Hip-Hop Rumors:New Jack Beef? Another Rapper Heart Attack? More Rumors!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. But this is the Hip-Hop Honors Edition so a lot of this is actually real!DID LL COOL J AND OTHERS BOYCOTT THE HIP-HOP HONORS?   We aren’t sure […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

But this is the Hip-Hop Honors Edition so a lot of this is actually



We aren’t sure what is going on with the show. The 6th edition of the Hip-Hop Honors seemed ill enough, but was there some sort of boycott quietly taking place? LL Cool J, the first artist to drop an album on Def Jam, was noticeably absent during the evening. LL did do a shoot of some sort to joke about Russell. Perhaps there was just a conflict in schedule.


Also, there was no representation from the Roc. No State Property. No Dip Set. I mean, T La Rock wasn’t there to my knowledge. I mean, you can’t complain too much, but I suppose, it would have been even more stellar if Rihanna, Kanye or Jay was there to close out the session with something they did on Def Jam.



On of my readers got wind of this one. I don’t know how close he is to the situation so I am not going to use his name. But he in Cali and he is going to a show where The Pack is performing. Well, I heard The Pack got on the stage with some folks and somebody repeatedly chanted, “F*** THE NEW BOYZ I STARTED THIS JERK S**T AND I DON’T EVEN JERK” “F**K THE NEW BOYZ!” I heard after that, people got on stage and started to dance or whatever. Don’t ask me if they were doing the jerk, or whatever that jig is called. The Pack did seem to have a similar rap style to the New Boyz, but since I never listened to either, my opinion is pointless.



Mr. Street Fame hit me up and gave me some info coming straight out of Atlanta. Well, it isn’t a long store, but it is likely to interest you. In Albany, GA at Club Dejave, Lil Boosie was supposed to perform but the the promoter didn’t pay the rest of the show money. So, Boosie just got the up front money, but not the rest. Mr. Street Fame told me that Boosie is actually taking the hit associated with two years of jail pretty hard. He said that he asked everybody to keep him in our prayers.


We should have prayed before the jail time.




DJ Roc Raida had a heart attack and now I am hearing bad rumors about a vet in West Coast rap. If you never heard of Kid Frost, look him up. I would say “kill yourself,” but I understand that everybody’s shoes have different sizes. Anyway, the homey P. LA hit me up and told me he had a show in Colorado for Lowrider Magazine. Latin Rapper Kid Frost was a performer, but he didn’t seem to be himself. They were about to take him to the hospital for treatment for shortness of breath and some other stuff. Somehow, he managed to finish his set, but they allegedly dipped out immediately to get him some care by a real doctor. Now, we are hearing that he was admitted to Denver at Denver Health for a straight up heart attack. How good or bad he is doing is unknown right now. Lets hope this is a bad rumor, but just in case, pray for him!








Check out this! Nore is dissing a new album. Wonder why somebody would do such a thing and is he suing them.










Peep this letter I got from a reader in Germany!


my name is emre i am from turkey but i live in germany…im a big hiphop fan and i read your rumors every time! thought i`d tell you about jay-zs visit to germany..he was in a very well-known tv show yesterday to promote bp3, and everybody over here was excited because it was the first time that he appeared in german tv…but damn, it became a disaster!! the host of the show is quite an idiot and he seemed very unprepared for the interview…i mean, “how do you say it, blueprint 3 or blueprint number 3?”, come on…at the end the host wanted to do a little freestyle session with traditional german music (which he already had done with eminem) and jay quite clearly refused it…all he did was “uh, ah, 1 clap, 2 clap..” and so on…one of my friends said “damn jay got murdered by eminem once again” lol…i think he was confused or didnt want to make a fool of himself…well i would be mad too if i was him, cause like i said the host is such a jerk…anyways, thought i hit you up with that, heres the link…



When the dude asks Jay, “Are you flexible like Eminem,” I KNOW Jay-Z was thinking “Pause!”



Jay is like the Woody Allen of Rap now. He’s so witty. LOL!




Apparently, Tiny (T.I.’s wifey) wanted her reality show to be with Kandi, but BET allegedly rejected the idea. They ended up buying into Toya (Wayne’s ex-wife). Kandi went to that housewives show.


I am hearing rumors that somebody may be trying to cyber hack Maino for what he said about Foxy. Apparently, they are starting with his Wikipedia page.


I heard that the incident where Ja Rule and DMX made peace actually happened right there in the audience at the Hip-Hop honors. Awwwww…how cute!


I continue to hear Slaughterhouse is going to be signing to Shady with Eminem. I can’t tell you how ill this would be as long as the album comes out next year.




Here is the homey Chance. He’s got some goodies this time. Check out his rumors.


TOLD YALL…Remember when I told you Rihanna was making out with Justin Timberlake at the 40/40?? 

Well she was recently spotted at another NY club giving him a lap

dance.   Word is they’ve been seeing quite a lot of each other but are

forced to sneak around cause JT is still with Jessica Biel. 


If you live in Wellford, South Carolina … After an officer was hurt pursuing a suspect

on foot the mayor outlawed foot pursuits … She said “…the cost

to the town to pay for the injured officer, wasn’t worth it because the

suspect was just a minor drug offender.”NEEDED IMMEDIATELY…Word

is…some more nude pics of ex-Danity Kane sexpot Aubrey Oday just hit

the net.  I cant find them but if you have them please e-mail to Chancecdr@gmail.com.  I think she is gorgeous … now let me move on before I end up lookin’ like Slim Thug out chea (no shots)


I heard this tour was going doing a couple

months back but when I heard about it it was called The Gay Tour …

THANK GOD that wasn’t true or was changed … check out this trailer

for the tour and click here to find out when it’s coming to your town.

There are also rumors ‘Ye is going to rehab, but don’t quote me. I’m sure that would affect the tour if it were true.I’M JUST SAYIN’

Kia Shine is having a conference call tonight to address the Drake

situation … YOU ARE NOW officially exploiting this situation no one is

confused KIA SHINE DID NOT WRITE BEST I EVER HAD … next pleaseJay

may loose the Nets … Mikhail Prokhorov, a mining kingpin from Russia

worth about $9.5 billion just offered Bruce Ratner, the teams owner,

$700 million and enough money to finish the stadium in BK for the team

I posted a rumor last week about a rapper claiming to be Rev Runs nephew … it was true … Check him out here Rev Run brings him out @ 1 minute and 54 seconds This guy really has a problem with 50 Cent … even calls his kahonas into question … do you think he has a point or is he just mad 50 didn’t want his book?


was catching a lot of flack for posting that tidbit about Washington DC

lifting the same-sex marriage ban but this reader let me know it didn’t

fall on deaf ears:

I am a gay female and would

appreciate having the option to marry when and if I choose. It’s crazy

that in this day and age others have to vote on basic rights…We’re just like everyone else

except that we are attracted to the same sex.  The issues in gay

relationships are the same…We go to work

and pay bills/taxes, have families and responsibilities the same as

anyone else. I just want people to be more compassionate and

understanding about the issue…What if the shoe was on the other foot?”Food for thought.WE “SEENT” YOUIT’S

OFFICIAL … that white lady from the Real Housewives was a skripper

… I posted the rumor yesterday and she denied it claiming she was

just a cocktail waitress but my homey Terrance from the A (Atlanta not

Africa) hit me up and let me know the real deal:”He’ll yea she used to work at the cheetah joint I remember lol

Barbie REAL WELL…….threw a stack on her ass on Friday then came

back that

following Saturday of course she remembered a dude and came smack at

me. Lap dance led to me telling her “yea u know I got bread so waz


After the club closed she was there coat n hand waiting for a n#### and

we dipped”SMH … Why lie???  Especially when dudes got you on video … wait I’ve said too muchPeace – ChanceCDR @ Twitter or Gmail

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