Ice Cube Asks Elon Musk For Help

Ice Cube - NFL

Ice Cube has not been having a great experience on Twitter and so he asked his friend Elon Musk for help.

Ice Cube is an interesting one.

The one time pro-Black radical rapper is now asking for help of Elon Musk. Now, this was sent to me from somebody. I was unaware of all the nuance associated with Musky. One thing I do know is he is already championing “free speech.” That is basically saying “Trump will be out of Twitter jail soon.” Now, Musk has not been some sort of Trumper, but I do know that he wants to be the most powerful person on Earth. With that, having this power over somebody like Trump, actually empowers him regardless of his politics.

So, there’s Ice Cube. At one point, it seemed like Cube was getting super cozy with The Donald. I clearly cannot ascertain what that means now, but I guess he has some buddies in those spaces. I do not believe Cube is shadow banned. This post below got 131k LIKES AND GROWING. That’s a LOT.

Nevertheless, this is about Power. It could be about money too. But it is definitely about power and influence. That sort of power and influence is unparalleled. Black people are nervous. And for good reason. Twitter and other social media outlets have been used to fk with us. And they have been used against us in every way.

Oh…if you have been under a rock, Elon Musk and his investment buds bought Twitter for $44 Billion smackeroos! So…Cube got a way back.

I dunno though. Ice-T is really talkative and he does not have any shadow ban. Oh well!