Hip-Hop Rumors: The Return of Murda Mase? Plus Illseed Quickies!


This may come as no surprise to some of you, but to me its a shocker. A source close to Mase has informed me that the good Minister is more or less not really a minister at all. OK, sure…this falls into the “We know that category,” but it still amazes me a bit. The source basically said Mase is just a preacher, because he wasn’t able to endure the pressure in the aftermath of Biggie dying. The death threats were crazy for him at the time and he just need a way out that would also act as protection! I guess it worked, because those that were allegedly going to kill him didn’t kill him as a man of God. Also, I am hearing that Mase may actually return to his roots of Murder Mase to really get his core fans back with him. Is this possible, all things considered?


OOPS! Toccara, the Next Top Thick Model, from yesterday is going to need to check a young singer! There is a new girl with the same name that is a singer! Neither one of these chicks uses a last name! Its too confusing. I need somebody to create a distinction. Read the rumor from yesterday.

Moving on to more fodder…

Mother Kris Jenner commented on Kanye West and daughter Kim Kardashian today. She tried to make it seem like they were just cool, not madly in love. “He’s been a family friend for a long time. When your kids are happy, you’re happy. Kim is just hanging out with friends. Nothing crazy is going on. They are good with timing.” She also allude to the show promotion as it has been established that Kanye is going to be on the show. Personally, I think this is a bad move for Kanye. I don’t even care what I think. Why would he?

There is a rumor that “The Incredible Hulk” may be returning to the TV. ABC is considering a return to the green in the fall of 2013 or 2014 with the Hulk smashing every week. Obviously, the success of the Avengers has helped this, because they were talking about it before. [Read: ““The Avengers” Crosses $1 Billion At Global Box Office; Development On “The Avengers 2″ Begins” ] The original Hulk TV show ran in the late 70s to early 80’s. I wonder how they will afford the massive costs to produce a modern day Hulk. This ain’t a man with a lot of green paint anymore. LOL!

Hearing rumors that Terrance J and Rocsi may be getting let go from “106 & Park.” Well, maybe we saw this in motion. Terrence is an acting sensation now. Rocsi is in the White House mix, a new DJ and a radio host. Hmmm…I don’t know if they will be gone soon, but they look like they are set for the future.
freeway lil mama move
People are hilarious for calling Freeway the new Lil Mama! Its funny, but not exactly true since Jay shouted him out at the event.

Tyrese is going to be playing Teddy Pendergrass in a movie about the great singers life. I wonder if they will delve into the transsexual controversy or the rumors that he was tapping Julius “Dr. J.” Erving’s ex-wife.

On that last note, I am going to adopt a White baby from Switzerland since nobody will let me impregnate them. Good day and I’ll be back with more rumors later.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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