Hip-Hop Rumors: Queen Latifah To Come Out?


I don’t believe anybody really cares about this at this point, but the people are talking. Just as Obama endorses same-sex marriage, this rumors sprouts. Rumors are swirling that Queen Latifah may actually come out as a lesbian at the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival in Cali. She is the headlining performer and this is a FIRST for La to perform at ANY gay pride event. Latifah is no stranger to the gay rumors, but this is a “watershed” moment. So, rumor has it, she may come out of the closet at the event. She’s had these rumors for a very long time and she’s been seen with various women. Its basically confirmed even though she has not come right out and said it. Organizers are not speaking on whether or not she’s coming out. They are just saying that the event will focus on QL as a star, not a potentially gay person.


OH…Here is some info on Wiz’s lost cell phone, if you cared! It doesn’t look like anything will be leaked out.

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The 20 Funniest Oprah Winfrey Faces Of All Time
It look like Oprah’s winning streak may be over. The media magistrate’s OWN is hurting in a major way. The losses are adding up to $330 MILLION!! Reports are saying that Oprah’s show will not last another year at this rate. They need a hit show and then some to create a positive uptick to stay alive. Oprah, the billionaire, doesn’t really have any of her own money invested so her status is intact. But, the real “owner” of the network, David Zaslav of the Discovery Channel is rumored to be ready to pull the plug on it. I don’t wish anything bad to Oprah! She’s a G.

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Big Sean and Jhené AikoI am hearing that Serena is dying to have Common back. She’s basically “saving” herself for him. She need to gave me her savings.

Did you hear about G-Dep? Dude got 15 years. Ouch. Hoping he doesn’t do any Harlem shaking up North.

Big Sean is reportedly and rumored to be dating this girl Jhene Aiko, who is a pretty good singer. They were at the Lakers game and the rumors sprouted away.


What the hell? This women is reportedly from Maylasia and just beats on her defenseless baby! What’s even crazier is the fact that somebody actually recorded this on youtube and didn’t step in to stop it.