Hip-Hop Rumors: What Legendary Rapper Is An Alleged Deadbeat Dad?


Well folks? You know the deal. First of all, this could be asked, “What Legendary Rapper Is NOT A deadbeat Daddy?” Well, we all know there are a lot of deadbeats out there. Furthermore, we keep a lot of secrets rappers hold. With that, I cannot tell the name of this legend, because 1) I love his music, which has been giving us classics since the 90’s, 2) He and his crew would probably find me and kill me violently and 3) This just may be a case of the disgruntled baby moms.

With that said, this OG killah is out there in the streets reppin’ the 90’s to the fullest in these modern times. But, a source hit me up and told me that one of his baby moms is out in these streets homeless wit child. Now, the source said he has money (how much is likely in question), but refuses to help this woman out of her condition. Now, according to the source, the baby muva isn’t a bird or anything like that and suggested he just refuses to help. I think there is more to the story. Nevertheless, I only have this one side of the story.

Don’t get yo’ legs broke, Ma.

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