Hip-Hop Welcomes Kirk Franklin To The Family!

OG Kirk Franklin is back on dat ass, busters, even if it’s his son. God help em!

Folks, we can now include Kirk Franklin into our Hip Hop family. The spiritual leader and performer has been compared to the likes of Sean Combs, but the religious Christian version. We now know that there are more similarities with Kirk Franklin and Hip Hop than ever before, and I don’t mean music.

Kirk Franklin was unceremoniously videotaped by his 33-year-old son ranting and raving about how he would put his foot in his son’s behind. In the profanity-laced rant Kirk Franklin let his boy know it’s all real over here and if you want some I got it for you. The saddest part of this is Bad Boy Franklin was recorded unknowingly and his son then put the audio on the Internet for all of us to hear. Not only is that illegal in most states, it’s unscrupulous and an ultimate betrayal. Trust me, this guy is getting written out of the will ASAP.

Check it out:

This guy is 33-years old so I am not sure why he is engaging in child like antics that remind us of someone that’s roughly 19 or below. On the other side, some say that Franklin was out of line talking to his son like that, but I disagree.  Only real parent can relate, I believe. He was at his wits end. I think that there was a lot of conversation going on that we were not privy to, but the son put the part of the conversation that made this religious guy look really bad.

The son, I believe is an artist, and obviously he’s not in good standing with his father. So, he decides to drop a bomb on his whole situation and his own future, I would assume. But nonetheless, this is clout chasing at its worse and it’s family business in the street. And we all know what happens when the peanut gallery gets into your home: disaster.

At any rate, it is good to hear Flava Franklin blast a disobedient child the way a man does. It’s not perfect, and it’s not pretty, but it’s real. Remember, MC Franklin OG is not a preacher! He’s just a man that does Christian music. He’s human too, so give him a break!

I present Kirk Franklin and the Gospel Gangstaz!