Hit-Boy Blasts The Music Industry AND Kanye West!

Kanye West also replies to claims he stopped working with the hit-making machine for working with Beyonce.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have not been a fan of Kanye West since I don’t know how long – kinda like Hit-Boy. Today, the rapper went on a diatribe that was as mumbo-jumbo is anything I’ve ever heard. But I will say that he spoke about draconian contracts for creatives in the music industry that has struck a chord. One of those people is the hit-making machine Hit-Boy. First of all, Hit-Boy is 33 years old now and no longer a boy. Hit-Boy is actually GROWN AF!

The producer, who has created scores of his songs for all sorts of people including Kanye West, Jay, and Beyoncé, is now complaining about some of the deals that he has signed in the past. We have to look at this from a variety of perspectives and I am not about to sugarcoat it one bit. If you expect this dirty, grimy, sleazy, slimy music industry to do right by you – you are a nut!

This game is predicated on predators taking advantage of young, thirsty, people that leech off of the culture that we call Hip-Hop. It has been going on since the beginning of the culture AND some of those people are BLACK. We aren’t even going to start to address other forms of music. Let’s just keep this up. I also wanna talk about the scores of artists that Kanye West himself has used UP to keep his floundering music career buoyant through the years. KEEP IT A BEAN. Let’s stop right there. Hit-Boy is now speaking out against the music industry., but the fallacy is that he’s courageousness springs out of a Kanye West Tweet-fest. But he makes his points check out the post below.

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So back to Kanye, PEEP GAME.

Hit-Man said what he said: 

“I haven’t been a fan of Kanye on a personal/human level since he told me face to face he stopped picking my beats because I worked with Beyoncé. This is after I produced ‘n***as in paris’ , ‘clique’, and a myriad of other songs / projects for him and his label GOOD Music in the 2 years I was signed with them.”

Ye aka Cap Master West said:

“Hi guys. Trust me we will not stop … Hit-Boy first to stand up … I didn’t have a problem with him producing for Beyoncé … I had a problem with the fact he was signed to me and I didn’t know but I knew Jay and Beyoncé and Hit-Boy … Just for clarity.”

Kanye ain’t all that clean either, fam.