Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz B’s Video, Roy Jones Fights Dogs?, Kim K Engaged To Reggie Bush?

  LAST  YEAR’S LAST RUMOR!   Don’t forget “2007: One Wacky Year,” where I breeze through all the crazy events of last year in a fun way. Haters appreciated.   And, if you care, read the LAST rumor of 2007. I AM ILLSEED. You like the all caps typing like my name was Prodigy.    THE FIRST RUMOR OF 2008! […]




Don’t forget “2007: One Wacky Year,” where I breeze through all the crazy events of last year in a fun way. Haters appreciated.


And, if you care, read the LAST rumor of 2007. I AM ILLSEED. You like the all caps typing like my name was Prodigy. 




Before I begin, I gotta tell you, this year is going to start slow, because I am just coming up out of a New Years and Christmas fog! So, forgive me if I don’t have a lotta good stuff to say. On the other hand, if you are a real G, read on. By the time I finish writing this, you may find that I did OK. There is only one way to find out and that is to read!



CHICAGO HAS NO LOVE FOR KATT WILLIAMS???So over the weekend Katt Williams debuted his new comedy material to a sold-out crowd at the Aire Crown Theater in Chicago. Unfortunately, the crowd was highly disappointed by his performance for some reason. My homey Kendra G. (radio host/internet personality) was in the audience and hit me with details on what happened.  For one, Katt Williams showed up to the venue an hour and half late!!! And not only was he an hour an a half late, he was also apparently high! (This is according to eyewitness testimony ) The crowd was so upset with Katt’s performance that eventually someone yelled out that they wanted a refund! Responding to the comment Katt Williams told the audience that everyone could get their money back!!! Now maybe that would had alleviated the crowds’ disappointment but the only thing was no one was truly able to get their money back! Fans were not sure what was up with Katt that night but most agreed – they hope he gets it together! He’s still one of my favorites except he uses the N-Word like he’s addicted to it.  




I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that John Legend might have turned his affections to a new singer on the scene. This chick named Wynter Gordan has officially come into the world now that she is in the rumors. (In case you didn’t know, she does a column on AHH.) Wynter is signed to Warner and she’s actually pretty cute.




Yes, 50 Cent has me back on the payroll, so expect the rumors to start a-coming in 08. No, seriously I have a few 50 Cent rumors, but I am going to hold on to them for now. Yo, I did hear that one of the opening acts p##### 50 off when he performed in Dubai. I heard they rushed to get pictures with him and he wasn’t in the mood.




I heard Jay-Z is going to be making a move to Sony really fast in 08. OK, no I didn’t. But, I know there is something going on with Jay-Z, but nothing is really popping up at the moment.





This isn’t anything new to you wacky kids, but I will tell you it anyway. For whatever reason, from what I have been told, Raz B is very fearful for his life. Right now, there is nothing new coming out of the camp that we haven’t heard, but I heard that faith in God is all that Raz really has keeping him strong.






LOL! Death threats, molestation charges…nothing stops the hustle. Here is the new Raz-B video. Shout out to Ricky Romance! Shout out to Omarion!






Shout out to Reggie Bush! He and Kim Kardashian are officially engaged…so say rumors. Still reps for Kimmie say this isn’t true.


Ne-Yo has officially taken the gloves off and sued R. Kelly for that tour fiasco. Click here to read the story.


Skillz went and did it. The Rap Up 2008 with the video.


 Tyra is reportedly working on adopting a baby. She should adopt me as her baby.


I heard Consequence is working on a new video with John Legend. That dude is the Lil’ Engine That Could.


If you didn’t see the post about Trey Songz leaping into the crowd like Wolverine, click here!



Jamie Foxx was recently spotted in some club copping a feel on a blonde chick. Nobody knows who the babe is, but Jamie must be getting bold in his old age.



Do you remember Amy Fisher aka the “Long Island L#####”? This is the broad that shot or stabbed Joey “Whack Job” Buttafuoco’s wife. This crazy broad is now hosting parties like she’s a rap chick. On top of it all, she has a sex tape she is selling! Who wants to see that? Click here to see it (the flyer that is).


Eddie Murphy got married to Babyface’s ex. Shout out to Tracy.


Shout out to Da Brat! She celebrated the New Year with Mariah in Vegas. Ahhhhh…Brat is cute. The Mariah New Year’s Eve celebration was at TAO and drew stars like Randy “Dawg” Jackson, Kelis, Mario, Nas, and me. Just kidding.





The Pharcyde is getting back together? I know some of you are too young too care or too old to care. I am right there in the middle and I care. With that stated, I heard that some of the members of the Pharcyde are working together and they are doing spot dates. I have to admit that I hate the fact that they had to break up, only to reunite many years ago just to get back to the good old music. Anyway, we’ll see.




Kelly Rowland on why she fell out (The Mirror, UK):


“I was exhausted. Not only that, but the time difference threw me off and I was jet-lagged. I stayed up all night talking on the phone and didn’t eat as well.”(I don’t believe Kellz on this one!)


Gucci Mane on why he went to an elementary school to speak:


“They were having a lot of problems [with] a lot of the male students. I just wanted to talk to them to do better. Out of the 27 people that we got that were eligible to get toys, only nine of them were boys. I just wanted to challenge the little boys in the neighborhood to pay a little bit better [attention] to the books and stop fighting so much. I graduated from school and I definitely use school in my music so I try to just motivate them to do good; tell them it’s cool to be smart.”




I could have put this in the Random Quotes, but I decided to put it in its on special place. We are already getting 2008 on and popping!


After Mike Vick, Roy Jones said, “I just let my dogs get down five, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Maybe like the longest I let them go was a half-hour, but I never let them fight to the death ’cause I can’t take that.”


SMH! Peta is on the phone with the cops, I bet. This is a felony, they say, even to let them fight for a few minutes. He needs to stop and focus on his fight with Tito.




I have to say, those new Whopper commercials are pretty cool and funny. Here is the ghetto version of them thanks to the internet. Freakout! (Thanks Gary!)






Here is a poem that really resonated with me. Check it out, because it really means something, even though its not really a sign the world is ending…just rap. 


SAVE H.E.R PLEASE (a poem)


I’m Constantly mourning the demise of the love in the eyes of rappers artists worldwide.

See we all heard her cry..

She shouts!

“My shoulders aren’t strong enough to carry these lies!”


But we were too busy cranking and snapping and screaming

‘T T T This is why we hot!!!’

To see her die


Too busy to save H.E.R..

Too busy writing blogs and emails

Bout first weeks sales..

Like WE work for labels.

Now the bell tolls 4 her!

She’s sprung too many leaks

Bleeding albums on the street.

From the cuts the net gave her

Passed from peer to peer

Z-shared and gangraped her

Right in front of her makers

Then killed a couple of her seeds premature

Its Nahright from Stack bundles right back to Shakur.

How many Biggies need 2 occur




Or do you prefer




A world of Soulja Bois trying to superman her?


Personally my Eardrum Desires Food & Liquor

So I can aid her Graduation to at last Finding Forever.




(©Eddie smith aka Versetti 2007)


2008, WE LOVE YOU!

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