Hip-Hop Rumors: Was It A Stunt? Slim Thug & His Lotions! The Twitter Follies!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE I am happy to see Kanye West get up on the Jay Leno show and let himself open up. BUT… WAS IT ALL JUST […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I am happy to see Kanye West get up on the Jay Leno show and let himself open up. BUT…


Now, we see Kanye West looking all-sympathetic after being a monster. Jay Leno gets him to almost cry at the mere mention of his mother and a huge ratings boost. AND, Taylor Swift is redeemed. Sales go up. Beyonce looks like a saint, mo’ money! Now, here is what somebody emailed me. I didn’t edit this at all.

My now ex-boyfriend is a producer over at MTV and he told me that they were going to create another spoof for this next award show. Movie awards was Eminem and Bruno, this time…Kanye and Taylor Swift.

Let’s dissect the VMA:

1. Kanye did this at the beginning of the show during the first award nomination. MTV planned this to keep us glued to their network.

2. Right after the incident Rhapsody aired a commercial stating,”we listen to jay z, we listen to Pink but right now is Taylor’s moment.”

3. There are 3 winners at the VMA…Beyonce, T.Swift and Kanye.

Kanye is gaining so much publicity(bad publicity is good publicity) from this stunt. His fans doesn’t care if he dissed a country singer, they will still buy his next album.

4. Beyonce saves the day and dedicates her award to the young singer. You think B really cares about a VMA at this point in her career…NO.

5.Taylors album sales will get a significant boost because people feel sorry for her.

6.If MTV really was embarrassed by the stunt, they would not have re-aired it on the rerun episode of the awards or posted it on their website.

I feel that this information is necessary because we can’t allow the media to blind us and think we are stupid. And the sad thing is they are using our talented Hip Hop artists to do the dirty work. Corporations such as Viacom(own MTV, BET,VH1,Comedy Central-Dave Chapelle show) are exploiting our people and our music. Its sad that Kanye cosigned to do this spoof and he should apologize to Hip Hop not just Taylor. All MTV cares about is “Advertisment Dollars.”


LOL! They are saying that Taylor Swift’s mother requested a meeting with Kanye West so she could cuss him out. LOL! Kanye sort of confirmed this, but didn’t say she tore him up verbally. People magazine reported that Kanye somehow made things worse until he appeared on Leno tonight and then also issued a more formal apology today.

“I feel like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave. That was Taylor’s moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her. I am truly sorry.”

That’s that, I guess. They also say that Matthew Knowles is actually the person that commandeered that Beyonce give up her momemnt later in the show so Swifty could get her moment in.DID JAY AND BEYONCE HAVE A GREAT FIGHT OVER KANYE?Not sure how real or true this is,  but I am going to say it anyway. MediaTakeOut has reported that Kanye’s bumrush of Taylor Swift resulted in a huge fight between Jay and Beyonce. Now, an unnamed insider said that MTV wanted Kanye to come back  up there and say sorry in front of everybody in the room. Kanye refused to do that and opted to leave instead. Jay didn’t like the way MTV did his homey ‘Ye and then when Beyonce later got on the stage and rocked with Swifty, Jay saw it as siding with the other side. Jay ended up hanging out with Rihanna after dismissing B for the rest of the evening. I don’t know if this is true, but I do know that RiRi and Jay were photographed hanging out. RiRi didn’t go to the awards so perhaps this is true? I don’t know…its all speculation.



Some folks are crying foul suggesting that there were a lot of subliminal messages being tossed out there in at the awards. There were all sorts of lil signs being thrown out there. Then there was Lady GaGa’s crazy ass get ups and messages. Then there was Jack Black’s nutso devil worship session that people actually started to PRAY TO THE DEVIL! What the HELL!? No pun intended, but that was a bit much. There were other lil’ things, but I would rather not say.


You know a man hitting a woman is not cool! Well, when Brisco hit Jacki O out in Cali on the set of a Lil Wayne video, all hell broke loose. And, Jacki seemed personally hurt that he would do such a thing. Well it seems like the two have made up and let bygones be bygones. Apparently, Jacki has a new song called “MIA” and Brisky is all up on the song. You know, she is not Rihanna and he is not Breezy….just make it happen.


I swear, they should have never gave you people…that’s right YOU PEOPLE internet! Take it how you want to take it! Anyway, here is the latest degradation of society to befall us. The alleged PIMP of former actress Maia Campbell has hit the internet. I woul think he would get under a rock. Instead he takes to the net. After a while, I realize that this video is old so I am not going to put it up. Plus, the pimp said he is not a pimp and also said that he didn’t know he was talking to Maia Campbell. SMH. I’m finished.


Slim Thug is more entertaining that a Black circus. Check out his twitters and see why he needs to put the damn lotion down and log off!!

I am not sure if Dizzie Rascal said this on Twitter, but I am gonna pretend he did. I KNOW he wouldn’t say it aloud.

“I’m going to be big like Michael Jackson.”

Will.I.Am was not happy that the Black Eyed Peas didn’t win anything even though they shattered sales records with their new album. On Twitter, he said the following:

“How is it that we’ve been #1 for 23 weeks and BEP gets no nominations. What is the MTV awards if the don’t “play” videos or recognize sizzle?”

A reporter for ABC news with more than 1 million Twitter followers decided to say the following in an “off the record” part of an interview with Obama:

“Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a “jackass” for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT’S presidential.” Read the full story HERE.

Is this Joe Budden’s ex or some fake? What’s her issue with Tequila…that girl…read up.


Word on the street is former Roc-a-fella affiliate Geda K is in talks with 50 Cent about possibly joining G-Unit as a solo artist.

50 Cent recently, according to rumor, that he WISHES Kanye had the nerve to run up on him like he did Taylor Swift. He said he would be swift to punch him in the eye.

Rumor has it that Michael Jackson’s son Blanket cries himself to sleep every night, grieving over his daddy.

Donald Trump has reportedly called for a boycott of everything that Kanye West does! Joe Jackson also called for such actions of Ye.

Illseed has started the boycott of Lil Mama, because she has to be very left out…lol…just kidding…

Whitney Houston has formally lied, I mean, denied to Oprah that she ever hit the pipe.

Internal investigations are close to levying charges against a pair of female officiers that sold the picture of Rihanna’s beat up face to TMZ.


I have to call it how I see it. Rodney King has finally gotten his revenge back. The poster man for police brutality was involved in a boxing match last Friday, where he was in a boxing match fighting a cop. Well, he beat that cops tail in the ring! Ol’ Rodney won the match by unanimous decision over former Pennsylvania police officer Simon Aouad. It all when down as the Philadelphia Airport Ramada on Friday. He won $5,000. He should join with Coolio and do the “King and Coolio Revue.” Then they can get a cool 8 STACKS and chicken. Nevertheless, Rodney finally got to beat down a cop and not get beat down.


I saw this at the show and just died laughing. Check out this fail. I know MJ got a lil’ chuckle in heaven.


Is Lil Romeo getting air-brushed tats? Lets hope not. Rappers should get real tats that they regret later in life. Good to see P keeping his boy straight in this world. Forget rapping, go to school.


Ciara too…fashion week brings the best out in the ladies.


As with all of my assistants, we are here to serve the people! Lets keep each other honest here and offer positive feedback! Here is CHANCE! Now, i am still looking for a female so lets keep it going!


I’ll make this brief and get to the Rumors. HELLO, my name is Chance I am a rapper from Yonkers, NY, Co-founder of Crack Distributors and now ILLSEED’s newest assistant. YES!!!!! I want to thank Illseed for the opportunity to help him out as I’ve been coming here religiously for years and I want to thank all the readers that voted for me I PROMISE I WON‘T LET YOU DOWN. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter (my addiction) @ChanceCDR or e-mail Chancecdr@gmail.com

if you have any comments, wanna shoot me your music (I like dope music)

or just wanna chat.  Now that that’s out of the way on to the good


BROS BEFORE HOESI thought the whole Kanye thing was a joke at first until the awkward moment after and the look of bewilderment on Miss. Swifts face.  Well the MTV execs were not playing around and they demanded Kanye apologize, when he refused he was escorted from the building.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  Apparently Jigga wasn’t feeling the way MTV treated his little brother and was very upset with the network.  Fast forward Beyonce, a class act, brings Taylor out to finish her speech.  Rumor has it Jay was not happy Bey publicly sided with MTV and even left Radio City Music Hall without his significant other; he opted to spend the rest of the night partying with RiRi.

Remember the good times:


hearing that Rihanna was scheduled to perform at the VMA’s but her

segment got cut at the last minute.  Since she wasn’t nominated for

anything Ri Ri decided to skip the awards … but as usual when it was

time to party she was ready.  She arrived at Jay-Z’s after party at the

40/40 Club a little after midnight accompanied by Hov (without Mrs.

Carter) and her Rehab co-star Justin Timberlake.  Justin and Rihanna

were spotted getting pretty hot and heavy in a hallway at the club. 

However, it doesn’t look like there was a night-cap since they left in separate vehicles and Justin was later spotted partying with Diddy.


must admit I’m not a big Raekwon fan I was a little too young to f**k

with the Wu when they were in full force and I wasn’t super excited

about OB4CL2.  However, I did BUY a copy (it’s 10 bucks people) and

this album is DOPE!!!!!  A little too much for me but still dope. 

Anyway I’m hoping when the numbers come out tomorrow Raekwon does his

thing but in the meantime here’s a little info you may not know.

About a month or so back my CDR family and I went to Noisemakers

with Raekwon hosted by Peter Rosenberg (Shouts to Mic Sean).  I didn’t get to see the whole interview since we left out early

to hit S.O.B’s but I did learn some interesting stuff:

-When Wu Tang signed their first deal with Loud Records they

received a $60,000 advance … after taxes, lawyers, managers, and

splitting the money  they each went home with about $500 for the 36

Chambers album…SMH that would have covered my weed habit for about 2


– Rae said the group always considered Method Man to be the “Michael

Jackson” of the Wu  … Guess they were right since Meth would become the

first to break out on his own when he signed to Def Jam

Q-Tip, who was shouting from the VIP, recalled how hard he tried to get

Rae under the Universal umbrella when it was time for him to go solo …

but Rae ultimately signed with Steve Rifkind

– After running out of condoms in Hawaii Old Dirty Bastard strapped up the only way fitting for someone with a name like  … using Saran Wrap … I thought he liked it raw???



Mama knew she was dead wrong for that … Right after the VMA’s fiasco

Mickey Factz hit her with an “LOL” text and she replied “He’s gonna

kill me”.

My homey overheard O.G. Juan, Jay-Z’s friend and business partner,

cracking up over the fiasco and saying some of Jay’s security team was

gonna get the boot.


Jackson is doing his thing … showed up to the VMA’s with a grade-A

redbone … and I hear he walked into the 40/40 with one on each arm.

Did you peep Kanye and Jay performing “Good Life” at MSG feat none other than

… well you know … Who was hoping he came out???  Just me???  Oh yea

and didnt Mary [yonkers baby] perform her single The One … doesnt she use auto-tune on that???

This year has been crazy we lost a lot of icons … RIP Patrick Swayze


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