Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game & Nas? 8 Minutes of Fury?

THE GAME AND NAS – 8 MINUTES OF FURY The Game is one of my favorites. I don’t get into all the lil’ beefs and such; I’m just into the music like Nas. Now, with that said, I heard a rumor so sweet I have brush off the plaque after saying it! On Game’s album, […]


The Game is one of my favorites. I don’t get into all the lil’ beefs and such; I’m just into the music like Nas. Now, with that said, I heard a rumor so sweet I have brush off the plaque after saying it! On Game’s album, there is 8-minute collaboration with Nasir Jones. That’s right, Nas isn’t thinking about politics right now. So, the song in question is apparently produced by none other than my boy Just Blaze. I heard the beat is hard and the rhymes are "choice." (to quote from the old school classic ‘Ferris Buellers Day Off.”)

Speaking of Nas, I have been informed that Nas had the illest party in about 10 years last night. Well, it was Nas’ party, but props go out to Kelis who surprised him. Click here for the full story and to see who was there.


I heard from my boy that Young B from the crazy dance/song "Chicken Noodle Soup" is now dating R&B teen sensation Chris Brown. I don’t know if this is factual and actual, but it’s certainly a weird combination. No hate and no further information so I probably should have put this one in the "Quickies." It has been so long since I heard about B2K that I thought a lil’ fizz was a half opened soda can. But, as rumor would have it, Lil’ Fizz formerly of B2K is having a war of words with Bow Wow. Over what, you ask? I heard that Fizz and Bow Wow are verbally battling each other over Ciara. Now, I have never heard of anything going on between Fizzroid and Ciara, but we all know that she broke up with Shad. I’ll have more on this but, in my opinion, they should just fight and let Gary Coleman referee.


Now, I have to report a pair of rumors that create monumental sadness for me. I told you about one divorce that’s on the horizon. Well, now I am hearing that there is a second one around the bend. I don’t promote that, so I won’t name names. I will tell you that these divorces both consist of a pair of R&B singers who have married men that are mostly out of the music game. One has had quite a successful year and appears to have a very fruitful and beautiful marriage. The other singer’s relationship has been under the radar like a plane headed towards the WTC. I guess we’ll see, right?


Like the Whit & Bobby divorce, we saw this one coming a mile – no – two years ago! Hahaha! Did Jay-Z confirm his return to Entertainment Weekly? Well, here is what he said to the magazine: "It was the worst retirement, maybe, in history. I believed it for two years." They also say that the album will be called Kingdom Come and will feature Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Kanye West and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.  Jay could have given that “newsflash” to VIBE or, just as good, AllHipHop! Oh but his tour is in full effect. He’s over in Europe as we speak; I saw pics of him in Russia. Red Dawn, it wasn’t!

My operatives are telling me what’s poppin! Tell them, Matus!

"I’m sending you another pic of that November 21 announcement regarding Jay’s album. Hova was here in Slovakia, Europe on Sunday, and he brought the house down. We may be a bit further away from the Big Apple, but we too know how to throw our diamonds in the sky. Can I get an encore? 🙂 Take care, your reader, Matus


I went out and copped the VIBE issue and got the real deal. First, I read up on Free and AJ; nice interview. Also, I questioned some people when I didn’t see Christina Aguilera in it. Apparently, VIBE had some issues with the writer of said article and it’s going to be in an upcoming issue. I really like what Chrissy is doing, especially now that she’s messing with Preemo. Chrissy just wants her cover. Whether or not she gets it remains to be seen. Go get that magazine!

Oh yea, VIBE has a new publication called V-STYLE, a fashion mag geared towards men. T.I. graces the first cover.


I read your part of Allhiphop all the time. I know you catch it for what you write, or you get some dirt. Today you did Tupac better then even his greatest fans. You showed the other side of a very complex man. I do believe that he would have come full circle. Many people were afraid of him because they sensed his power. He might (a strong might) have united a lot of races in fighting for human rights. But from what you showed, I am telling you nothing you don’t know or may understand. So mad respect goes to you, like you told Lupe, "Your back is got."

Peace, Ad-lib


I heard that Jay-Z might release some sort of DVD/movie component with his upcoming album. I just don’t know exactly what it will contain. We’ll see in due time, I guess.

Travis Barker and Paris Hilton? Just a question.

If you have been under a rock or in a Iranian jail, Whitney and Bobby have broken up. Click here for that report. I think Bin Laden is about to get BUSY, with a capital "B." What DJ Gone turn down a WMD? What!

Suge Knight has been seen working out with a personal trainer, trying to shed some of the pounds. Hey, so is my boy Will Ferrell – I’m next.

In an interview with Kay Slay, Young Buck addressed some things about a few people. "I seen that s**t go on. I ain’t gonna f***kin’ lie. Hey, man hey. That’s some gay a** s**t. To each his own," said Young Buck. "I can co-sign BG…Juvy, he stay far from that s**t. Lil’ Wayne, that’s my n***a, but s**t. I got love for n***as, but I don’t got nothing but the truth! I ain’t throwing nobody under no bus. It was what it was." Turk’s name came up in there, but he’s in jail. Leave him be. [Note: there was no disrespect here, it was just dude telling it like it was in his eyes. So, if you hurry, you can download the audio here, compliments of my boy Leroy.]


Today is a little different for the Ill Video. For some of you, this is old school, but it is actually rather new. J-Kwon’s "Hood-Hop." The game is cruel! I hope this kid can come back! The drums on this had me doing "The Wop." That’s right – not the "Chicken Noodle Soup" – but "The Wop."


Some rumors and some crap! Read yesterday’s rumors by illseed and consider it a re-run!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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