Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Gets Upset At DJ! Asher Friends Step Up! Idris Elba Remixes A Hit!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. RESPECT MY CONGLOMERATE!!!!!! Idris Elba has done a lot of work as an actor. He’s got range. I have to admit though, dude will always be Stringer Bell […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Idris Elba has done a lot of work as an actor. He’s got range. I have to admit though, dude will always be Stringer Bell to me. In a year or so I am going to start watching the first season of “The Wire” and pretend it’s new. Sorry. Here is the rumor. I heard that Big Dris did a remix of “Respect My Conglomerate” with Busta and the crew. I don’t know who else was apart of the remix though. I do know that Idris is really sick, but they were trying to do it anyway.


Asher Roth is sorry! If you want to know why he is sorry, click here! OK? LOL. While he has yet to formally comment, several people that know him have hit me up and said he was making fun of Don Imus. They recognize that it was stupid of him to make the “nappy headed hoes” comment. Also, the rumor that his account was hacked is false and they say Ashy never said that. Somebody else made that comment and it started to spread. Here is what this source said:

“But Ash is sorry, and really meant nothing by it. He’s a good dude, and doesn’t hate. This is gonna be like the eminem “black b####” song all over again. put this on the rumors, its important we get this across to real hip hop fans. He meant nothing by it and is sorry.”

Uhm..everybody read “Twitter Will End Your Music Career”


This is a letter I got from somebody that emails me regularly.

Why are you writing about that punk ass white boy asher roth? WASTE OF TIME! and then had the nerve to say….WE LOVE YOU?! who the f**k is we? NOT US! come on illseed, YOU CAN DO BETTER THEN THAT.

Just for the record – Asher Roth aside – the “We love you” at the end of every rumors page is a feature for people whether we love them or not. I don’t even hate Ashy, but I am just saying. That space is for everybody!


I get hit with so much music, I don’t have time to mess with it all. But this one caught my eye, especially with all that’s going on with Asher. Check out Big Frame and his rendition of Ashy’s “I Love College” – “I HATE COLLEGE.” He sounds a lot like Ashy too. 35 year old freshmen!!!!


I remember when I first rapped about Pittsburgh. I left the “H” off the end. They wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. Now, I’m happy to say that I have a great relaionship with the state. My car has trouble with the huge hills, but that’s a different story. LOL. I got a note from rapper Marchitect and he was up there in The ‘Burgh. Here’s the report back.

Peace Illseed, This is Marchitect straight out of Delaware. I was kicking it with Ko the Knockout and the people from Nakturnal out in Pittsburgh Thursday night, and I stumbled upon an event at Carnegie Mellon University. Jasiri x opened up the night, and killed it. I saw him on AllHipHop.com but I never seen em rock live… very tight. He also JUST recorded a song with Planet Asia so look for that. Then a live Hip-Hop band from Pittsburgh called Formula 412 straight killed it. They are going to blow up through the roof soon!! You see a lot of live hip hop bands, but not too many like this. Then Invincible (she was the headliner), formerly of the Anomolies, kicked one of the realest sets I’ve ever seen. She repped Detroit tough…She had footage of the destruction there, AND had footage she taped from her tour of Palestine, in the background and probably dropped one of the illest freestyles ever with a girl named GoD Is.Paradise the producer and founding member of XClan was in the house, and is still holding it down strong for Hip Hop out there. They need to stop sleepin on Pittsburgh… and Delaware!!!! Shout to Dj Bonix!!!


Jennifer Holiday and J-Hud got nothing on NAMATA! YOU’RE GONNA LOVE HIM! LOL. This dude is the new “why must I cry.” Check him out and see if you can make it through the whole 4:33. Get down or LAY DOWN! This applies especially if you are a White chick. LMAO!


People can be so dumb. A kid that is 5 years old…that’s kindergarten age…poops and all hell breaks loose. The 5 year old comes home to his parents with a note that says, “This little t### was found on the floor in my room.” In a bag, the boy’s teacher had taken his doo doo and put it in a bag and sent it back to his parents. Now, how dumb is that? That was just asinine. Sue Graham, a 58-year-old teacher, is the person in question and she is under investigation. She lives in Yakima, Washington. What’s worse is the father said he doesn’t believe the dookie is his son’s, even though he admitted his boy had a “problem” once in a bathroom.


This is an interesting video. Rick Ross said “my brother” more than Malcolm X! They were trying to get a rise out of him. Check it out.

Click here to watch Rick talk about wanting to get a rush out of battling Eminem.


Remember Tia? I don’t know whats the deal, but I heard she’s about to drop this book with 50 Cent the day before Eminem’s CD drops. Could Eminem get weaved into this now, as a part of the battle? Her brother’s name is Trabone and I heard he’s riding with his sister 110% on this. The other day, they allegedly showed up to the signing in Florida, where Rick Ross greeted all his adorning fans. Tia stayed in the car, but Ross knows Trabone personally so everybody’s eyes were affixed on him. I heard that about 10 minutes upon arrival, Miami Dade Police advised them we had 5 minutes to leave the premises before they would get arrested. From what I understand Trabone had a LOT of pics, stories, original lyrics, and videos of Ross. From what I am being told, there is a lot of backdoor wrangling going on and there is more coming out publicly. They are not happy how Ross “did” their sis.


“My name is Daichi, I am 18 years old Japanese.” This dude is incredible. He should produce these beats!!!!!

Shout out to Mr. Rhymestyle!


Ed Lover is putting his bowling skills out their and wants any and all comersto beat his team in bowling!


Rumor has it Beyonce is deading a video for “Broken Hearted Girl,” because Jay-Z didn’t think it was good for her image. Remember Sean Paul? This isn’t really new stuff.

Check out this new song with Raekwon and The Game called “Flash Back Memories” HIP-HOP!

There is a swelling movement calling for the arrest of Karl Rove for abuse of power.

Vivica Fox is reportedly feeling Flo Rida. Wonder if he is feeling her back?

Click here for the new Eminem song.

Diddy is reportedly looking to create a new version of Danity Kane called Danity Kane with new girls.

Trey Songz is reportedly interested in bedding Adrienne Bailon – LOL. Isnt she engaged?


“My personal opinion about that is, he’s just a baby. He’s just a little baby that don’t know how to handle his emotions when it comes to a woman. It’s none of my business, but you know what I say about that? I understand the situation. I understand passion with young kids.”


Bow Wow also Twittered about his departure from music. “Readn scripts all day 2mar then movn into my new place! Ready to start dat grown man life! New city, new attitude! Time 2 take ova Hollywood. 7 YRS OF MUSIC! WATCH WHEN I PUT ALL THAT TIME INTO ACTING! OVA! I’M GOIN FOR AN OSCAR! AND I’MA DO IT MY WAY!”

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