How Did BTB Savage Get Murdered So Fast?

Somebody tried to rob BTB SAVAGE and his girlfriend killed them. But when he posted a picture of the crime scene on twitter, he was killed hours later in a shooting.

How was BTB Savage killed? The streets are talking how a picture on Twitter likely lead to his violent death hours later.

Life as a savage shouldn’t be so rough. Got damn. BTB Savage was killed mere moments after posting a picture at a crime scene that involved his girlfriend. This ain’t funny so don’t you dare laugh.

BTB Savage is a rapper you may or may not have heard of, so spare me with the “WHO” comments. He is popular amongst the young and tapped in folks. I won’t get into his music, Google that. Here’s the deal: roughly a month ago, somebody hit up homie to do a song, according to my sources. When the person got to the spot, which happened to be BTB Savage’s girlfriend’s house, the dude tried to rob BTB. There was a fight and struggle.

When the smoke cleared, BTB’s GIRL came down and blasted the would be thief straight into the afterlife. Tragic and sad no matter how you slice it. She shot and killed the dude. If I am correct, BTB sustained injuries in that fracas but to his left arm—nothing fatal. What he does next is what apparently led to this death.

He posts this picture.

Unfortunately: should be a pic here, but the powers that be made me take it down.

BTB decides to post a picture of the scene where the alleged robber was slain—BLOOD EVERYWHERE! This was YESTERDAY, PEOPLE. Within hours, that man is dead. What he failed to realize—somehow or another—is that Houston is all real. I feel sorry for this young dude because made a fatal error.

They shot his ish UP!

The internet has some info. Basically (and allegedly), two people pulled up and opened fire at BTB’s car. Another report said there may have been as many as 12 people present and two shooters. Anyway, it was a Subaru and that’s pretty much that. I doubt anybody is doing that in their own car. Regardless, life comes at you fast and furious.

Believe it or not, old boy did an interview with DJ Vlad talking about the shooting and how it happened. It tells a bit of a different story. It reportedly says he was spending quality time with his girlfriend and his child when the robbers broke into the residence. They were fighting over a gun and then his girlfriend reportedly blasted and killed one of the men. That makes it more strange that he would taunt the would-be robbers.