Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz B Update, The Rich Rappers, DTP’s New MC?

YESTERDAY’S RUMORS   Did anything really happen yesterday? Only that Raz-B was threatened/missing/found! Chris Stokes might sue Raz-Z and his brother Ricky for lying on his good name!   TODAY’S RUMORS   E JIZZA THE BOSS RECANTS!   I never even heard of E Jizza Tha Boss before this Raz B fiasco, but he says […]



Did anything really happen yesterday? Only that Raz-B was threatened/missing/found! Chris Stokes might sue Raz-Z and his brother Ricky for lying on his good name!






I never even heard of E Jizza Tha Boss before this Raz B fiasco, but he says he has something to say, “No apology, just truth.” Here is the latest message from him.


ILLSEED I wanna say that message was sent before I had any communication with Raz, so alot of emotions were involved. Now that I’m aware I wanna apologize for my statements about Stokes being I have no personal relationship with him I was basically riding for my n***as.2008 we coming and keepin it all positive. Sorry we had to put you in this . the truth I hope will one day be revealed.

Oh yeah…want to know why Raz came up missing? His cell phone died! LOL! At least, that’s what I heard. Classic. For those of you that don’t remember, Jizza is the founder of the company that manages Raz B. It seems that in the wake of Raz B going “missing,” everybody was up in arms, but now that they have gotten debriefed, maybe they all took that chill pill. I’m certain there is more to this coming out.


2007 – “WE GET MONEY!”


Not exactly…more like they get money. 50 Cent and Jay-Z were the No 2 and 3 most well paid celebrities in 2007 respectfully. 50’s biggest win came from the sale of Vitamin Water to Coca Cola. Nobody quite knows the amount, but Forbes says it was in the $100 million range. Jay-Z’s payday came from the sale of Rocawear, where he raked in roughly $82 million. If you thought Sammy Hagar was some kind of bum for replacing David Lee Roth in Van Halen, you were wrong! The rock star sold his vodka company in 07 and made $80 million. Those wacky pictures did little to damage Oscar De La Hoya’s wallet. He made $55 million in a losing effort to Mr. “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather. In two bouts, Floyd “Money” Mayweather made close to De La ($25 million from Ricky Hatton came later in the year). There you have it, some of the the biggest pay days of 2007.




I have to admit, I am still waiting to see what’s going to happen with Serius Jones, but I hear DTP is going to add another name to the roster. There is this dude from Canada named Luu Breeze. I’ve seen his name on the AHH Ill community plenty. Anyway, there is speculation that he’s next. I heard that he went down to the A to visit Chaka Zulu and some of the DTPers. They allegedly had the young rapper rap for over two hours. He impressed them enough to get this rumor started even though he isn’t officially on the label that Luda built.




Shout out to Fergie Ferg of the Black Eyed Peas. She just got engaged to her boyfriend Josh Duhamel.


They are saying that Shawty Lo might be wanted for police? If this is true, I wonder why?


This whole thing with Pakistani leader is crazy and they are saying Al-Quaida did it. What do you think?


Also, I’m wondering who you guys thing is going to replace Jay-Z. For some stupid reason, I think they need a non-Hip-Hop person up there to manage things from a business perspective. I’ll say more in the comments.


According to the Star Gossip magazine, Snoop Dogg has a son that wants to be included in the rapper’s reality show.


Shout out to Rev. Run! He and his wife just adopted a baby girl.


From what I understand, Diddy has been bestowed with a star on the Walk of Fame.




Shout out to Zro! You know, I was one of the biggest “Free Zro” voices on the net and now I know why! I heard that on Christmas Eve Zro was out giving back to the people. Santa Zro didn’t need any reindeer or a sleigh or a big red suit. All he needed was a jet Black Escalade and a blue 300. Game 101 magazine and Zro teamed up to give the people this.


Here is what I heard happened:


“There was a lot of noise outside so we went out to see what was going on. My kids started trippin’ cause they big Zro fans. A lot of rappers claim to give back but it’s only in their pathetic dreams that they do. Man they had boxes and boxes of toys and they were not giving one toy to each child – they were giving away a lot sometimes even trash bags full to each household. I just wanted to tell you cause its rare that this  happens in our neck of the woods.”


Shout out to Zro and Game 101.




This is a nice post-Christmas “signs” for all of you that feel like the harbinger of death is about to show up. This partial report is from The Times Online, a UK publication.


A retired businessman is believed to have killed his wife and left her body under the Christmas tree before driving his car off the road and fatally injuring himself.


Susan Goswell, 63, a retired teacher, may have been battered to death with one of her husband’s golf clubs. Roger Goswell, 66, a prominent amateur golfer, then apparently killed himself by driving a Smart car into a tree. (Illseed note: not a very smart car to drive into a tree, eh?)


Police forced their way into the gated bungalow, set amid more than half an acre of land, and discovered the former teacher’s body among the tinsel, presents and decorations.


 “Officers initially went to the address to inform the occupants of the road traffic accident, but upon arrival they found a car in the drive but no answer at the door. So officers forced entry and found the body among Christmas decorations.”


That’s CRAZY! Karma was like, “I’m taking care of this guy right now!” Thanks, Dimitri!




I am hearing that Scott Storch is going back to from whence he came. No, not back to Philly with The Roots as a keyboardist. I heard he’s back down with Dr. Dre’s camp producing joints for Detox, which better coming out in 2008. YO homie.  I don’t know if this is related to his alleged money woes that were recently publicized in the media. Nevertheless, there are worse places to land after a rough spot. You could be writing rumors for a Hip-Hop website like me. I lost.




Also, you know Paris Hilton lost too, even though it’s a high-end loss. Her grandfather, the one with the big bucks has recently announced that he is giving 97% of his 2.1 billion fortune to charity when he passes away. That means that Paris’ hope of inheriting the money is in shambles. Barron Hilton is allegedly embarrassed by Paris’ behavior…DO TELL? Again, she could be in a worse spot, but for a rich broad like her, I am sure she wants more of that bread.



I know some people are sick of this already, but here is a lil’ more on this Raz-B stuff..actually a lot more.


The New Urban interviewed Ricky Romance and got a few things out of him regarding their war with Chris Stokes. Check it out.


TNU: Have you talked to Raz B since the scandal broke on the internet?


RICKY ROMANCE: I just got off the phone with DeMario (Raz B), and the apology tape is not real! Chris had people force Raz to read a script and coerced him into taking money. I talked to DeMario and the money will be returned. We want this done right. We’re putting this message out there for all of the innocent kids who get abused and are then forced to be silent.


TNU: Rumors have swirled that Raz B was forced by gang members to take back his statements against Chris Stokes. Is this true?


RICKY ROMANCE: I won’t say names of who it was who came at Raz to take that s### back, but I’ll tell you that it was some street n****s. That’s all I can say.


TNU: Since you released your molestation allegations against Chris Stokes, has there been backlash?


RICKY ROMANCE: Listen, yes. I’m being followed. N***as are threatening my life, but I don’t care. I stand by what I said because it’s the truth. Maybe I’m the only one brave enough to talk, but this has gone on for too long. I just want Chris’s sick child molesting pedophile ass to go to jail. Period.


TNU: How is Stokes threatening you?


RICKY ROMANCE: Right now he’s trying to intimidate us. Chris Stokes is very connected. His best friend is the Los Angeles Chief of Police.


TNU: How did the alleged molestation start?


RICKY ROMANCE: All of this is my fault. Chris tried this s### with me and I let it happen to my brother. Chris came into our lives at a vulnerable time. Our mother was on drugs and having problems in her marriage. He was our father figure. The sad thing is, I love Chris. That’s my family. He took DeMario in and was supposed to show him a better life. That better life was just financial. DeMario never finished school, hardly saw a dime and was molested from the time he was little until he stopped it.


TNU: Were you and Raz B the only boys who worked with Chris that got molested?


RICKY ROMANCE: Chris told all of us “participate in those f***in gay acts, and you’ll always be taken care of.”


TNU: Chris is claiming that the reason you and Raz are speaking out is because he cut you off financially. Is this true?


RICKY ROMANCE: Chris is trying to dig up dirt on me. Yeah, I have a past, made some mistakes but that was the past. I do incredible things in the community, I’m a business man. I care about young people, unlike Chris whose life is about manipulating and exploiting young people. Chris Stokes has not supported me, my brother or my mother financially since B2K ended. That s### is just false. He bailed DeMario out recently when he had legal issues, but that was it. He made that s### up.


TNU: Is speaking out on the issue of molestation in the entertainment industry hard?


RICKY ROMANCE: I’m a man. The s**t that happened to us as kids were dead wrong. And it wasn’t just us.


**As you know, Chris Stokes has denied all the allegations levied against him.


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