Hip-Hop Rumors: Wayne And Juelz’s New CD! T-Boz in Foreclosure? Alicia Key’s X-Mas Gift!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! MY TWO CENTS So, the year is winding down. I am getting focused on taking things in a new, bold direction for the year 2009. “How […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



So, the year is winding down. I am getting focused on taking things in a new, bold direction for the year 2009. “How do you plan that, illseed?” you may ask. First of all, I am going to cultivate illseed.com into something that you want to see in addition to AllHipHop.com. So, I am looking for people that want to contribute to the site (writers, graphic, weirdoes, analysts and anybody that can see through the fog). Anybody that is down with that hit me up at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.

Aside from that, I am looking for a new make-believe girl. I know everybody thought I was going to get Kelly Rowland in 2008, but things just didn’t work out. So, I am going to keep it moving. So, hit me up and let me know who you think I need to try to woo on the rumor page. I’m going to get somebody in 09!

OK, that’s about it for now. ON TO THE RUMORS. See something? Say something! at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com


A friend of mine was driving home from work, and was pulling off of Queens Bridge on to 34th street. Suddenly – he tells me – an SUV swerves in front of him and comes within inches of clipping his right bumper. Then the car allegedly stops in the middle of the street preventing him from pulling forward. Out of the passenger seat jumps Tony Touch. Now, Tony wasn’t driving during this alleged incident. My friend said that the dag-on thing didn’t even faze Tony! Tony’s friend stopped the whip in the middle of the street so that he could run into a bodega across the street. I might add, the driver was a female and she was extremely pretty.


Mariah Carey may really be pregnant! She had ended a tour, allegedly to get ready for the baby to come home. Her and Janet, I’ll tell ya! Shout out to Nick Cannon. Here is what the NY Daily News is saying, “Costume designers and dancers were all called Wednesday and told the tour is off…Most were hysterically crying because they were relying on her for a paycheck this holiday season.” Damn, Mariah is paying for people’s holidays! THAT PART SUCKS!


Apparently Alicia Keys is buying Louis Vuitton bags for all of her friends for Christmas. Yeah, I heard this was the rumor. Now I don’t know if this is a part of some bigger promotion or something but, I did hear she hosted some sort of dinner a few weeks ago. This wasn’t just any dinner. This was a private party dinner at Louis Vuitton. I guess the store in the city? I don’t know. Anyway, I heard Diddy and Mr. Beatz were both there.


Keyshia Cole’s mother was interviewed. I just don’t get why she kept saying, “Man down!”


I am hearing that Juelz and Lil Wayne have finished their album together. Can’t feel my face, AYE!


Diddy is going to bless us with a new CD and here is T-Pain…right there in the camera getting stressed out.


I got this letter and I wanted to pass it along:

On Tuesday I attended the Kid Cudi, Wale, Mark Ronson show @ the Highline Ballroom in NYC. The Show was off the hook, Kid did a few songs then brought out Jim Jones for the Day n Night remix. Mark Ronson Dj’d a short but dope 90’s hip hop set. Wale Hit the stage with his band UCB who killed it as usual. If you’ve never seen the kid Wale preform live i suggest you go peep that he doesn’t even have an album out yet and he rock’d for over an hour. Wale Brought out Pusha T from the Clipse to perform “back in the go go”, Freeway was in the building & preformed “What we do” the crowd went crazy!!!. Chrisette Michelle was also there to preform “Rising Up” with Wale. Most people didn’t see them cause they left 10 minutes before it ended and where on the low surrounded by security but Jay z was in the Building with Leonardo DiCaprio who seemed to be enjoyin Wale’s set.

The Show was Bananas


I wasn’t going to post this, because I have never watched that show, but people seem interested. I got quite a few emails on it. So here is the full exposure of NeNe.


Man, that damn jail in Arizona is going to make him wear pink like they did with Mike Tyson. That sucks!


People have begun to say that the beef between Soulja Boy is simply to get us talking about Charles Hamilton. Seems like it’s working.

Ya’ll know…I don’t play with the N-word, but when Santa uses it, it’s the funniest thing ever. Click here for the funny!

Gotd@mn! T-Boz of TLC fame has been hit by the recession as her home in Atlanta is being foreclosed on.

If Mariah is really pregnant,congrats to her and Nick.

I heard Free does the rumor section every morning on Power 105 fm in NYC. Shout me out Free…I heard you’re an illseed reader!

50 Cent is now coming out February 14th of next year. It’s the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre all over again.

The word on the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark is that Akon has signed the Danish producer Troo.L.S to his Konvict Muzik label. Dude did some work on A’s current CD.

Meagan Good and her man NFL player Thomas Jones have apparently broken up. She has opted to find a thin, light skinned dude instead, I hear.

Another rumor is that Kanye West will be performing at the Obama inaugural.


CNN talking about Obama’s 79% approval rating being so high:

“That’s the sort of rating you see when the public rallies around a leader after a national disaster. To many Americans, the Bush administration was a national disaster.”

Blondes might not be stupid but…hmmm…Paris as proof?:

“I’m very intelligent. I’m capable of doing everything put to me. I’ve launched a perfume and want my own hotel chain. I’m living proof blondes are not stupid.”

Diddy told Jay-L (Jay Leno) all about his fear of feet and toes:

“I somehow get to see the toe on the first date – it’s mandatory. I may not go for a kiss, but I’m definitely going to see if that second toe is long.”


Some things don’t change. I told you about NYPD sodomizing a man in the Big Apple. Now, we get another case in Philly. Sgt. Chauncey Ellison has a 14-year-old son that was robbed of a pizza and assaulted with a punch to the face. Ellison shot his police-issued Glock and hit 20-year-old Lawrence Allen in the back. Allen is paralyzed and fighting for his life in the hospital. Well, Allen didn’t do the damn punching or stealing of the damn pizza! Ellison, instead of sending his son to FIGHT like my dad did, he went to do the fighting. This grown-a$$ police stepped to a 16-year-old named “Meaty.” Meaty wasn’t trying to fight this dude so he ran! Meaty went to the Allen residence and told them what he did. Ellison said that there was a strong arm robbery of his son. Like always, Ellison, the cop, thought Lawrence Allen was pulling a gun. Ellison the Cop shot Allen. No gun was found.

Here is the catch. Another officer – according to Philly.com – egged Ellison on to shot Allen. “You’re going to let them do this to your son,” the female cop said “They’re punk-a** n****rs.” Ellison allegedly shot Allen as he turned around to tell his wife to go back in the house.


What happens when you cannot find love? Get a prostitute or something right? Maybe have self-love? Get an ugly person? Not for Le Trung. This dude was so smart and lonely and sex drive and made a woman for himself. Now, this is a fail for him as a person. For science, this is a win. He made a FemBot like on Austin Powers. Aiko is her name and she does it all. Cleans, reads, can do math and see stuff. If you touch her boobs, she will slap you. If you pinch her skin, she will tell you to stop. Le built her in two years and spent about $20,000. I think he could have bagged a babe in two years, let alone $20k! According to CNN, he could have sex with her with a few tweaks. What are ya waiting for? Marriage?

Caption: “Why won’t you give me a vajaja?”

I could do Epic Fails all day. Peep this one…we all hate tow trucks, right? Click here to see what happens when a woman takes the tow truck HEAD ON! Literally!


For Clarifications Sake:

The sentence or so I posted yesterday about Joe Budden was to give anyone who heard the quote by itself the opportunity to hear it within its context since some people (sites) had been removing it from said context. I felt it was unfair to Budden for folks to suggest the comment stood on its own, hence the posting of the video and the title… Out Of Context…. I was attempting to combat that craziness instead of add to it. My bad if you didn’t pick up on that or if I like ruined your e-day or something.


Charles Hamilton is Weighing His Options.

He doesn’t seem all that sure how to handle the situation. He did post earlier that he spoke out of frustration when he was compared to SB. He wants you all to know there is no beef between him and Soulja Boy, but he still likes to take a club punch every now and again. From his blog:

“Soulja Boy is gonna be on the cover of XXL supposedly in the next month. Has an album dropping 12/16. This has got to be a dream come true for someone whose lyrical capabilities are that of a Blackberry without a battery, SIM card or buttons to push. And I TOTALLY respect his money makin hustle.” He also wrote, “I found the Mario mushroom joke to be hilarious, thought you coulda been funnier, but don’t try to like, rap against me. Not wise on your part. I’m a musician. We do these things.”

Persia is Out of Options

Persia from the White Rapper Show is going to be sentenced today on gun charges in New York. She appealed to her fans a week ago to write in to the judge in hopes of a lighter sentence. I guess today she will find out if it worked.

T-Boz in Foreclosure?

Wasn’t she selling all her stuff on e-bay a while back? I thought she said she was moving. I don’t know. The word is the hammer has dropped on her too. It’s rough for everybody these days and you never know what to believe. I think Fantasia or someone who is close to her was debating her foreclosure rumor too.

McNugget Love

Keith Sweat has partnered with those folks who make those chicken-like chunks to do something or other. I can’t really make heads or tails out of the promotion. But Sweat is the Leader of the Nugget Love Club and he will give all his love to you if you share his passion, I guess. Who knew chicken lumps were so sexy?

And Ushers newest baby’s name is Naviyd Ely Raymond and he’s a cutie pie. Congrats to the Raymonds!


Stacy Dash’s fine butt and her spouse.

Will Smith, Jada and the family.

Lil Kim’s working her way back in…

Monica has a clothing like for kids and her kids are the models. Cheap labor!

Teyana Taylor’s CD didn’t come out, but people still care. She’s 18 now.

Oh, here is Meagan and her dude.

Ri Ri Looking Good Good.


Who? What? Its just one of the illest, nicest emees EVER!

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