Hip-Hop Rumors: Tyler The Creator And Frank Ocean Fought?


Some Quickies!

Did Tyler and Frank Ocean Fight Once?

This is funny. It was sent to me from a message board. But, rumor has it that once upon a time, Frank Ocean and Tyler The Creator didn’t get along so well. So, what did they do? LOL! I heard that Frank Ocean literally threw S**T on Tyler once! That’s CRAZY! But, on a more somber side, I heard Frank Ocean tried to kill himself once and that it brought him and Tyler to a more agreeable place as friends.

50 Cent’s Loving Frank Ocean!

Recently, in the not so distant future, 50 Cent was seemingly against everything that was…”soft.” Jay-Z too, but I’m thinking skinny jeans. Anyway, back to 50. Recently, 50 Cent has expressed glowing praise for Frank Ocean. It struck me as odd. ”Anyone that has an issue with Frank Ocean is an idiot,” 50 Cent told MTV UK. Well, 50 Cent also has expressed interest in working with Frank and Alicia Keys. If you can’t beat ’em…do a song with ’em! In related news, 50 Cent has a new song coming with Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre. So, he got part of his wish.

Nas is looking for “Daughters” remix with Eminem and Jay-Z!

Nas apparently wanted Jay-Z and Eminem on a remix of “Daughters.” The odd thing is he wanted AZ on it too, but AZ declined to be on it. Can AZ afford to be doing that?

Nas: One of the only other rappers I thought about was AZ. And I wanted Eminem for a remix for “Daughters,” but he had already expressed that he’s spoken so much about his daughter throughout his career that he had done that subject too much. And me and Jay-Z talked about doing some things, but our schedules were so crazy.
I didn’t hear not one of those AZ songs!

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