Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Jeezy Crashes Lambo! Budden To Shady? Obama Lkes Jay-Z!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Illseed get kicked to the curb! TODAY’S RUMORS! NO HATE, NO HATE – NEW “106 & PARK” HOSTS? I was told that Terrence J and Rocsi […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Illseed get kicked to the curb!



I was told that Terrence J and Rocsi of BET’s “106 & Park: might be replaced. Now, that’s what people are saying, but it might be, because a casting call allegedly went out for the show new talent. I’m going on record with this: I like Terrence J & Rocsi and I’m not really interested in seeing new people. Sure, I still love Free, but that’s a lost cause. Anyway…as always, we’ll see!

On the Free tip, I heard she is also working with Obama on his campaigning BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE. Just wanted to clear that up!YOUNG JEEZY CRASHES LAMBOYoung Jeezy is one of the trap’s biggest stars! But, if he doesn’t learn to handle that Lambo, he’s gonna be trapped behind that wheel! I don’t know when this happened, but they are listing Jeezy’s white Lamborghini as a fancy car that was demolished. Here is how they described the situation:Car:2007 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640Description:Rapper Young Jeezy was making a left turn out of a popular Atlanta restaurant at the same time as a taxi was passing traffic in the wrong lane.Location:Atlanta, GAClick here to see the mess. The sad thing is I would take that car wrecked in place of my car fixed.


Remember those rumors about Dave Chappell playing Rick James in a movie? This was right after Rick passed? Well, the talkings is back and they are saying that Rick is about to come back to life on the screen. Who has the rumor role? I heard Terrance Howard has been tapped to play the funk god. I hear its going to be based on The Confessions of Rick James: Memoirs of a Superfreak, the singers book.


Here is a rumor that I heard. Now, I know Joe WANTS to go to Shady. Will he get there? We’ll see. Here is the information:

“It is close to being closed and has been in development for at least 3 weeks. It will be announced by months end. Em and Paul Rosenberg got a copy of mm3 and apprantley made the heads up decision to pursue Joey. Now all the numbers are being crunched but it will be 3 to 5 album deal and very lucrative.”

What do you think?BUDDEN VS RANSOM – LIVE ON STAGE?Here is a doozie of a rumor. I heard that Joe Budden and Ransom will duel at the Justo Mixtape Awards for some buck bucks. I heard the purse is going to be like $20,000. Rumor says, the battle is being put on by MCWAR, whatever that is.  You wonder if this can go well. I don’t know if it can. We’ll see.

The Budden rumors are coming in too fast! PETA HATES FURRY PEOPLE!Seriously, PETA is becoming an entertainment operation. I want to work for them. Only thing is I have one of those Jay-Z coats with the bad fur on it. I’ll trade it in if they buy me a new, more expensive one. Anyway, they listed the worst dressed celebs and they included all the people I thought were super duper fly. The list included Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Vanessa Williams, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Kim, Kobe Bryant, Naomi Campbell, Whitney Houston and others that don’t have as much melanin in their skin. The actual winner will lose by vote on the site. SOMEBODY IS MAD AT AMY WINEHOUSE AND JOHN LEGEND!


don’t know if a lawsuit is on the way, but a songwriting duo is

allegedly unhappy with Amy Winehouse and John Legend. This team wrote a

string of songs back in the day and now hve something to say! NOW…Here

is the scarce information that I have for you.


of now neither John Legend or Amy Winehouse have sent them a check for

the use of their records. Both Legend and Winehouse’s reps are aware

that the song was written by them and they have not paid up. Neither

party bothered to ask permission or pay licensing fees.”

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They are saying that 50 Cent is now dating a babe named Bambi that was in his video for “Amusment Park.”

People are now saying that that Mariah quote is false. She doesn’t want to sing with a pig instead of J.Lo.

Likewise, I am still here at AllHipHop.com. I thought it was clear that it was a joke. No biggie. Thanks for caring.

They are now saying at tmz that Eminem weighs like 212 or so pounds. Does that mean he’s fat? I guess so, but I don’t have a framework on that (what he weighed before or his height).

Stimuli and DJ Victorious have created a mixtape inspired by “The Wire.” Click here to download it.

Marlon Wayans has signed on to play Ripcord in the real life G.I. Joe movie.

Gabe broke up with Halle Berry? I can’t believe it.


Hillary Clinton on Barack Obama being a good speech talker, but perhaps not presidential material:

“Dr King’s dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, when he was able to get through Congress something that President Kennedy was hopeful to do, the president before had not even tried, but it took a president to get it done. That dream became a reality, the power of that dream became real in people’s lives, because we had a president who said ‘we’re going to do it,’ and actually got it done.”

Bill Clinton on Obama:

I like Bill Clinton, but it seems that he is a lil’ angry and upset about Obama. Click here for the quote.

Obama on what he listens to:

“I gotta admit, lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Jay-Z.”


In my quest to hear and enjoy different music, here is my latest entry into the Illseed Movement. I’m not looking for acts or anything like that. I just find them. (If you are a thug, gangsta, weight flipper or a wack a** MF, don’t send me anything for this.)


The world is coming to and end when Black folks accept a joke referring to lynching. A Golf Channel reporter named Kelly Tilghman said that younger players in the golf game should “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley.” A person that reps the racist said that the chick regrets her comment and that they informed Tiger of her apology. Now here is the crazy party. If a person said of a Jewish golfer, “that Jew boy should be tossed in an oven,” all sorts of HELL would come up from the bottom of the Earth. Many of the readers of espn chided the announcer, but some Black people fell in the sellout category.

Comment No. 1) I’m an African American. It was a poor choice of words, she apologized, she should/will be ridiculed for a while. She shouldn’t lose her job or resign.

Comment No. 2) She should be fired, and if she’s not it’s just another clear example of where the world of golf remains.

Comment No. 3) Apology is not accepted. I am an African American male. Little known black history fact: for the first thirty years of the 20th century an average of two blacks were lynched each week.

Comment No. 4) I’m an African-American male. She apologized. Let’s move on.

Now, coons 1 and 4 should be lynched since they thing its OK. (Thanks, dj shona)


If this were only Hillary and Barack…the world would come together like the Beatles asked.



“A Raisin In the Sun” is coming, the made for TV movie that was supposed to be on the big screen over a year ago. I’m not sure this was the role for Diddy.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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