trying!

Hip-Hop Rumors: The Dream Could Sue Jay? Bow Wow Goes Off? Common and Serena CHILL!



I had this in the rumors WAY back in the day (Oct. 2007), but there are some new mess coming from Eminem’s mother by way of her book entitled “’My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem.” Now, back in the day, I told you when this diddy dropped, it was only available over in other countries. For whatever reason, it couldn’t be received in the US of A. Now, it’s making the round and in it, Em’s madre claims that her son is a manic depressive liable to do anything. Now, I don’t think they even use that manic depressive term anymore. I think its bipolar. Nevertheless, she actually claims that she wants Eminem to just know that she truly loves him and hopes he gets help. She claims in a recent interview that Eminem had gotten increasingly depressed in the months after his relationship with Kim.


The powers that be are saying that Janet Jackson’s new song “Feedback” was on about 1.34 million blogs and websites in the course of FIVE hours. I don’t know the source, but they say its represents the most successful leaked record ever. They also say that the radio stations have been besieged with calls to hear the song. PR is working overtime, eh? YO! I don’t know, but somewhere I am in there.


“They” are saying Chilli might just get married to this dude from CNN named T.J. Holmes. Well, its no secret they have been together, but now they are taking it to a new level. Holme is an achor on CNN and he’s pretty good at what he does. I’m not mad at him. Chilli used to date Usher and a hot minute after they split; she linked with ol’ T.J.


We all have our opinion of Ike Turner. Here is a letter that reveals another, lesser-known side.

I live in St.Louis and I idn’t know Mr. Turner well but I used to work in the airport here and you tend to see a lot of famous people and Mr. Turner was one of them. A lot of “famous” individuals are real A-holes but this dude was real. Even though we were crackin jokes on him he was cool about it. He always had a autographed picture for you weather you asked for it or not lol . I have probably come in contact with him about 6-7 time and each time he had jokes and that big bad ass blonde chick he was always with lol “he was a really short dude”. Even when we joked about the whole Tina Turner movie by asking him “What DOES love have to do with it”? I will never forget his response of “Not a God dayumned thing!!”I just want to give my condolences to his family. It’s not everyday that you come in contact with a legend let alone one who remembers you .

Ike Turner only recently got a Grammy. Check out this interview. He never watched “What’s Love Got To Do With It!” Thank Necole!


Well some crazy fool went and did it.


They are crazy! People can predict when she dies and the one closest wins and iPods. Anyway, the rumors in the UK are saying that Amy is really doing drugs heavy.


Hey, C-Murder’s son…I don’t want any beef. But let me say this. He allegedly hollered at Boss Up for something Boss Up said about C-Murder.

He said “yo homie i saw that comment on all hip hop bout my pops when i see u homie we got problems my n***a u gotta see me b#### ass n***a u f##### up homie watch yah back b#### n***a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

So, Boss Up says he and C’s son grew up when he lived in Beverly Hills. Since they haven’t seen each other in about two years, they haven’t talked. But, I think the internet helped them re-connect on the negative side of things. What I was told is that C-Murder’s son is rapper under the name Young Trump. At least it wasn’t Young Murder. Jus as a gesture of good will, check out Young Trump by going to his myspace. He’s not bad.

Boss Up, watch yo’ back!


You know, Diamond is allegedly pregnant, right? Well, I’m hearing that she is or isn’t. Let me explain. First, there are rumors that she’s recently been spotted getting straight wasted in Atlanta post-baby rumors. So, if she has any idea she is with child, she wouldn’t be getting laced like that. But, they are also saying that Lil’ Scrappy has denied that he’s the father if there is a lil’ bun b in the oven. Well, now we have a straight Maury situation. I will love to see Scrappy do the crunk dance as Maury says, “You are not the father!”


I’m not sure, but I always assumed Beanie Sigel was rich beyond my wildest dreams. So, when I heard that a friend rescued his 2005 Maserati from being auctioned off, I had to assume I was wrong. Apparently, Sig had about $1,700 in parking tickets that weren’t being paid. Somebody scooped the car up, but they don’t know who. Maybe Sig gave somebody else the money so his car wouldn’t get sold off.


Jay-Z and Snoop failed to attend Pimp C’s funeral, according to Sandra Rose. They report reveals that the pair wanted additional security and officials were unable to accommodate them. This saddens me for reasons I will keep to myself. In the video, you can see Willie D, Mike Jones, TI and a few others as they play their respects.


I heard two of Just Blaze’s guys are doing an album together – Jay Electronica and Saigon are working on Hiroshima.

Jadakiss, Beanie and Jay are supposedly on the official remix of “Roc Boys.”

They protested in Inglewood and they have another on the way. On Friday, protesters will break out and holla at R. Kelly at a tour spot in LA. From what I understand, they are called Protesters Against Pedophiles.

Good lord. Angela and Vanessa Simmons sold over $15 million of their sneaker line. They might be richer than their Dad!

Is this old? I heard Charli Baltimore has signed to Scott Storch.

The feds raided Al Sharpton and them. SMH. Nothing better to do, eh?

J. Prince is going to sue somebody, because on “American Gangster,” he was allegedly called a murderer.

T.I.’s girl Tiny has started a new travel agency called Tiny’s Travel Xscapes! Check her out here! I’m about to book a flight.

Blender magazine said that Jay-Z’s American Gangster was the album of the year. OK, but their readers totally shot that down and said it was Kanye West’s Graduation.

NO BS: A lock of John Lennon’s real hair sold for $48,000 at an auction of Beatles’ memorabilia. I wonder how much Busta’s wig is worth!

Alicia Keys might be playing Lena Horne in a new movie manned by Oprah Winfrey!

JoJo, Rev. Run’s son is a real rapper. I didn’t think he was serious. Anyway, he has a remix of Run DMC’s song, Sucker MC.’s. Tell me what you think.


Just Blaze, on Saigon’s album:

“It’s coming out better than I thought it was going to, I can’t front. I knew it’d be decent, but …”

Chingy on rumors that he’s gay [Don Diva]:

“Man thats so crazy! I don’t even acknowledge it because I done heard so many people say that this person is gay or that person is gay and I know that these people are not. Its just like how do people come up with stuff like that? What makes you sit around and say something like that? Thats crazy and its so stupid.”

Since Janet is coming back its only fitting we get a quote from El DeBarge on her alleged baby:

El DeBarge: Well, you know it has been in the media for a long time. It has been a whisper and a “hush, hush” kind of thing. “I wonder if there’s a baby.” I’ve never seen this child. I’ve yet to see it. It’s something we don’t talk about whenever we see Janet. We don’t speak about it. My brother Janet and James – that info is privy to them. We just, you know, they’ll let us know when they’re ready to talk about it. We just respect it. [laughs]

AHH community member Presidential on me:

“If AHH rumors is a planet, we have to consider you it’s God!” [I prefer “Ruler of All I survey!” KIDDING.]



Just when you think you know 50 Cent, he goes and gets classy. Check out this video in Berlin where 50 denounced a fan for dissing Kanye. Then 50 tells the crowd to offer a moment of silence for Ye’s mother.


This is too funny. They say this is a parody of the Lil’ Wayne / Gillie Beef. Check it out – pretty good. Shout out to Brandon.

Luda “Down In Da Dirty” Featuring Bun B and Rick Ross


I like this. Its got a nice lil something to it as soon as Yung Joc leaves. LOL! Nah, but I don’t like rappers on R&B songs anymore.


Janet really is 20 years old! She’s looking more like Ciara every day!

Shouldn’t he have a super small blunt too?


Can Lupe Fiasco ever rise to the level of a Jay-Z, Kanye, Tupac, Biggie, Nas – a legend? Click here to examine.

Is Fiasco’s The Cool the Reasonable Doubt or Illmatic for the newer generation? Click the link…

THE IC is still talking about Lil Wayne! Click to read/comment on Weezy incriminating himself in murder.

With “The Wire” coming back, Snoop has released a new bio, “Grace After Fire, telling her story on the mean streets of B-more. Check it!

Want to get ripped with all those muscles most cats ‘roid up to get? Click here!

Willie D of the Geto Boys  keeps it real about Pimp C.

Want to know what’s up with Diamond and Princess of Crime Mob fame? Wanna see why Diamond left from both sides?

Good news for Crack Dealers…The U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) decided today (Dec 12) to make some sentencing laws retroactive.

Speaking of Crack, check out the new interview with Rick Ross!

Let us keep the drugs theme going. Plies manager gets knocked (arrested) for allegedly selling 80 pounds of COKE! I hope he’s not pushin’ it!

Method Man disses me in the new AHH interview. What I ever do, but try to keep people in the light when they can’t shine!?! One love to Meth.

Here is a lil’ informative story on AIDS/HIV – from Magic to Eazy-E, you all need to read this.

The NFL Throw down truly kicks me when the Eagles are down. Check it!

Can somebody numb the pain?


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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