Hip-Hop Rumors: Two Of The Best Rappers EVER Are Beefing!!!


Damn. You know old head legends don’t do beef the way the young boys do. Young dudes will hop right on twitter and air their best friend of 6 months! LOL! That’s the funniest stuff ever. And then like a week later, make up. Old school dudes ain’t like that. They beef quietly and, in most instances, for a long TIME. On the other side, some of them come up together and later in life they start beefing. This is what this one is. I apologize for not being able to disclose who they are, but I can pass some hints. These two dudes are two of the best ever. They emerged in the late 80’s and moved into the 90’s. But somewhere in there and I am not sure, friction ensued. Now they have done a couple of shows in the past years (I think exactly two) and there was friction at both. According to my sources, one of them accused the other of being a prima donna and the other seems to have lost respect for their former friend. They still work together in this limited capacity. The weird thing is friends have attempted to get them in a room to talk man to man and they won’t do it. So they continue to make people around them uncomfortable, but stopping short of real beef. There is just awkwardness. At any rate, there is certainly possible that they could get it together but I don’t think so.


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