Hip-Hop Rumors: Shekinah Addresses TI, Tiny Divorce Chatter

T.I. and Tiny’s family friend puts the kabosh on divorce rumors.

Yesterday I mentioned that some Instagram pics posted by T.I. and Tiny had folks raising eyebrows (on not much basis, though) about the couple possibly headed for a divorce. Sandra Rose said their reps revealed that the couple had no plans of splitting as far as they knew. Reps will say anything to sugar coat though, so it’s better to hear it from actual friends. Enter Tiny’s BFF Shekinah. She hopped on Instagram to tell people to cool it on the rumors.

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We get it. Shekinah’s a good source but only T.I. and Tiny really know what’s going on with their love. Hopefully they do keep it together, and hopefully there won’t be any “breaks” where random jump offs turn up pregnant.