Amber Rose Says She Isn’t “Too Pretty” For New Face Tattoo

Amber says people are telling her she’s too pretty for her latest face tattoo.

Amber Rose is the queen of speaking her mind. If you follow her on social media, then you should have seen her latest beauty mark-a face tattoo.

The mom-of-two Rose inked her forehead with both of her son’s names. Everyone shared their opinion on the matter saying she “ruined” her face. 

Muva responded to her critics by posting a quick comment to her Instagram. She calls out those who say she is “too pretty” to have a tattoo on her face saying even if they thought she was ugly, they would still lie to her or tell her that she is ugly.

In other words, we can basically keep our opinions to ourselves, because she simply does not care. Rose is proud of her tattoo and shows it off (which is inevitable) anytime she can.