Hopsin Doesn’t Believe 2 Chainz Is A Lyricist


Over the years Hopsin hasn’t gone easy on Atlanta rappers or trap music. He said,

“You could go bar from bar, play an acapella, look at the lyrics and realize that they’ve changed no one’s life, they aren’t doing anything and it’s just the beats.

Hopsin sat down with DJ Vlad to debate lyricists in Hip Hop over the years. Vlad said he feels that 2 Chainz is lyrical and Hopin sarcastically agrees. He says,

“A lyricist is someone who when they say something you say wow. They are able to put words together and you say, Wow, I wouldn’t have been able to do it like that.”

Vlad also says you don’t have to be conscious to be a lyricist. Hopsin says he still feels that artists aren’t lyrical anymore, but today he wouldn’t target just Atlanta artists. Hopsin says trap music is all beats over content. Does he have a point? Is 2 Chainz a lyricist? Let us know your thoughts.