Hip-Hop Rumors: The G-Dep Movie Coming Soon?


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On to the rumors.

The story of G-Dep has captivated people for quite some time. Well, I guess I can tell you the latest rumors around the man with the most conscience of any rapper ever. And even though that moral code landed him in jail for what could be the rest of his life, G-Dep is looking up in his life and times. The rapper has gotten a seemingly everlasting stream of press, which has lead to other opportunities!

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The latest is a movie that I am hearing is being developed about the rapper. As you know, he was one of Diddy’s bad boys. But, he’s also struggled with addiction and then there is that accidental murder. The voices in his head would not let him walk away from the shooting and it seems that somebody in film or TV is intrigued. Now, a while ago, I heard this same rumor but it was an indie film maker. What I am hearing now is a bigger look. Hope it works out. That man has kids and a wife.

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