Hip-Hop Rumors: What Does Jay Z Have In Store?


I am hearing that Jay Z is slowly making his way back into the mix of recording. I don’t know much, but I am hearing Jay Z is about to make his masterful return to the rap game after spending a lot of time touring with Beyonce, his doting wife. They seem to be really loving life. This is that rap life though and a lot of young bucks are raising up. I am hearing Jay is coming back through, but there is a slight quandary. What rabbit Jay and the team pull out of their hat this time. Last time he went platinum before dropping. How’s he going to top that? I know I didn’t say a lot here, because there isn’t a lot to say.


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38 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Rumors: What Does Jay Z Have In Store?”

  1. I could’ve told you a 2004 that Jay Z would be making new music in 2014 and come out with an album soon (2013-2015), this is every artist every year as long as they’re still breathing…

      1. Dre is still making or has music and that he will release it one day. He’s just being smart about it. His name isn’t going to go away for a while as long as the people still want Detox and remember his previous work. And, just when we least expect it…. YEARS in the future its going to drop. And if its dope people will the move genius and its going to move. If not, well,,, It’ll be another K-Mart blue light special and we’ll finally be able to say Dre fell off.

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    1. Real hiphop is from the gutta and is all about the struggle! Jay hasn’t struggled in years and he’s been out the gutta for much longer. His music is supposed to change as individuals dare I say it, “GROW UP”! He’s not gonna rap like he did in 1999 & 2000 because that aint his life no more…….Damn people, use yall heads! I may not like his current music as much as his vintage sh*t but I don’t knock the man either.

      1. There’s nothing wrong with evolution in one’s music career . Without question your content will change over time as will your quality of life. But what shouldn’t change is your skills. How you rhyme shouldn’t be affected by what you rhyme about. Jay-Z hasn’t made a classic album in a long time and it has to do with the current taste of the audience. If you believe that this is hip hop going on in music currently, you can believe that if you want to. Dude has had to dumb down to keep up with the current assortment of buffoons and idiots that rap fans enjoy today. And what’s worse is he’s a veteran who if he wanted could change the climate and make listeners require more from the new jacks. But he prefers to just get by and sell records. I know it’s a new day in music. Doesn’t mean that it’s a better one.

      2. The Notorious GUNS

        Imma co-sign all this shit right here. I certainly don’t wanna hear Jay rap about drug dealing all day, but his “grown up rap” is boring to me. Think about this…He went from memorizing whole albums dope line for dope line like Reasonable Doubt, to weak lines like “Eat the cake, Anna Mae. Eat the cake, Anna Mae.” I heard MCHG in its entirety ONE TIME, and that was enough. He’s dumbed down so much he’s only slightly better than Wayne/Troy Ave/Young whoever.

        How do you go from dictating everybody should want 4.6 Ranges, Cristal, Audemars, Maybachs, Button ups, ice with all the platinum under that, & even those S. Carter Reeboks, to barely being above the average rapper.

      3. Nah… Take “Holy Grail” off that album and it knocks.

        I remember Kingdom Come… that album knocks now… at the time … it was so-so…people expect to much from Hov.

        Plently of bars on MCHG it was no “life is good” but Jay is always in that Business/Huster lane…. what else do you ppl want?

      4. He doesnt have that in him.
        But Nas aint got a “heart of City” or a “tom ford” in him…. Each Goat to their own Lane…

      5. The Notorious GUNS

        Those two songs you mentioned, I see nothing really jaw-dropping, or groundbreaking about ’em. Nas is waaay more creative than Jay. And it probably stems from their different approaches of writing & crafting (Nas), versus memory/off the top, get in/get out the booth (Jay-Z). One Love, Rewind, Undying Love, Project Window, Fetus, Who Killed It, I Gave You Power, Fried Chicken, My Worst Enemy, Life We Chose, Project Roach, Black Girl Lost…….IMO, Jay is dope, & outshines Nas on the radio hits. But when it comes to crafting some vivid original “oh shit, rewind that…You heard what he said” shit Nas still got that. Jay lost that somewhere between The Blueprint & The Black Album to me.

      6. Wow. What a way to make my point for me.
        Nas is way more creative. But Jay raps about Business better than anyone.

        Heart of the City – Analyses the music industry
        Tom Ford – Business over Fiends….

        Two Goats. One Street Business. Hov, One Street Concious Nas.
        Thus Ends of the oldest debate in history.

      7. The Notorious GUNS

        Well shit if you wanna make that argument Nasir got Hip Hop is Dead, Star Wars, & Last Real Nigga Alive which all analyze the music industry. IMO, lyrically Star Wars >>> Heart of The City. HOTC got that beat, but even on that, there’s some dumbing down (“Nigga I’ll step on your porch, step to your boss / Let’s end the speculation I’m talking to all y’all.”)

        Jay is a better BUSINESSMAN, no argument there. But Nas IS the better rapper/lyricist. I’m all for artistic growth, but Jay is too much on that avant-garde, art galleries & ascots steez for niggas to really relate. I couldn’t get with that Tom Ford shit (maybe I need another listen). Nas can make some grown shit like Cherry Wine, Daughters, Not Going Back, etc & it’s not only lyrical, but it’s also relatable. Off top, I’ll admit I’m bias so you’ll never convince me that Jay can outrap Nas on ANY topic. At least not after 2001/2002.

      8. The Notorious GUNS

        Again, so what. He BEEN owning shit since 95′. Doesn’t take away the fact that his shit been downhill lyrically since 2004 with a few rays of hope here & there. LOL!!

      9. Nigga, How anyone claims to like and know hiphop and claims to not rate Jay as one of the best is just plain ass bag….

        Ask KRS. Ask G Rap. U can not like Hov cause u dont like his lane….. cool.

        My fav rappers are Nas and Ghost. Nas for conciousness. Ghost for Storytelling.

        But dont act Hov aint one the GOATS.

        U can’t name a better rapper/hustler. It doesnt exist.

        “Facts only, everything real in my raps only
        Every nigga real in my clique really
        Even the girls keep it two hundred and trilly
        It’s la familia”

      10. Jiggas not seen the gutter or a struggle for at least 20 years. What does he even know about current struggles outside of trendy ice bucket challenges?

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    1. “Getting ghost in the Ghost, can you see me? Can you see me?
      Have mercy on a Judas, angel wings on a ‘ghini
      I’m secular, tell the hecklers seckle down
      Y’all religion creates division like my Maybach partition
      And God is my chauffeur” – Heaven

      Translation: Fk your Jesus worship u slaves.

      So….Some growth on that album………..

    1. So KC, American Gangster and WTT didn’t happen?….. these “rap fans” smh

      “The game’s fucked up
      Nigga’s beats is bangin’, nigga your hooks did it
      Your lyrics didn’t, your gangsta look did it
      So I would write it if y’all could get it
      Bein intricate’ll get you wood, critic
      On the internet, they like you should spit it
      I’m like you should buy it, nigga that’s good business” – Prelude, Kingdom Come

  5. “I know I didn’t say a lot here, because there isn’t a lot to say.”. So make a post about nothing really? It’s not surprising Jay’s going to come out with am album; in fact, it’s expected at some point or another.

  6. “Dope boy still smelling like cocaina
    White boat, white robe, can he be more cleaner?
    The oil spill that BP ain’t clean up
    I’m anti-Santa Maria
    Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace
    I don’t even like Washingtons in my pocket” – Oceans, Hov

    Hov actually spat knowledge on MCHG…. but niggas stopped listening….

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