Hip-Hop Rumors: Yeezy Doesn't Mind Kim Putting Her Cakes On Blast


It was only a matter of time before we heard from Kimmy’s hubby.

Kanye West, a man of many words, had few to share after Paper Magazine’s new cover dropped, featuring his wifey oiled up on front assed out…literally, with the caption, ‘Break The Internet.’

West tweeted his response:

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.23.39 PM



Yeezy seems to be fine with the cover….a few others do not seem as pleased.


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58 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Rumors: Yeezy Doesn't Mind Kim Putting Her Cakes On Blast”

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  2. Kanye on some Simp shiittt, If this was Ice-T, Ike Turner, Rick James, etc. I would say “Playa Get Yo Pimp On.” Ice, Ike, and Rick all Pimped their women, something tells me the only Pimp in The Kardashian-Slut family is Big Momma Kris Kardashian-Slut-Jenner…
    That Ole’ Batch is a straight P.I.M.P.

  3. Hmmmm, I’ve been complaining about the the Kardashians being on this site for several days now………….but damn, I must bow to the booty today… hey AHH, lets comprimise and dedicate 1 days a week to the Kardashian buttocks, the other days need to be strictly hiphop

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  5. this is the kind of guy that was unpopular in school, the girls made fun of his funny looking ass, got slapped around…he got the best looking girl he ever met in his life to give him the time of day & BAM!!! go tell it on the mountain! he aint used to having a girlfriend/wife with a big ass! he over 30 & this is his 1st time at the dance.

      1. Jay was hitting a lot back in the day. Rosairo Dawson, Aliyah, Carmen, etc….He’s the last one I would think was the unpopular kid in HS.

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  7. Someday their child is going to get an explanation on why mommy was a ho, and why is it almost every pic of you has something hanging out? Bad thing is, by that time, North will be doing the same shit, the same way her aunt is at 17.

  8. JAY LENO: …I was fortunate enough to meet your mom and talk with her a number of years ago…What do you think she would’ve have said about you wifing a whore?

    KANYE: (pauses) (bows head) (scratches head nervously)

    1. He did wife her after she was put on blast with a sex tape. If that’s not enough, then nothing is. Kanye has a captain complex. He loves saving hoes. Saved Amber Rose, and saved Kim.

    2. ROTF yall all hypoc’rits, everybod]y watc’hes porn and] knows kim, married] men be c’ulkold]s they wives and] they not even famous and] as far as what a str8 man would] d]o, lmao thats like labeling everyone normal and] is there even suc’h a thing!!

  9. I’m not even here to defend Kim Kardashian but when you think about it……. The chick slept with a famous dude – not even for the money, though… Then said famous dude puts out a sex tape which was probably the most embarassing thing that ever happened to the woman… But the world liked what they saw and they began accepting her… Because every woman – no matter her class, benefits from having a little slutty edge intertwined into her persona. Fast forward a year or two after all of the ingredients got a chance to simmer together and wa’allah, a star was born.

    Shortly after all of that, the girl started gettin’ all kinds of money, began a career, is successful, isn’t doped out, isn’t committing crime… BUT, dudes are mad because she does her thing. And the most simple minded of it all, dudes call her a hoe? I don’t think ya’ll understand… I’m from the Bay Area… I know hoes. Kim is an opportunist, exhorbitantly liberal minded even, she’s slept with a a few dudes – as she should have done, but as a result, she’s a hoe? Come on son. Get out a little more if you think that. She turned lemons into lemonade. Her whole family are superstars because of it. That sounds like a diamond in the rough, to me. Again, hoes either screw a dude or a few a day for money, or screw a dude or a few a day for nothing.

      1. Obviously, her dad was a heavy lawyer with public notoriety from the O.J. Simpson case… He had heavy entertainment connections, too. And that’s everything in the entertainment economy. So there’s that… And also Kim had her own little social standing, as well, precluding the sex tape, if you remember. All that to say that Jay-Z said it best “Can’t Knock The Hustle”.

      1. Like really dude?? So people have control over people’s thoughts now? The women goes home to her husband and child and they don’t give shit what none of us think, its entertainment. I guess you want your wife in a full jump suit like them middle east kats! gtfoh

      2. The Legendary Troll

        lmao. No matter how you try and justify this foolery, this is not appropriate for a married woman to behave

      3. exactly. keep n mind.. alotta of these nikkas have momz who are swamp donkeys..and 7 brothers and sisters with different fathers..so lo class gutter butt shit is absolutely normal for them

      4. People are gonna whack their shit to her with or without clothes on. It doesnt matter. So may as well get paid for it.

      5. This is what he signed up for. She’s know for two things, and the other is a sex tape. Kanye is all about saving hoes.

  10. Kanye is turned on by this …like a Swinger or Open Marriage .

    His Ex GF Amber Rose frolic naked for the world to see too .

    KANYE WEST EGO is Turned on by other men lusting after his wife Kim Kardashian. ….
    Like a cuckold .

    He truly doesn’t mind.


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