Hip-Hop Rumors:Remy Sets The Record Straight About Nicki Minaj

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. LMAO! I have to give it to Ed Lover on this one. His “Come on Son” series is pretty funny. Peep this one…he talks on Tiger, Mayer, […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I have to give it to Ed Lover on this one. His “Come on Son” series is pretty funny. Peep this one…he talks on Tiger, Mayer, Barker and other goodies.


Oh…how pretty she looks! Don’t forget the original though!

Shout out to Kanye and his new site. Kanyewest.com.EPIC FAIL FOR THE AGES

The Bloomsburg High swim team has a beloved coach. Suddenly that Pennsylvania town was turned upside down in a single MOMENT! The beloved coach, Michael Campbell, was caught in the act of having sex in a state forrest! Well, needless to say that he was charged with a crime and fired. Here’s the catch. Dude is 1) 60-years-old. What in the world? This dude is acting like a teenager out in the woods like some wild animal. And the second one is, the person he was bonin’ was another man! Dude! It was a 60 year old and 74-year-old Allan Wagner out in the woods…in the middle of day having g######! What in tarnation is going on with you people?Campbell pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct of a hazardous and physically offensive nature back in October. Dude was the coach for 20 years at Bloomsburg and they never knew how he got down. At least he had a winning record as the swim coach. Did mention he’s married? Damn, son! FAIL! Shout out to pressenterprise.net.

CHANCE ENCOUNTERSPeep what my homey Chance has to say about these rumors in these streets. Remy sets the record straight too. No boom boom with Remy Ma!


DJ Whoo Kid just released this footage he’s been sitting on for a while.  Check out this interview with Kanye West before he got in the car accident:


When a video of some AG talking about how she used to f**k with Remy Ma surfaced a lot of people claimed it was a pre-fame Nicki.  Miss Minaj has denied the allegations and now Remy Ma is denying them.  She called into the Jenny Boom Boom show from the joint and cleared everything up.

Here’s the video that sparked all the rumors:


Keyshia Cole’s un-famous sister, Elite, had a little fun with the blogosphere yesterday when she congratulated her sister on giving birth.  After the story broke she went back to her Twitter and said:

Ummmmm…I don’t know what she was trying to prove but this was just annoying.  I can understand if she made some random rumor up but congratulating your pregnant sister on giving birth???  Why would anybody think you’re lying???  I guess she just wanted some attention.  This media Tom Foolery is probably why Keyshia don’t be f**kin wit yall like that no more.  I’m just sayin.


The rumor is Young Berg was pistol whipped and robbed during a home invasion at a party in the Hollywood Hills.  Berg released this video to clear things up.  Apparently he was in Vegas when the alleged whipping occurred.

Is the Internet to blame or is Berg’s reputation for having his possessions easily removed to blame???  I must admit I didn’t doubt the story one bit when I heard it.  Sounds like the kind of thing he’d be involved with.DO YOU LIKE ME???  Check Yes or No

Arron Afflalo, currently of the Denver Nuggets, and Ciara???  Maybe.  CiCi has been spending a lot of time rooting for her friend Carmelo Anthony and Arron, who sources say is very shy, tried to break the ice on Twitter.  He hit her saying “r u only allowed to cheer for one nugget? Just wanted to say Hi since I walked past you a hundred times this summer ;)”.  Awwwww do we have a high school romance brewing???  50 better put a ring on it before Arron scoops her.

SNEAK PEAKI can’t co-sign the message behind this song but the video is looking like it’s gonna get a thumbs up.  Teairra Mari and Soulja Boy recently linked up to shoot the video for her single “Sponsor” and she was keepin it real sexy:


Lucian Grainge, Chairman  and CEO of Universal Music Group International out in the UK, will replace Doug Morris as CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG) January 1, 2011.  UMG is the parent company of Def Jam and as you may know L.A. Reid is the Chairman of The Island Def Jam Music Group.  I’m hearing when he takes over there will be a lot of “re-structuring” at Universal and Mr. Reid’s head may be on the chopping block.  Apparently Lucian isn’t happy with a string of disappointing projects including Rihanna’s last album, which only sold 2.5 million worldwide while her previous album sold 2.6 million in the U.S. alone, Mariah’s last album flopping and Lady GaGa becoming a superstar at Interscope after Def Jam dropped her.  Also, Lucian isn’t very happy with L.A. Reid’s self promoting demeanor and thinks his private parties, media presence and a reality show he is currently shopping are a gross display of his wealth.  L.A. DID just move his Hitco Publishing company from Universal to EMI might be getting ready to split.  Hopefully this Shyne project pays off or it may be the final nail in the coffin.

Here L.A. is on his recent trip to Belize to draft Shyne:

I’M JUST SAYIN’Foxy Brown is aging a lot better than some of her counterparts.Mashonda and Swizzy’s divorce should be final soon…happy belated b-day to Mashonda.Ummmm…What was the point in Beyonce’s bodyguard releasing a statement if he wasn’t going to address the allegations he’s sleeping with Beyonce?  It was basically here’s who I am and I love my job.

The Dream and Christina Milian say their new baby girl, Violet, will be here by Sunday.  Congrats!!!!

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