Hip-Hop Rumors: Stuff We Missed At Obama’s Inaugural!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THINGS WE DIDN’T SEE AT THE INAUGURAL! New York magazine has a real ill rundown of some of the things we lowly viewers may have missed at the […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


New York magazine has a real ill rundown of some of the things we lowly viewers may have missed at the inaugural ceremony on Tuesday. Here is some of it, but check out the rest on their site.

• Jay-Z and Beyoncé sitting in the same row as Diddy in the front section, about twenty rows back from the podium, but not in the grandstand. Beyoncé wore sunglasses but no hat. Jay-Z wore the most ridiculously huge fur hat we’ve ever seen, which became less and less ridiculous-looking as our body temperature reached hypothermia levels.

[Illseed note: that was a Frank Lucas American Gangster hat!]

• Oprah shaking fans’ hands as she walked to a prime seat (though not as good as Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s) with Stedman Graham and Gayle King.

[Illseed note: STEDMAN!]

• Dozens of African-American 12-year-olds screaming out Usher’s name as he walked past, and Usher ignoring them while walking to his not-amazing seat, head down. “So you’re too good for us? We’re your people!” someone shouted. [Illseed Note: FAIL!]

• Denzel Washington likewise refusing to acknowledge the many fans yelling out his name. “Is he really not going to look at us?” someone asked.

[Illseed note: I heard Denzel was like the very first person out there in his seat. Seriously, I heard he was out there way early and was about 100% business. So to answer that person’s question… NO, he’s not going to look at you!]

• Tyra Banks wearing the least inconspicuous sun hat ever, and flanked by two security guards (who we hope are huge Obama fans, because otherwise giving them those seats is just wrong). “Your ratings aren’t good enough to have two security guards,” one heckler said.

• Bruce Springsteen standing up with his entire family at the start of Obama’s speech and moving to the front of his section. He stood for the rest of the speech, though was careful not to block anyone’s view. He also raised a fist for the crowd.

• Diddy, Halle Berry, and Chris Tucker stepping into the aisles to take their own snapshots of Obama.

• Chris Tucker getting a little emotional. We ran into him after the ceremony, but he wouldn’t cop to our previous observation. “I can’t believe I’m here,” he said. “But I only cry on the inside.”

[Illseed Note: Right, rightttttt…we all cry on the inside!]

Check out the rest at New York magazine!

SAIGON GETS AT JOE!Good lord. Joe Budden and Saigon was kinda wack, but the new one just got…interesting. Check out “Pushing Buddens” where it looks like Sai…really does get the upper hand.Click here to download.UPDATE: REMY MA’S TALENT SHOW!

Rumor has it, Remy Ma is making the most of her time in jail. In the Bedford Correctional Facility, Remy was in a talent show and did full dance routine to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” I heard she did a whole routine for the talent show and…she lost. I didn’t see it, but I find it hard to believe that she really lost. They probably robbed her. I heard she gained weight. I did hear that the prison had a lot of fun with that though.


I’m hearing that Foxy Brown just signed the final papers on her new VH1 reality show now. It’s been rumored about the show but I heard that its now official.

MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK! NAS, JEEZY AND JAYClick here for the super celebretory remix!Hip-Hop and R&B were at the celebration for our new president!


This had to hurt.


Why is Fox so negative?

Also Jasiri let me know what he did over the weekend for some of the inaugural festivities. Check it:

Peace Illseed,I kicked it in DC this weekend. Howard U had a panel

with Diddy, Ludacris, Latifah, MC Lyte, Chaka Zulu, and L Londell

McMillan. It was real tight but Latifah stole the

show she killed it! Latifah, Fantaisa, my man Affion Crocket from Wildin Out( we

working on some music dude got flow) and Jamie Foxx held it down at

Ibiza at the MLK day party. I kinda felt like I was in that Boondocks

episode. The party was hosted by the Hip-Hop Caucus which put on a lot

of hype events all weekend and held it down plus they was showing

AllHipHop mad love. Shout out to Rev Yearwood. JasiriPeaceJasiri

COME ON 50!Mark

my words: 50 Cent is the last hope for Hip-Hop on a commercial

level…BUT I ned him to stop these sorts of quotes. Here is talks

about his work outs.“It’s intense, and there are no weights involved. And some of it’s

like girly stuff, like just kicking your leg, but it’s muscles you

don’t really ever work at. Men don’t usually go to the gym and say,

‘I’m going to develop my a*s. This’ll be the J.Lo workout.’ “Oh, for the record, Slaughterhouse is my last hope on an underground or “real” Hip-Hop level.THE DAILY TWO CENTSI can’t even believe it. I’m mentally crazy right now at the fact that we have a new president and that he’s actually African American. Bush is (hopefully) gone. I don’t feel like doing rumors, but I know I do. I am going to be adding these damn things all day. I can already feel the hate…lolBUCWILD OF STAR AND BUC IN A HOMELESS SHELTER?I heard a crazy rumor man. I don’t know if you all remember Star and Bucwild from back in the day. There was always an issue with Buc though. I am not sure what was the issue, but he was often awol and then they gave up on him. They inserted some new dude and that dude was cool, but not the original. Star was the full-fledged star. I am hearing, sadly, that Bucwild is now living or sleeping in a homeless shelter with somebody, possibly his child’s mother. I don’t even know if dude has kids. That’s just what I heard.


T.I. got an award this weekend and it was very interesting. Check it out!

He said some realness right there!

President Obama and First Lady Michelle: First Dance.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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