Hip-Hop Rumors: Trouble With Kanye And Kim?


The rumors are swirling around Kim and Kanye. There is alleged trouble on the horizon. I don’t know a lot about Kim K, but it seems like she dated one of the Jacksons named TJ Jackson. This young man was her first. TJ is the son of Tito Jackson, the bass player for the Jackson Five. Well, with all the drama surrounding the Jackson fam, is seems that Kim reached out to offer her support. No bueno. The National Enquirer, which is surprisingly on point these days, says KANYE WENT OFF. Here is what they said.
Now here’s Kicker No. 2: Kim phoned old friend/teen-throb TJ, now a married father of three, to tell him she’d help out any way she could with his “new kids” – but that touched off the hair-trigger temper of Special K’s thug/lover KANYE WEST, who fears his big-bootied cutie might rekindle the flames of hot teen love!

Revealed a close friend: “Kanye’s boiling! He told Kim to stay a million miles away from that crazy family, and not to get caught up in their drama – because he won’t stand for it! But his reaction’s made Kim apprehensive. Friends think that more and more, she sees that Kanye wants her at his constant beck and call – because he wants to shrink her life outside of their relationship!”

I don’t know how close they are to getting married, but Kim and Kris marriage will not be settled until next year so any hopes of KimYe tying the knock are going to be held off. They said Kim has already paid $250k to her lawyers already. Now, that s**t CRAY!

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