Hip-Hop Rumors: Superhead Gets Punk’d! Jay-Z & 40/40? WHO IS COMMON DISSING?

THE ILL COMMUNITY PUNKS EVERYBODY, INCLUDING SUPERHEAD! If you have a post on your website or blog about all the stars and rappers that Superhead has slept with, consider yourself the victim of a prank by the Ill Community. The IC member named Smokeurobinson made up all the stuff that’s being posted net-wide about Superhead’s […]


If you have a post on your website or blog about all the stars and rappers that Superhead has slept with, consider yourself the victim of a prank by the Ill Community. The IC member named Smokeurobinson made up all the stuff that’s being posted net-wide about Superhead’s book preview. Click here to read the original posting.

And now, you can click here for everybody getting a big laugh out of it. I think that this is crazy, but somebody actually cut and pasted it and got that rumor rolling straight downhill.

I think this is proof that some people need to check that stuff that they put in the atmosphere. I’m definitely not perfect, but with that list, she would be called Superhoe – not Superhead.

Even Superhead was stunned at the rumor of all those guys she allegedly slept with. She said, “”They give a really long list of people, and I don’t even know half of those people. I haven’t been with all those people.” When Superhead says it’s too many, you know it’s too damn many!


I know you all have heard all that stuff online that is supposedly Karrine Superhead telling all about the men she has slept with. Well, she is reportedly going to have a talk show coming up. Sometime is the fall, “The Karrine Stephens Show” will teach boring housewives about sex education, according to this rumor.


AYO. It’s been about five years since the man named R. Kelly got charged with child pornography for his alleged involvement with an underage girl. Well, starting September 17, the man will begin his trial. Jury selection and then the trial. They sure gave him a lot of time to get his money up and allow people to forget. Even though people that have seen the tape say its him, Kellz is going to trial with it. That’s what up – a blaze of glory. The funny thing is that the jurors will be able to see the tape in question. I wonder how this is going to work? The 40 year old is facing 15 years in the bing. Fans, if you wanna see a preview of that new, crazy “Trapped In The Closet” thing, click here. I can’t wait for somebody to say, “Yo, why the courts hating on R. Kelly? The legality system iz playa hatas!”


I am interested in knowing what a “statutory employer,” because that’s what Jay-Z IS NOT at the 40/40 Club. A woman sued the club, charging that the 40/40 paid them under minimum wage. Well, Jay has made an appeal for the charges to be dropped because he isn’t even  “a statutory employer” at 40/40 and has “no role in payroll whatsoever.” This has fueled rumors that Jay might not actually be the principal owner of the 40/40 club. Could it be that he’s basically endorsing the venue and gets paid to keep it hot? Additionally, Jay claimed in federal court that he’s more of a shareholder in the spot and this person is just trying to come up off his famous name. I didn’t know nightclubs had stocks! That’s crazy.


Shout out to the people offering their info on “I Get Money,” the remix. From what I gather, there are going to be a couple different versions. I hear there will be a G-Unit version with 50, Banks, Yayo, Mazaradi Fox and Prodigy and maybe Young Buck. Then, there is supposedly going to be an All-star version with 50 Cent, Fabolous, LL Cool J, Rakim, Jim Jones and Busta Rhymes! Now, I know that that beef is gone, but how crazy would it be if Jim and 50 worked together. The Rakim part is pretty hazy, but 50 and them worked with Kool G Rap so you never know. Ra was also on Lloyd Banks CD too. (Yes, this is the daily 50 Cent rumor. Shout out to, Boss Up!)


“With 12 monkeys on stage its hard to see who’s a gorilla- you were better as drug dealer.”

Common = gully.

Speaking of Common, several people I know attended their lil soirée called an album release party and I got the worst feedback. Here is a letter I got:

“Apparently somebody at Marquee in Manhattan thought they were working the door at Studio 54. The frail dude in the tight checkerboard suit with the list was discriminating on the Black men like he was a gay racist. Marquee and getting inside the lousy club a timely fashion is impossible. White and Asian women were instantaneously allowed entry as long as you were on the list. Some people were just let in even though they couldn’t speak English to verify they were on the list. That’s HIP to Marquee. For a slightly slower rate of entry, you had to be a light-skinned female or a dark-skinned woman with a blonde wig. If you were a white male with a double x-tra medium shirt, you got in. If you were any sort of Black dude with any swagger towards Hip-Hop, you were waiting for 30 minutes or more even if you were in the front and on the list… Now, some dudes left the venue cursing feeling dissed. Others left right after getting into the wack blipster hipster fake Hip-Hop event. Some people had reserved seating or whatever, but it was a real class system going on in there. Errrrrrrrr…Common’s album might be a great Hip-Hop joint, but many of the people at that party were not. All that to get in and MARQUEE IS WACK. Have your party at a Hip-Hop spot, not fake 70’s club. And the bouncers need to stop acting like they are bouncing. Ummmm..They aren’t at The Tunnel so they aren’t bouncing a damn thing. They are just ignorant and rude.”


Melanie Brown is about to dig into Eddie Murphy. She is rumored to be in the process of filing a paternity suit against Norbit. This is what it comes to? I talked to a Black woman who was mad at Tracy for marrying a dude that doesn’t take care of his kid or kid’s momma. Doesn’t sound like a rumor, but I hope it is.


“Hip-Hop Police (The Evening News)” This is a great video! You have to see it to believe it! Great job Cham!


Lycos, the search engine, has released new data that says Beyonce is 836% more popular now that she fell down the steps at that concert. I need to bust my a** if that makes you more popular. Beyonce can’t lose, huh? The only other person more popular is Barry Bonds, who is soon to make baseball homerun history. As he gets closer, searches on him have jumped 1686%. I think his might be relative to the hate people seem to have for him.

Biggest Movers and Shakers for Week Ending July 28, 2007:

1. Barry Bonds 1686 %

2. Beyonce 836 %

3. Lindsay Lohan 167 %

4. The Simpsons 107 %

5. Martha Stewart 73 %

6. Poker 60 %

7. Golf 55 %

8. Bratz 42 %

9. Harry Potter 41 %

10. Jessica Biel 26 %


This Ty dude is a real star over in the UK! I got the audio from over the pond at the BBC 1Xtra on The Breakfast Show with Jason & Iyare. They had a lot of fun with Ty and he talked about the rumor I put up about him and Eve. Check it!

“I really don’t know. I don’t know what to tell people. I never discuss my personal life on radio. Its all good that people are speculating who I’m seeing. You’re never gonna hear me discuss who I’m seeing.”

“I’ve dated girls that look better than Eve. She’s a welcome addition.”

I think that last quote says that he’s not dating E-V-E, because if he was, he ain’t now! Darren C, shout out to you for hitting me with the scoop and Ty, when I come to the UK, I want a free tour for all this press!


On the AHH Staff, we have a certain person that is a fan of the rapper. That person will be nameless so that the Feds don’t tap his phone. But, rumor has it that the long-awaited album from Immortal Technique is going to have a lil’ bonus. The Middle Passage is like a million years in the making. Anyway, the rumor is that the album has taken so long and so many songs that Technique has decided to just make a double album. It might manifest itself in two separate albums. I think he better hurry up and drop before Bush is out of office.


I heard quite a few KM jokes, but look at this freestyle and tell me if you think there is something funny! “I’ll push your wig through the planet!” The booth has to be shut down for at least a week.


TRAE, the rapper from Houston, is giving a free mixtape away. Check it out and just click here to get it.

Hey, anybody that took my lil’ rant yesterday too seriously, relax! RELAX. I got a few people that got their panties in a bunch. What’s up Christina L. I love you! Timothy K – please don’t really kill yo’ self…BREATH IN, BREATH OUT.

Man, they are really saying some crazy stuff about Brit Spears…her kids are cryin’ as she cusses out photographers. One of them has bad cavities and ain’t going to the dentist. WWKFD? (What Would K-Fed Do?)

If you are waiting for Teedra Moses to drop…be ready to wait some more. He’s been pushed back by TVT. Foul. This is an ’08 conversation.

Rumor has it Capone from the group Capone-N-Noreag has been locked up for a little month bid over some traffic related offenses. Somebody call the real Noriega, he owe me Cap a hundred favors!

Akon reportedly played a really tight show in Manchester, UK. No girls got dry-humped and no guys were tossed from the stage.

This is an interesting thing I heard. I heard that the Jay-Z and Beyonce Duet album is already done and will drop in the spring of 2008. I’m assuming this will coincide with a defection Columbia Records.

Not to be outdone, Young Jeezy and Akon have been working hard on a duet album called The Best of Both Hoodz. Now, this is one that I have heard more about from Jeezy himself.

The guy rumored to be snitching on Mike Vick is actually snitching. He and Vick reportedly had a falling out so he might have an ulterior motive.

According to Eminem’s Interscope publicst, “There is no Eminem album on any release schedule.” There that goes.

LOL at McDonald’s. They have dropped Twista for Sean Kingston. Hilarity! I think they should let The Geto Boys do the ads since the ghetto loves Mickey Deez.

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin are still married. It took them a long time to dispel that one!


Can somebody do a “Crank Dat Illseed?” I’ll put it up! HOLLA!




I think these boys officially win! Crank dat Roosevelt!


Not all that ill, but Brandy looks pretty good in these pics.

What Brandy won’t do, Buckeye will…(click the pic)


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