Hip-Hop Rumors: Thanksgiving, Thankstaking, Charlie Brown..and Rumors!

HAPPY DAY OFF! I think I am going to take it light today. What do you think? Usually I do some schtick about “Thankstaking Day,” but I am going to chill this time. UNIVERSITY Of DELAWARE VS DELAWARE STATE! I know many of you couldn’t (and perhaps shouldn’t) care less about this. However! This is […]


I think I am going to take it light today.

What do you think?

Usually I do some schtick about “Thankstaking Day,” but I am going to chill this time.


I know many of you couldn’t (and perhaps shouldn’t) care less about this. However! This is a history football game set to take place in the First State of Delaware between two schools that have never played each other. Now, there are a few reasons that this is significant! Delaware State is a historically Black college and UD is what one will call a “majority” school. Now, why these teams have never played is a MYSTERY. Some charge pure racism (Click here to read an ESPN story on the race allegations) and others say that Del State isn’t big enough…Anyway, on Friday, they play for the first time EVER!

The whole DE is crazy over this game. AHH’s founders Grouchy Greg and Jigsaw are going to be there, I heard. Now, that means AllHipHop is in the building. Who are they rooting for? I will never tell. Will I be there? If I can score some tickets, YES…if not, no. I guess that’s it! Here are some rumors.


I heard Timbaland and his fiancée had a baby girl within the last day or so. I heard her name is Reign. Tim is already getting her ready! PROPS!

Dr. Jan Adams was supposed to be on Larry King, but he ended up walking off the set. Click here for the transcript.

Ghostface has recorded his parts for the upcoming “Ironman” movie, which stars Robert Downey Jr.

JD goes spazzola at iTunes and Apple! I’m just going to send you over there! Click here to read the rant.

Rumor has is, OutKast is hard at work on their new CD. Check out that Andre 3000 song we all like even though the quality sucks!

Fat Joe was seen wearing an “Official G-Unot Day” T-Shirt. Apparently, the day is November 14th or something. This is not a rumor.

Whitney Houston is BACK. She is coming back at the Live & Loud Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 1st. I wouldn’t think she’d go that far to come back.

Check out a new song called “Lets Go” by Nas. It’s OK. I am definitely not blown away. I need more if I’m gong to buy an album called “N-Word.”

Do you want to see an ENTIRE JAY-Z SHOW? Click here to see it – like 90 minutes of concert! WOW.

There is increased evidence that Ras Kass is actually in jail and not in a Miami studio for the next six months.

Big Meech plead guilty, but he won’t be “snitching.” They are saying that his arrested and sentence didn’t include a “cooperation agreement.” His life sentence can go as low as 20 years now. Meech is 39.

Alicia Keys enters the Billboard Charts at No.1, moving a mighty 742,000 copies of As I Am.

It appears that 50 Cent and Ciara will be spending T-Day together overseas. 50 Cent has denied that he’s dating Ciara, but Ciara

has people that refute it. They are dating, according to a rep for the


Did any of you see the footage from Kanye’s mother’s funeral? She was taken to her burial ground in a horse-draw carriage. I heard there were a number of performances and appearances. Even Common performed with John Legend. I saw Kanye West smiling, not to say he is happy, but to say he is coping well enough.

I guess Danity Kane is now recording a new reality show? I mean, I am totally clueless to this babes. I know one of them is White and was getting crazy close to Nick Cannon’s bodyguard and another was pregnant. I don’t know!! Apparently there have been cameras and a crew following her around.

Twista is tu gearing up for his 5th Annual Celebrity Weekend, a annual two-day event that coincides with the rapper’s birthday.

Shout out to Twista – he’s 34! and Fabolous! He’s 30.


Check it. F**k “The Man” and whoever else make Mike Tyson wear pink in jail. You know what “The Man” does to you? He will take the strongest one of you and break him down to the very last compound. PINK? As a condition of a DUI arrest, they make “Iron” Mike wear pink underwear, pink sock and even painted his handcuffs pink to further embarrass the champ. In my opinion, Mike should have declined that part of the deal and did more time to keep what dignity he has left. Here are a couple pictures.


“Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere and Ne-Yo are supposedly really close “friends.” Rumors say they left a NYC club together on Monday. Take that, R. Kelly!


I have a soft spot in my militant heart for stuff like Charlie Brown. Check out “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” Parts 1, 2 and 3.


I can’t lie. I never heard of dude and I’m not familiar with the Missouori scene. No disrespect, but respect this rumor if it should be respected:

Missouri DJ/Rapper Dayton Kain was arrested Thursday night in Warrensburg, MO for a DWI. Dayton Kain was taken into custody and held for about an hour before being released. This marks the 3rd time that Dayton Kain has been arrested for a DWI, which means that this could possibly lead to jail time. Dayton Kain was on his way to the grand opening of the KC Playhouse, where he was supposed to be a surprise DJ for the last hour of the night.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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