Hip-Hop Rumors: Tahiry Quits Joe Budden For Good This Time, Focusing on Her Businesses

Tahiry explains why she may have turned down Joe Budden’s alleged marriage proposal.

Some folks probably thought they’d be seeing a Love & Hip-Hop wedding special starring Tahiry and Joe Budden but nope, it’s not happening according to Tahiry.
Let’s backtrack. There were some photos and Instagram footage leaked last week of Joe Budden allegedly proposing to Tahiry in the middle of Times Square. It was neither confirmed nor denied that it was actually a proposal *wink* but word on the street is, Tahiry said no. She claims that she’s done with Joey for good this time and that he was probably never the one anyway.

“I never saw me walking down the aisle and him not being the one at the end of it. Today, I don’t know what God has in store for me,” she told Necole Bitchie adding, “I got 99 problems but a ni99a ain’t one JOEY!”

In other Tahiry news, we know that she’s focusing on opening a bar in Miami. It’s in the development stages but we’ll be seeing it soon enough and we hear she has some fitness DVDs in the works. They’ll both be fine.