Hip-Hop Rumors: R.I.P. Dr. West, T.I.’s New CD, Diddy’s Heir, 50’s New Artist?

R.I.P. TO DONDA WEST Sad. I don’t really have much else to say, you know? Read the story and send your condolences over here. Just as a footnote, there are rumors out there, because the cause of death hasn’t exactly been revealed, but I am going to chill. I have respect for Kanye and definitely […]



I don’t really have much else to say, you know? Read the story and send your condolences over here.

Just as a footnote, there are rumors out there, because the cause of death hasn’t exactly been revealed, but I am going to chill. I have respect for Kanye and definitely know that losing a parent is painful enough without gossip.


Not sure of the origins of this one, but I heard that T.I. is bored while he is on house arrest. With nothing to really do, he’s resorted to recording new songs in his home studio. They are saying this new album in progress is Paper Trail. Apparently T.I. hasn’t written his raps down since his debut album. Hmmmm…I think we need an audit to verify rappers that make this claim. Anyway, T.I. is now writing his raps down and that’s the reason for the album title.


Oh yeah, if you don’t know who Larry Smith is, let me help you.

Early in his Hip-Hop career, Smith crafted songs for Kurtis Blow and Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, rap’s early super stars. He later produced Run DMC’s first two albums, their self-titled debut (1984) and King of Rock (1985). Additionally, Smith wove a string of hits for Whodini, including their 1984 debut Escape with hits like “Friends.”

Anyway, now that you know he is a legend, you need to know that Larry had a stroke last week. He’s lost much of the use of his body, but expected to get better. You might remember Larry getting his props as Whodini was honored at the Hip-Hop Honors this year. Hey, he had a Caddy before Run DMC – nuff said.

“Took a test to become an emcee/ and Orange Krush became amazed at me / So Larry put me inside his Cadillac / The chauffeur drove off and we never came back…”

Read the whole story here. Get better, Larry!


You know, I heard that 50 Cent and Jim Jones have a bit more in common. No, its not friction with Cam’ron! For what its worth, I am hearing that 50 Cent might have an interest in Max B as a member of the Unit. Don’t know for sure, but there is some talking going on. What I am hearing is that, since Max is already signed to Jim, this may be a joint venture in the making like The Roc did with Freeway. Maybe? I don’t know. I thought Max and pending cases though?


I heard a certain so-called future of Hip-Hop rapper / conscious rapper was in the J. Crew Store inside the Time Warner building. Well, I won’t name names, but will say this is not Talib Kweli (the homey!). Anyway, I heard this artist wanted to shut the entire store down so that he could shop in peace. Well, the people in the store were like, “Who the f**k are you?” I heard the rapper then made a scene and nothing came out of it anyway. J. Crew is a Hip-Hop spot too…why would they front?


We all wanted to know what was up with this video. I heard Nas and the director had creative differences, but the should have put this out last year. This is an OK video for me. I like it a lot.



The experts are estimating that bootleggers cost “American Gangster” about $10 million at the box office in lost revenue. D-D-D-DAMN!

Amy Winehouse’s hubby is in jail for assault. Maybe Amy can get free now! Don’t bet on it. She said he’s been set up…right.

One bit of good news is Kanye West is that Graduation just went 2x plat. I can just say that his mother got to see all that a proud parent could see.

I heard Lil’ Wayne showed up to the Jay-Z concert yesterday in New York.

In an interview on Atlanta radio, Diddy reportedly referred to his new daughter, Chance, as another “heir to the throne.”

You know how the writers are going on strike in Hollywood? I heard the networks are firing them and hiring new ones in droves.

Here is a lil’ Diddy of a video. Sharon Jones is the woman that inspired Amy Winehouse. No, this video isn’t old, but they shot it like that to rep her style. Check her.

K-Fed and his lawyer are calling for Brit Spears to have her driver’s license revoked.

Duane “Dog” Chapman has reportedly forgiven his son for snitching on him using the “N-Word.” The son’s girlfriend is not as forgiving for being called the “N-Word.”


One of my readers on Kanye West’s mother:

“That woman was a part of Chicago that people don’t even understand. Anybody that took an English class at Chi State knew that lady was truly an angel.”


Sometimes…the beef is never over.

Well, this is what happened in Orlando, Florida – where Mickey and Minnie can catch a hot one on the way to Disney. According to police, Timothy Cleary of Apopka started punching the body of a dead person in a casket – during a funeral. Well, you know the people mourning tore Cleary up and then somebody called 911 for him. I can’t believe this madness. What is the law for something like this? Bond was set at $350. Nobody knows what prompted this fool to do that.

He’s probably going to have beef with the family for the rest of his life now.


So, if you didn’t read our Frank Lucas feature story, please do. You have to see the tension! You know I stay connected to the people that know the people. So, here is a commentary on Frank Lucas from one of the OGs that I talk to regularly.

Frank Lucas is such a pathological liar. I’m not mad at him though because he pulled it off. No one knew who this joker was until American Gangster but everyone knew who Nicky Barnes was/is. Frank has waffled on his rep as a killer in various interviews. In his first article 7 yrs ago he claimed to have killed some dude in front of a crowd like the scene in the movie. There’s no way that n***a had $250 million in cash and assets in the 70’s and not make national headlines. I knew he was lying all the time but the amazing thing to me is he actually tries to defend his lies. He knows he told on 100 people and they all weren’t cops. To me that’s not an issue because common sense would tell anyone the only way for him to be on the street is if he gave everyone up. Snitching is not selective. You tell it all or you tell nothing if you wanna walk. But that’s show biz and another example of how entertainment is just that… entertainment. I wish black people would stop acting as if any of this is GOSPEL. Rather than pick up a book and do some research we just pop in a DVD or CD or go to the movies. When I listen to all the back and forth I get nauseous. Some of us are so gullible we’re sheep-like. I we understand that every sheep’s ultimate destination is the slaughter house.


Normally, I like Bill Maher, but this time, he just got sonned – and he deserved to get sonned. I am not going to go all into 911, because you know and I know I’ve been there. But this time, I am just going to play the sonnery.


Halle Berry is either giving some really sexy looks or is really tired of being pregnant. Maybe both. (Thanks LayLa for sending the pic!)

Vibe recently held a party for their upcoming awards show. Well, I wasn’t even invited, but I got pictures of people that were. Here are some.

Keesha Sharp looking super duper dope.

Chrisette Michelle and her cute smile showed up.

This is the dude from “New York Undercover.” Maybe he was really undercover, because he looked way different back in the day.

Cee-Lo is the man. How can a chubby dude be cool enough to rock a tight shirt?

David Banner isn’t looking like the Hulk these days. More like…“Dr. David Banner: physician; scientist. Searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all humans have.”

Somebody must have dropped some bread crumbs, because a bird came to the Vibe Awards.


Kanye keeps pushing the boundaries. Check out a leaked version of “Good Morning.” I heard that “Flashing Lights” is actually the next song.


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