Hip-Hop Rumors: Trey Songz Beats Dude Up? B2K Part 2? Feds At Pimp C’s Funeral?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz-B goes “in” on Christ Stokes; accuses him of being a molester. Chris Stokes Responds To Raz-B’s Pedophilia Claims TODAY’S RUMORS! TREY SONGZ THE […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz-B goes “in” on Christ Stokes; accuses him of being a molester. Chris Stokes Responds To Raz-B’s Pedophilia Claims



I cannot verify this rumor to the fullest, but somebody in the game wanted to pass this on after seeing the situation so here it is.

So last week trey songz was @ club ultra to perform last wednesday. Me and my dude Maxx Major was spinning for most of the night. I hosted the majority of the night and my dude Krazee Rae djed the performances. Anyway. Trey gets on stage and gets into his thing, when some white dude starts throwin ice @ trey. Trey had Rae cut the music and jumps into the audience and attacks dude. They beat the dude down. Took his jewels, chains, and grills. The dudes mouth got bloodied up. Then Trey comes back in and finished the night. OH! AND they took the dudes pants and he was walking around outside in just his boxers all bloody. Its f***ed up to have to tell n##### u got beat down by an r&b dude.

I would like to say that this is all speculation and rumor fodder. Nothing has been confirmed (or denied). With that said, here is the video of the ordeal. Trey jumped in the crowd like Wolverine! In the vid, they compare him to Superman, but I digress.


Here is another angle. Trey a wild boy! He says sorry to the ladies for that dude breaking up the flow of his show.


I can’t believe it has been a year since James Brown passed away. On December 22 history was made as Bootsy Collins hosted a James Brown Tribute Concert in Covington, KY. Bootsy lined up comic Michael Coylar, Chuck D, Afrika Bambaatta, Lil Boosie, James Browns most recent back up band the Soul General, the JB’s, Mr. Browns MC Danny Ray, The Funky Drummers, Phunkbase, and Buckethead. The venue was very small and cramped, and the scene was not hollywood at all. Jeremy told me that Bootsy is from Cincinnati and held the event in town because King Records, where Mr. Brown recorded most of his music was in Cincinnati. Shout out to all that went.

Suddenly, I want to be older…being young isn’t so cool to me right now. I don’t know. See below for Chuck D’s James Brown tribute. This chick on youtube has all the festivities online. I wish I was there. RIP to The KING.


Rumor has it the Federal Government took the liberty to attend Pimp C’s funeral. They even took pictures to record the moment. How ill is that? They care. Nobody actually knows if the Feds were there or if they were some other outfit like the local undercover. They were there though and they were a-snappin’ pictures all through the day. From what I have been told, the Feds/coppers were in trucks and cars (some plain clothes, some in police cars) and took pictures of anybody attending the funeral of Pimp C. You know what it is, as said by T.I.


Janet Jackson has already started her new video for “Feedback.” I understand it is going to have a dark, futuristic vibe.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian spet the X-Mas holiday together shopping and having fun. Not even a rumor, b. Looks like she is rubbing it in the “sista’s face.”

Amy Winehouse’s hubby tested positive for heroin even though he has been jailed since November.

Kelly Rowland has reportedly signed a five-figure deal to write a book to make female teenagers feel better about being a female teenager.


Mary J. Blige on why she didn’t get to record “Umbrella” (rwdmag.com):

“I didn’t decide not to record Umbrella, it’s just that I was busy; there was the Grammy’s and all this other stuff going on. In the midst of all this, there was a bidding war and Rihanna won. But she did a phenomenal job. It was supposed to be her record, she got it and she nailed it. It was hot, very hot.”

The Kidz In The Hall (Naledge and Double-O) on why Obama is the man for America (AllHipHop):

AllHip-hop.com: Do you think America is ready to have a black president?

Naledge: This country is ready for change in general. Obama represents a new generation of liberal Americans who share the same values and morals regardless of race and class, and want better for themselves and their families. He represents the future of politics in this a Hip-Hop America. Simply put, he is the best candidate and that has nothing to do with his race or ethnicity.

J.Holiday on what he does in his spare time (AllHipHop):

AHHA: What do you like to do when you find some free time?

J. Holiday: Just sit down, watch T.V. and enjoy life. Just sit down and take everything in and enjoy it.

NICE! J.Holiday knows the secrets of life.


I didn’t watch this one, but people seem genuinely interested in this B2K stuff so check out part 3 of the reality series with Raz-B and the rest of the 2K.


There have been a lot of talk about Chris Stokes and the B2K molestation allegations. Well, there are rumors that former Immature member Quindon is about to step up to the mic and let it be known… I don’t know for sure, but the rumor is he has already revealed what happened in church and “testified.” I heard he even said that Chris Stokes used to make them play sex games. Quindon has very little to gain but revealing these things in a holy sanctuary before these allegations even bubbled to the top. Stokes has denied the charges levied against him, but the court of public opinion is worse that the legal court. Ask O.J. about that one. Anyway, the person that told me this went to high school with Quindon and said that he saw Stokes as a father figure. Well…this is a developing story…its not over.


I truly cannot believe it has been 10 years since this came out. This was a GREAT video. If it showed up today, BET would put it on at…no, they wouldn’t put it on at all.


How elated would you feel if you were in need of a liver? HYPE, right? Now, imagine how far down your heart would sink if the decision to give you a liver was reversed. Read this crazy story and read the letter below from a friend of the person that was denied that liver after being told it was a GO. Oh, the young lady died.

Dear, illseed

As a young African American male I write this email looking for a call to action. Recently a friend of mine Nataline Sarkisyan was denied a liver transplant by a Philadelphia based insurance company CIGNA. When the company did in fact reverse their decision, it was too late and this world lost an angel. Here in California we are currently unable to protest and rally outside their company, but have picketed their local branches. It is senseless for corporate America to continue their assault on middle class citizens. Please, sir, bring justice to the family of Nataline and her wrongful death. Anything you can do will help, we here in California look forward to your response and want to thank you for any action you can take. Please aid us in our efforts to bring attention to the life of Nataline, and more importantly we want to shed light on CIGNA, and their practice. Happy holidays and God bless.


A concerned activist


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