Hip-Hop Rumors: Reggie Bush Get Owned By Lesbian! T-Boz Has Her Home! Kanye Leaves America?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! THE DAILY TWO CENTS Thanks for the new woman I plan to stalk into my life. I think I know who it is, but please feel […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Thanks for the new woman I plan to stalk into my life. I think I know who it is, but please feel free to keep suggesting. Today is rumors “lite” since a lot of people aren’t on this time of the year and its a weekend.Shout out to my real ICers. If you aren’t in the Ill Community, then you’re not REALLY in the crew. Join the Movement!!

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Here is what he had to say:

“Indeed, my next album called” Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall “and it contains twelve songs and four seasons with three songs for each season.”

Moving on….

From what I understand, Kanye West is out of here. The Roca-A-Fella rapper is leaving the United States to move to London to move forward with his career in fashion. As you probably heard, he admitted to applying for an internship at Louis Vuitton. Everybody knows Kanye has been a fashionisto from the jump so this isn’t really a shocker.


Warning:illseed blind item: There is a singer that is very well known. She is allegedly sleeping with a married man on the way to divorce. Now, we all know what this is about, but there is a weird twist. Rumor has it, the singer and the producer aren’t really doing the nasty as speculated. There is a rumor that their “friendship” isn’t anything! They are actually just friends! But, here is the catch. Some have alleged that its all a smoke screen for her dating another married man from one of music’s royal families. That’s basically all I can say at this time.


My homey RealBeats of the Universal Zulu Nation hit me with this:

Hey man, just thought Id drop you a line with this link.. been meaning to for a min now but its been hectic…

Foxy Brown has remixed Mavado’s dancehall track “I’m So special”

and disses Lil Kim and Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel with claims they both bleech their skin…

If you dont know the dancehall scene Mavado’s crew are pretty much at war with Vybz and the biggest sound clash of the year Sting is coming up and some maddness is expected.. theres a few more details / audio posted at the link below..


Also “So Special” is pretty much the biggest dancehall tune in the clubs right now… and Vybz has a new album out .. always kicks off around the same time as promotion is needed dont it ?? haha … annnyywayyyy


I hope somebody like The Smoking Gun doesn’t get a hold of her, because this was on tmz. Well, for now I am very happy for her. Foreclosure sucks.

Here is what she told Essence:

ESSENCE.COM: There were also reports of you losing a home in Houston?

T-BOZ: I’ve never owned a home in Houston. I closed a store in Houston, Chase’s Closet, where I sold girls and boys clothing from infants to 12 years. The store is named after my daughter, Chase. For now, I only have the online store (chasescloset.com).

ESSENCE.COM: That explains the locale. Did you see the photos they had of you that were allegedly in front of your Houston home begging for donations?

T-BOZ: It’s almost a waste of energy to give an explanation, but I’ll just say that the [blogosphere] loves to make up things. I remember that photo and it was on Craiglist.com showing me in front of some house with a sign claiming I was asking for donations. The only thing that irritated me was that they said that the proceeds would be donated to St. Jude’s [Children’s Research Hospital]. I can take people talking about me all day, but don’t use my name to make fun of sick children because that’s beyond low and sick. I was a sick kid for a long time, in and out of the hospital most of my life battling my sickle cell, so I don’t find anything funny about that kind of joking. Why would anyone target innocent sick children to make fun of? That’s not cool at all. I mean someone actually took the time to make up all this stuff and post a picture they had me in front of a house talking about I’d take donations to save my home. They even went so far as to have an address and I thought, I feel sorry for the person who lives there. I was there helping to raise funds for another charity.

ESSENCE.COM: How do you think the rumor began?

T-BOZ: Honestly, I don’t know. Ever since the news that TLC went bankrupt back in the day, I suppose everyone wants to believe that we are all struggling, but we’re doing fine. And if it were true, does it really matter? All those things are material. I get that negativity and violence sells, so people just stick to that formula. I’m just trying to live life and raise a little a girl that I was told I couldn’t have because of my sickle cell disease. I’m trying to do something that matters and make a difference with diseases. When I think about having my organs fail, my heartbeat stop and then begin again, this stuff is so trivial and I’m shocked that people believe everything they read because so much of it is far-fetched. My friends call me a miracle, and I am because there were so many times I almost didn’t make it when I was dealing with my sickness, but I’m doing so much better and I can only thank God.


In Baltimore, they have girls that are super G. Check out this video of a man getting robbed at gunpoint and the girls just…laugh. In on it? Probably. I heard the man got shot, but I couldn’t see that.

The girls left as the robbers left. SMH.

For the signs part 2, click here. This has to be the ugliest act I’ve ever seen during the holiday season and it involves a child.


Whew…with that bailout of the automotive industry, what’s going to happen when GM tanks next month? We’re f**ked!

Bank of America just cut 35,000 jobs! Fam, do you realize that’s another 35k of people with no gig? CRAZY!

Damn, America. Even the No. 1 Patriot footballer Tom Brady is hurt to the point where they say he’ll probably never play again.

Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore may not be getting that divorce now. They recently rocked in Japan. NICE!

Click here to see the REAL first gay rapper….you will love his swagger.


Akon is feeling himself and I think there is some justification to this, but don’t forget Nate Dogg, Ja Rule and TJ Swann, bud. (MTV):

“I embrace the fact that they’re doing it (rappers are singing). Music changes every year. I’m just happy (about) the fact that people are jumping on what we’re already doing. I look at it like a tribute to what we’re already doing, and I look at it like a compliment, really.”

He goes on about rappers-turned-sangers:

“I say ‘you’re welcome’ every time I hear (rappers singing). A melody has a way of describing (words), ’cause of the emotions that come with melody. Melody brings it out better than a bland vocal. It’s easier to relate.”

Akon clears up his past as a petty crook:

“I got caught up in cars and this and that. Kept going in and out of jail. Three months here, six months there, two weeks here.”




LL’s maniac laugh is disturbing…lol…





Dude, I’m just not that liberated to let my girl get down that freely in my face.

Got fail?


After 50 years as an industry leader, LEGO has become a staple in any kids toy box. In more recent times the mini-figs and legendary building blocks have been used to recreate famous landmarks, classic photographs and now: 20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Recreated in LEGO. Shout out to Format magazine.

Mos Def — New Danger

The Game — Doctors Advocate

De La Soul — 3 Feet High and Rising

Common — BE

A Tribe Called Quest — Midnight Marauders

Gangstarr — No More Mr. Nice Guy

Ghostface Killah — The Big Doe Rehab

Dr. Dre — The Chronic

EPMD — Back in Business

KRS One and Marley Marl — Hip-Hop Lives

Nas — Stillmatic

Jedi Mind Tricks — Violent By Design

Method Man & Redman — Blackout

Outkast — Stankonia

Wyclef Jean — The Carnival

Run DMC — King of Rock

Slick Rick — aka RickyD

Alkaholiks — Likwidation

Beastie Boys — Hello Nasty

Biz Markie — The Biz Never Sleeps

TI — King

Big Pun — Capital Punishment

Super Lover Cee and Casanova RUD — Girls, I Got ‘em Locked

Old Dirty Bastard — N***a Please

This is proof Lego is racist. Not one black or brown Lego body. LMAO! I KID, PEOPE!

THE WORST BATTLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Hamilton and Soulja Boy. I don’t know either of you, but I humbly request that you both STOP this foolish beef right now!

Even Hamilton says its “wack,” at the end. Stop this…please…PLEASE, do if for your family…you mom…do it for Hip-Hop.

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Time til we get a new president and hopefully a new beginning: