Hip-Hop Rumors: Remy Ma Update! Illseed’s Bugtastic Post! Blu Cantrell On The Run!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE NEWS FEED Treach of Naughty By Nature Detained By Police Atlanta Schools Ban T.I. From Speaking G-Unit, The Game’s LP’s Delayed Until July C-Murder Travel Request Denied […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Treach of Naughty By Nature Detained By Police

Atlanta Schools Ban T.I. From Speaking

G-Unit, The Game’s LP’s Delayed Until July

C-Murder Travel Request Denied

LA Lakers’ Lamar Odom Launches Label; Signs Ali Vegas


Hip-Hop Rumors: The Gay Rapper Exposed? Usher Beefin’ Over Chris Brown? Did Treach Get Arrested?


Jimmy Iovine pushed both albums in order to maintain peace in his Interscope household (Geffen and Interscope are in the same family). I heard that 50 is now getting gully a bit closer to home. Today on Angie Martinez’ show, he stated seemed to suggest that he thinks Missy and Olivia Ciara had an intimate relationship. I don’t know if she can hit Ciara, but 50 Cent suggested it, I heard. Anyway, I don’t think that Missy has that much of a pimp game to convert everybody she talks with, right?


You heard this by now, but here are a few more details. Mos Def’s ex-wife, Alana Wyatt, is going to reveal the intimacies of her relationship with the super private rapper. Not too cool if you ask me. Are people going to have to sign privacy clauses in addition to prenups? From what I understand, they weren’t together for very long. Oh well. They married last year and the name of the song is called “Breaking the Code of Silence” and she even will include details of her own life. The say the book is “part biography, part cautionary tale.” Doesn’t that sound like Superhead’s book? She was also in Snoop Dogg’s video for “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” When they first got married a lot of my Canadian homeys emailed me about her, but I didn’t print it, because of my respect for Mos Def. Perhaps, now I need to hear from them again, eh?


You probably know the basics with Remy Ma. She recently got her sentencing day pushed back. I am getting that Mama is on 23 hour lockdown and gets about one meager hour out. From what I know, she has a radio in her cell. Damn….


Orlando Brown, of “That’s So Raven” fame, has been reported missing after leaving manager Ricky Romance’s house early Tuesday morning. What? I’m not sure what the hell is going on here, but didn’t this happen with Raz-B a few months ago and Ricky was at the center of that too. Anyway. I’m not undermining this. Somebody being missing is scary indeed and I pray he gets home. Ricky Romance has been posting all over the internet today, because the 20-year-old actor hasn’t replied to correspondance and missed several meetings.

Super-Duper SIGH. Orlando called Wendy Williams to say he wasn’t actually missing. Yeah, good one. You got me good, Ricky and Orlando.


A few days a go, Kanye performed in Seattle and accidentally shouted out Sacramento (aka Sac- Town). Here is what he said on his blog.

I can’t believe I bust a spinal tap! It’s no excuse for this I wish I could sink in a black whole. When I said Seattle and there was no crowd response I was up on my spaceship platform thinking damn… I think I just said the wrong city!!!!! I kind of muffled the words so I was praying nobody really caught it. I guess all those hours that me and Phill spent making my mic clear as possible back fired on me! We had alot of problems with the video servers on the first 3 songs and that completely threw me off! Hey, I’m not perfect. Hope everybody had a good time. I’m a man, I can say it… I’m sorry.


This is a conversation between two men on instant messenger. “Slice” is a former friend of “The Chairman,” who is an R&B artist and works with artists too.

slice: Dawg, you threw drink on the dream? What kind of s**t is that… do you just do anything 2 make the tabloids? Usually, I wouldn’t feed in to even hittin you up, but everyday I’m hearing bout some crazy s**t you do for attention… From more then 1 or 2 people… The fact I ever did business with you has done nothing but take away from my rep.

slice: On another note, your company is having a lawsuit filed against them by CBS Outdoor for you guys signing 60,000 dollars contracts for advertising & never paying any of the bread. & when you begin f**kin wit my moms money, that’s a problem b***h n***a.

thechairman: Come say that 2 my face

slice: N#### I ain’t scared of you

slice: Where you @

slice: Since you so big & bad

——————————– 6:38 pm ——————————–

thechairman: Ok

thechairman: When you coming

thechairman: Meet me on vineland/ventura bl.

thechairman: In 1 hour

thechairman: @ starbucks

thechairman: We can go underground

——————————– 6:43 pm ——————————–

slice: Don’t flake

slice: Since your 30

slice: & I’m 18

slice: I’m gonna embarass you, so don’t flake

slice: Or i’ll publicize how big of a b***h you are

slice: & I’m bringing the video cameras to watch this s**t

slice: G** a** n***a

thechairman: N***a f**k you

thechairman: i’ll man handle you and take you’re a**

thechairman: F**k that money, yall ain’t getting s**t from the mob, you skinny muthaf**ka. f**k your moms too

thechairman: When I see you, I’m gonna show you what It’s like to be raped. Mark my words

slice: LOL

slice: I’m forwarding this right to the internet sites

slice: Keep digging holes

thechairman has signed off at 6:58pm


Check this out according to wikipedia! I hope some no-life got hyped up to make this. I know Flavor Flav is heated, because he’s not getting dime off of these spinoff shows. Sucks! Aside from that, coonery has got to be getting some great ad bucks in.

I Love Money: VH1 The Challenge is a VH1 reality show. It is a spinoff of Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and was created by the producers of reality TV juggernaut The Surreal Life. This show will be contestants from Flavor of Love (Seasons 1-3), I Love New York (Seasons 1-2), Rock of Love (Seasons 1-2). This co-ed battle between reality stars will throw contestants from each of those shows in a mansion in Huatulco, Mexico and have them battle each other. Similar to MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge, these reality show stars will be fighting physically and mentally to take home $100,000. Production started in early February, 2008, and is wrapping up in March.


Host: LaLa

* Pumkin (Flavor of Love, Season 1)

* Hoopz (Flavor of Love, Season 1)

* Toasteee (Flavor of Love, 2)

* Nibblz (Flavor of Love, Season 2)

* Bootz (Flavor of Love, Season 2)

* Sinceer (Flavor of Love, Season 3)

* Thing 1 (Flavor of Love, Season 3)

* Thing 2 (Flavor of Love, Season 3)

* Chance (I Love New York, Season 1)

* Real (I Love New York, Season 1)

* Heat (I Love New York, Season 1)

* 12 Pack (I Love New York, Season 1)

* Whiteboy (I Love New York, Season 1)

* The Entertainer (I Love New York, Season 2)

* Midget Mac (I Love New York, Season 2)

* Heather (Rock of Love, Season 1)

* Brandi C. (Rock of Love, Season 1)

* Destiney (Rock of Love, Season 2)

* Megan (Rock of Love, Season 2)

* Kristy Joe (Rock of Love, Season 2)


RIP to Orish Grinstead of the R&B group 702. I heard this lovely lady passed away Sunday (April 20) due to a bout with kidney failure. She had a twin-sister in Irish, was was also in 702. She was only 27.

DUH! 50 Cent has said that Young Buck won’t tour with the crew. Like we thought he would.

Alicia Keys is allegedly planning a summer wedding at Oheka Castle in Cold Spring Hills, NY. This is the same place Joey (the Fat guy in ‘N Sync) got married.

LaLa and Solange were seen having a Mommy’s Night Out wit their kids in LA earlier this week.

J Lo has reportedly signed on for a reality show called “It Ain’t Dance Life.” The show will be on TLC.

DAMN! If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. Leave Don Cornelius alone, Paramount Pictures! Paramount is suing the Soul Train founder for $293,961.50. Why? It isn’t clear, but Don might have used their facilities. On a good note, I hear “Soul Train” is being made into a real movie. I bet that’s going to be good.

Apparently Robert of Day 26 is trying to say that he and Junebug are just wearing “friendship rings.” That’s some real bitchassness there.

First Jordin Sparks, now Alicia Keys. Alicia had to cancel a pair of tour spots because of some illness.

Just so you know, Swizz Beatz and Mashonda are SEPARATED, and have yet to formally file for divorce. There is a difference.

In looming divorce news, Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks and wife Gayle Blanks are separating. Now, who is the Tae Bo ho, Nas?

The fit couple, who have been married since 1974, met in a karate class. They have two kids — one of whom, Billy Jr., tried to invent something called “Karaokecise.”


Janet on who she’d pick for some lady-on-lady action:

“I think I would pick Alicia Keys. I think she’s wonderful.”

Jay-Z pal and wedding attendee Gwyneth Paltrow and her thoughts on super powers (USA Weekend):

“X-ray vision is definitely dishonest. There is an ethical line you don’t want to cross. “What powers would I want? Flying would be good. I was going to say invisibility but that also seems a bit dishonest.”

Mariah on having a dog named Jack over kids at this time:

“It’s hard to have kids in this world. I don’t think I could properly educate a child right now. Maybe in the future, but I actually haven’t thought about it. For now, I enjoy my dog Jack’s company.”

Lebron James talking about Washington Wizards’ Deshawn Stevenson, who called Bron Bron “overrated”:

“Me responding to Deshawn Stevenson is like Jay-Z responding to Soulja Boy.”


When ever I do this S.T.W.I.C.T.A.E., I think of Rev. Wright, Obama’s former pastor. I think America is going to have to stare itself in the mirror long and hard or I will be doing this forever. A Chicago woman is charged with the murder of her own 5-month old child that drowned in a bathtub – allegedly. WHY? She is 19 and she felt that being a young mother was messing up her social life as a teenager. I wonder if she thought what jail would do for her social life! Rozlynn Rodgers, 19, of the 7800 block of South Ingleside Avenue, was charged the murder of Makalah Rodgers. Makalah was pronounced dead Friday April 4. I wonder if she had a party?


Thanks, Dj Bigtwon!

Signs the world is still coming to an end PART 2…Click here for the New York DJ that created a “How To Do Child P###” video.


Young Buck’s first CD had a similar to Plies current CD. I personally think the skiier nation shold be the real ones p##### off…these gangstas stole your ski look dawgs!


We are almost there…Friday is near – Lady Drama is here!

Inside the Notorious movie……

Seems that Big’s former manager and producer of the new biopic film Notorious has started a blog during the movie process. You can check out notoriousblog.net for more behind the scenes extras, and filming insights as he goes through the process. But until you do that peep out one of his videos below:

Moving right along……..Kurupt and David Banner join the cast of new film Days of Wrath

The internet world has been all a buzz about the new gang film Day’s of Wrath which has been getting major pub due to the films trailer and gang related theme line. Pics of filming have emerged and it looks as if Kurupt and David Banner will be joining the roaster of hip hop artists to have roles in the movie. No word as to when he film will be hitting theaters but I’ll keep you all posted!

New Ish….The Roots ‘Rising Up’ Video

Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:

Are you all really surprised that Treach got caught riding dirty… I’m not.

Is it me or was everybody at Goa nightclub last night? Jamie Foxx to Jay Z to Kanye..to Mariah and Da Brat…The list goes on! I’m sure the atmosphere was bananas! Whats up with a your tube clip! [Illseed note: I heard they were mad at ‘Ye for being so late]

Do you think The Swizz Beats Mashonda split had anything to do with her album that never dropped? [Illseed note: no.]

Damn John Legend can the sisters get any love? [Illseed note: no.]

Don’t forget to peep Bishop Juanita Bynum and Bishop Weeks on “Divorce Court” airing their dirty laundry! It comes on this week so all you couch potatoes watch it and fill me in! [Illseed note: no.]

Is it me or were you sneaker heads expecting so much more from Kanye’s new Nikes? [Illseed note: no.]

See you folks on Friday. Remember the more you say the less they listen! Muah! [Illseed note: OK!.]THANKS LD!


A Keys New Video “Teenage Love”

Leave it to Keys to always come through with the hot ish! School days is so classic yet timeless! I love it


Here is the latest Hip-Hop delight. This kid named Shad. Yes! I forget what my illseed breeding ground was called, but he’s in there.

Dude’s CD dropped last year!


Sad to see another one of our own go home. Here are some songs for your listening pleasure. RIP, Orish.


“Where My Girls At?”


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