Hip-Hop Rumors: What Happened With Bow Wow & Chris Brown? Kia Shine To Be Sued AGAIN?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSE! Lil Kim looking good! Don’t forget the earlier rumors, including the knock out of Lil B. MORE ON TRIPLE C’S… Like I said […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.


Lil Kim looking good!

Don’t forget the earlier rumors, including the knock out of Lil B.


Like I said yesterday, Triple C’s is not breaking up. Actually, it is the opposite. They are reportedly working on a new album called “Color, Cut, Clarity” and it should be hitting the stores in the Fall, right after Ross’ Teflon Don. The albums don’t cost Ross a lot, says Mikey T The Movie Star and therefore they are successful even if they don’t sell a zillion copies. Anyway, there is more about this, but i don’t think you would be interested. Ross is basically building his own empire.


You may have read in the news that Kia Shine is getting sued by DJ Absolut for something regarding a Drake song – lalala…I basically read the headline. But, I heard somebody else is about to sue him now. There is a company called Camouflage Management LLC and they say THEY basically should be getting a piece of whatever Kia Shine makes because they have a signed agreement, as of June 5, 2009. They say they have never been paid from him and wand those ends. They are suing him too for lack of payment. They feel strongly that they have paid for him and his entire career.


Before I hit ya with the report, Chris Brown has reportedly been denied entry into the UK for the beating he put on Rihanna. Jeez.

And here is the lil bitty rumor report from ContactMusic.com:

R&B singer CHRIS BROWN and rapper BOW WOW were left red-faced during a recent night out in New York City, after they failed to crash a star-studded party hosted by rap crew CASH MONEY.

The Kiss Kiss hitmaker and the hip-hop star reportedly crashed a listening party for rapper Drake’s new album at MSR studios, hosted by bosses at his incarcerated mentor Lil Wayne’s record label on Wednesday (02Jun10).

The pair were reportedly turned away because they weren’t on the invited guest list – but it wasn’t the only rejection the duo faced that night.

According to the New York Post, the pals were turned away again by security at another hotspot, celebrity nightclub SL – because their entourage was too big.

A source says, “They showed up with a huge entourage all trying to get in, but they were totally denied at the door.”


Well, tell us how you really feel, Game.


People are really buggin’ out as you full well know, but here is an interesting story..I think? Yeah, this is a fail. A 23 year old is friends with a 17 year old. The man is 23 and the girl is 17. The 23-year-old man decides its OK to send his private parts to the girl and others via his cell phone. Well, somehow the Dad of the 17 year old gets it and decides he’s going to get this bastard. That dad was William Atwood Sr., 45, and he is hoppin’ mad, by golly wow! He lured Justin Moore over to his house and trapped him. He got the dude to strip down to his boxers and tried him up and started to tazer him! The father complained about p### being sent to his daughter but the cops were too slow. He got to Moore first. The crazy thing is it could have gotten worse. When he lured Moore over to the house, Atwood, Sr. was holding a shotgun. Atwood claim the 23 year old came to his house uninvited and he had to take care of business. Man, they found Moore naked and tazed up! Atwood had over a dozen guns in that house. Moore was lucky to have a fail so light. Dad faces a whole bunch of felonies now.


A man that has five kids should be one proud papa, right? Well, not with this Australian man. This dude pimped his own daughter. He also was convicted of molesting her. The 58-year-old man, who is lucky his kid is 16 or they would reveal his identity, blamed his own sexual past for the abuse of his own daughter. For some reason, he thought it was OK that he pimp is daughter to his own friends saying that she wanted to make some quick cash. According to theage.com, the father made a video recording of his daughter having sex with his friend and then said: “I think I’ll have go.” The saddest part of this is that the father’s kid is mildly disabled mentally. The father blamed his misdeeds on the fact that he was abused as a child by his own mother. Wait…it gets a lil worse…dude only got 13 years in jail and is eligible for parole after nine.

Shout out to Charles from Korea for the link.


This Vado dude is hot in these evil streets. Mikey T The Movie Star got at him and this is what transpired.


I heard Lil Boosie said this, “Man, I’m not sweating going to jail cuz I know when you go you make more money when you come out.”

I’m hearing that Jay-Z blacked out on Rick Ross’ Teflon Don album. I guess people are coming back after the 50 Cent dust is all settled and wiped away.

I’m hearing somebody named Jody Breeze is trying to make his comeback in order. Seriously, J. Breeze was cool so we need to give him a fair shake.

Will Maino jump into this Drake / Lil Kim / Nicki Ninaj thing? For everybody except Lil’ Kim, I hope not.

Cap-One aka Richie Rich is now the latest person mad at Rick Ross. Apparently, he had the name Rosay Rich and now Ross is going by Rick Rosay. That’s Hip-Hop…I remember once upon a time, Capone from CNN stepped to Cap-One over his name, but that’s another rumor.

Rumor has it Kat Stacks has just made an appearance in a Ray-J video.

I heard G-Dep had returned from a stint in rehab. Hopefully, he’s better if this is true.

Rumor has it 112 will be coming back to Bad Boy Records with Diddy.

Looks like Floyd Mayweather was just talking a lil smack when he spoke of taking a couple years off. Maybe it was old footage. Actually, that isn’t likely since he spoke on fighting Pac.

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife is selling her interviews about the star. I heard she is also selling other items to profit from his death. Now, that is low…way low.

That kid Joran van der Sloot has finally confessed to killing a 21 year-old girl They are saying he’ll going to have a short stay in jail and then some hard labor.


Here is something pretty fresh, Lola Sparxx and she is from Chicago. Lola is only 19, but she’s got the potential to take it to a new height. Check out her song “College Kid.” Definitely a different angle.

Just a note: I got several people hitting me with Invincible videos. For those that don’t know, Invincible is a femcee (I hate that term) from Detroit but she is ill. I didn’t include her beause this is for unsigned/unknown females. I am putting her vid here though since so many people hit me up about her.

Check out “Sledgehammer”


Him and Phonte killed it!


Lyfe Jennings was having a good time with his homies, poppin bottles at an Atlanta nightclub when some of the patrons took offense to some of his over the top stuntin. Here he is being kicked out for spraying party goers with champagne:


A certain R&B singer from The A, who’s been rumored to be dating a certain gangster rapper from NY for a few years now was spotted front row of the VIP at his concert in Cali this weekend. See if you can spot who’s “RIDING” with ‘Fif these days. She’s wearing the white shirt and short shorts.

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic


Lil Kim is getting at Nicki Minaj pretty hard about paying homage. Maybe she should check this video out. Problem solved???

Honestly, it seems like Kim has a problem with Nicki’s “situation” more than the actual artist.

EASY LIKE SUNDAYThe Royal Family of Hip-Hop (Jay & Bey) spent Sunday with the Royal Family of Spain in the Presidential Tribune at The French Open in Paris.  Looks like they were having fun.  It’s gotta be frustrating trying to beef with someone who does things like this.

CHRIS’S NEW JAWN RESEMBLES…Chris Brown posted some pictures while hanging out with his new “friend” Boss Model, Jasmine Saunders.  The two have been spending some time together and the interesting thing is, Jasmine bears a striking resemblance to…can you guess???

I’M JUST SAYINLil Wayne used one of his phone calls the other day to record a verse to Drake and Jay-Z’s “Light Up”.  Looking forward to hearing that.Brandy & Flo Rida broke up.  If you caught the show it appeared she was quite infatuated with “Flo”.  So sad, so sad.

Dame Dash’s ex is suing him for harassing their son, Damon II, while DJing at a NYC nightclub. Peace – Rock With Me On FacebookTRIPLE C’S, WE LOVE YOU!!!

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